The Sharia-ban Map

More states need to exercise the rights provided to them. via Gates of Vienna:

Passed: Both Tennessee and Louisiana passed variations of the American Public Policy Alliance’s “American Law for American Courts” legislation in 2010.

Working on it: Alaska; Arkansas; Arizona; Georgia; Indiana; Kansas; Nebraska; Oklahoma; South Carolina; South Dakota; Texas; Wyoming.

Tried but Failed: Florida; Mississippi; Utah.

Oklahoma, where 71% of the population voted for a ban on Islamic sharia law, may now be squarely in the “Tried but Failed” category as noted by Atlas Shrugs, Oklahoma Senate Sanctions Sharia: Anti-Sharia law dead.

Related: Civil legal cases involving sharia law, in at least 11 U.S. states

A recent (11-08-2010) representative sample of 17 civil legal cases from 11 states where plaintiffs or defendants attempted to use Shariah law is provided here.  The states for these sample civil cases are Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

Add Florida to that list.

36 thoughts on “The Sharia-ban Map

  1. Idaho is also working on it… I just sent all the court cases and the proposed law to the legislators who asked for it. They were at a Lincoln Day dinner that my co-presenter and I were at. He and I presented “The Threat of Shariah Law and the True Goal of Islam” to about 2000 people over a weekend in Idaho… The ID governor was there too. He looked a little uncomfortable during the presentation but the Congressmen were all over it! We’ll be speaking in Oregon and Montana and possibly Norther CA…

  2. So it seems that the legistures in only two states have the courage enough to pass laws to prevent a foreign political ideology from taking over their cultures. I am proud to be a resident in one of those states.

    We need the Federal legisture to pass a law affecting all the states in order to prevent our country being overrun with pedophile worshipping barbarians. Of course, since IMO the president is a Muslim, there is little chance that this will be done as long as he is usurping the White House. We must vote all of those bums out of office next year. If we don’t do that, our country is lost behind the Muslim curtain.

  3. Michigan……….has two liberal Senators, Levin & Stabenow who pander to the left and Muslim communities for votes to stay in office. They’d give their own soles to stay in office. To all Americans of the non-Islamic faith……..pass these laws to forbid Islam from “taking root” before it is to late! Please!

  4. All 50 states should pass the law that NO SHERIA LAWS ALLOWED. These MUD SUCKERS either live under our LAW’S or GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY. Congress should do the same. GIT after the CONGRESS on these MUSLIM DEMANDS. NO MORE CRAP FROM THESE SWAMP RATS. LOCK and LOAD.

    • U don’t like Muslims no problem…u don’t agree with our practices no problem! Bit who the heck are u name calling Muslims! U think u have more of a right being in the U.S. because you are not Muslim??? Really…did you create the land? did you steal it from the Native Americans? God owns all lands and where u resides means nothing! please site me one place that a Muslim has went to legislation so that Sharia law can be implemented??? Muslims follow Sharia law in daily life affairs and also have to follow law of the land! I am born and raised in the U.S. which means I am Muslim AMERICAN! and I am sorry if people lilke u hate it…but deal with it!

      • Point 1 is if you are so proud to be a Muslim why did you not let us know what your name is. Point 2 no body hates you and if you read into that as hate, it is not there. What America is concerned about is this: We have one law in this land not Muslim law, not Mexician law not any other then the Consitition of the United States.
        No we did not create the land and yes the whole Earth belongs to God but us as humans we need to follow THE law of the land what ever that is. I do not go to Canada and open carry my firearm. ( just as an example). As for a Muslim going to Congress as you said legislation no it has not happened yet. Maybe because you did not do any research but there has been many cases that have used the Muslim law to end a law suit here in the US. ( look a Tampa, Fl) So please do not tell me that creeping Sharia law is nothing to worry about. As for you being a Muslim American great glad to have you but remember you are an American governed by the laws of this country.

      • If you want Sharia law, Anonymous, then move to Iran, we are a Christian Nation here. I don’t care what your Koran says, it endorses Pedophillia, murder, lying, slavery, and the torture of women and “infidels” Sharia law sucks the life out of people. Anonymous you sound like a kafir.

        • No, Jalina, we are not a Christian nation. We are a Republic, which does not favor one religion over another in its laws. If you want to live in a Christian nation, then move to Vatican City. As for pedophilia, murder, lying, slavery, torture of women and infidels, ever read your own Christian bible? Ever hear of the “rule of thumb” for example? That’s where your Christian bible teaches that a man may not beat his wife with a rod thicker than his own thumb. And how about spare the rod spoil the child, some right nasty child abuse in there, let alone all the laws outlining how to care for your slaves.

          So shut up and sit down, Jalina. This is not a Christian nation, it never was a Christian nation, and it never will be a Christian nation. This nation is a Republic, with freedom for ALL. Who the hell do you think the Founding Fathers came here to get away from in the first place! CHRISTIANS!

          Now, Im no Muslim, but Im no Christian either. NEITHER religions laws should be the law of the land, but only those laws that provide freedom and equality for ALL citizens of this country. Neither Christianity nor Islam provides that, so stay the hell out of our legistation, BOTH of you!

          • Sarah, I am proud to say that YES, we still ARE a Christian nation in that our laws are based on the Christian-Judeo values by which the Founding Fathers lived.

            The genius of our Founding Fathers lies in that they constructed the Constitution so as to allow freedom from persecution for all religions.
            And yes, the Pilgrims left Europe to escape persecution from other Christians.

            But think on this:
            We are all sinners in the eyes of the Lord and only through Grace are forgiven, or don’t you know that, since you aren’t ‘religious’? Or are the sins of the few always applied to the many for you? You need to educate yourself about what Christianity is before throwing criticisms at others. Try reading the NEW Testament instead of the Old.

            My final comment is this: Christianity has come a LONG way since it’s beginning – it is a belief system that has grown along with the times. Can you say that about Islam? I think not.

      • You are free to be a Muslim American, Anonymous, but you may not place Sharia Law, or the law of the Koran, above United States Law. It’s as simple as that.

      • Sharia law has no place in America. It is barbaric and de-humanizing. And even if “American” muslims practice it within their own homes, they will STILL be breaking American law, because American law is justice for ALL, no matter what one’s beliefs may be.

        • Eillem,
          I have read what you have written in response to sarah’s comment.
          And yes , i agree with you christians have come a long way from the tumultuous beginnings. However I think what sarah was trying to point out with her points on christianity’s faults -was that perhaps like with christianity, islam has porgressed greatly and
          again like christianity on many occasions, islam although still has a long way to go is predominantly a peaceful religeon is vilified by the minority of extremists.
          I’d also like to pin point a statment you made- which i find not only very true but also extremely important.
          you said….
          “You need to educate yourself about what Christianity is before throwing criticisms at others”

          using this very wise logic i think you should have a closer look at shariah law and what it really means for the majority of muslims (NOT THE EXTREME MINORITY).
          I am not a muslim- I am an agnostic uni student studying Islam in an attempt to undertsand how we can bridge relations and promote peace . The most accurate article i have found on shariah law is found in the web address listed below. It is not long and not at all dry like you’d expect- i’d very much urge you to take a look at it- before making sweeping statements like you have done.

  5. Bravo Kelly. It’s time for PA to do the same thing. Sharia law has no place in the US legal system, as is the case with any foreign law that contravenes US law.

    Sharia law undoes hard fought gains for women’s rights in domestic violence, divorce, inheritance, marital property, voting, being a witness, having rights as a victim of a crime… the list is too long to write here. That is just how sharia undermines US protections for women.

    Then there are the sharia rules that affect everyone else which degrade rights under law and the secular rule of law.

  6. Sharia “Law” has no place in the American legal system or in the American Culture. If you are in America you may not beat and torture women or abuse children, No one is safe until it is banned in every State!

  7. We here in Texas need to work harder. It’s not exactly a state secret that these slime bag terrorists are being smuggled across our Texas border.

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  9. Glad to hear that my state’s lawmakers are in the “know zone”. Thanks Kelly, for shining some light at our lawmakers.

  10. The muslim above is offended by name calling. How would you like to be known as a “filthy kafir”? Kafir is the worst thing a muslim can call someone.

    FP: So tell us exactly what “kafir” means. We take it to mean unbeliever but I presume it is more complicated than that.

    Warner: The usual translation of this Arabic word is unbeliever, but unbeliever is only a very small part of its meaning. It is the Koran that defines the word “kafir” and it says the most terrible things can happen to them. The Koranic doctrine about kafirs says they are hated and are Satan’s friends. Kafirs can be robbed, killed, tortured, raped, mocked, cursed, condemned and plotted against. The Koran does not have one good thing to say about kafirs. (There are some psuedo-good words, but more about them later.)

    For over the last 1400 years, 270 million kafirs have died as a result of the political doctrine of Islam. It is the biggest single source of suffering in the history of the world.

    The word kafir is the worst word in the human language. It is far worse than the n-word, because the n-word is a personal opinion, whereas, kafir is Allah’s decree. Nearly two thirds of the Koran is devoted to the kafir. Islam is fixated on the kafir and the moderate Muslim thinks that you are a kafir. How moderate is that?

    • Isn’t kafir the same as being an infidel, then? Because the koran also states that any infidel can bedone the same way…

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  12. You people are retarded. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution ALREADY BANS SHARIA LAW! “Congress shall make no law, respecting an establishment of religion”. All you people pushing legislation that says it will ban sharia, really need to read The Constitution, and take a political science class, because you don’t seen to know much of anything about the United States’ history or laws. Not to mention that sharia law isn’t a threat. There’s no sharia law in this country. I live in Dearborn MI and I have yet to see any of this sharia law you wackos are talking about. You realize Dearborn’s mayor and judges are non-muslim white people right? Which of them is supporting sharia law? What judge in Dearborn has ever made a ruling favoring Islamic religious law? Oh yeah, NONE OF THEM!

  13. North Carolina now has HR bill 640 which is making its way through committee. You may want to check into its progress.

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