Mosque denied in residential NJ neighborhood, legal jihad ensues

An update on this previous post, via Mosque in Zone Fight –

An Islamic group sued Bridgewater, N.J., for religious discrimination after the town changed zoning rules to block a mosque from opening in a residential neighborhood.

The Al Falah Center wanted to convert a former banquet hall located on a quiet side street into a mosque, day-care facility and community center for a diverse group of Muslim Americans who have been trying to find a home for the center more than a decade, according to the lawsuit filed on Tuesday in federal court in New Jersey.

But when the plans were making their way through the municipal channels, hundreds turned up to oppose the mosque. Though residents said their concerns were about traffic and other mundane quality-of-life issues, some people questioned where the group’s funding was coming from, and whether it had ties to terrorist organizations.

On March 14, the town agreed to limit houses of worship to certain main roads and other selected roads, including all areas where current churches and temples—including for Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish congregations—were already located. Al Falah said the town deliberately jimmied with the process, pushing their planning-board application hearing until after the town changed the law, to block the mosque.

“This conduct is discriminatory and imposes a substantial burden on plaintiffs’ right to the free exercise of their religion in violation of federal and state constitutional and statutory requirements,” the lawsuit said.

An attorney for the town, Bill Savo, said he hadn’t yet seen the complaint. “The town always has a history of acting in good faith,” he said. “We believe we acted appropriately.”

The flare-up over the Bridgewater mosque came in the wake of other efforts around the country to block or close mosques, including the so-called Ground Zero mosque in New York.

But the underlying tone of the debate was different in Bridgewater. Residents said they were supportive of mosques in the town—just not on Mountain Top Road, a small, winding street, without sidewalks, where some of the many trees come practically up to the asphalt.

“We have every religion in Bridgewater you can think of, many religions represented,” Mr. Savo said. “It’s just a concern about traffic-safety issues.”

Attorneys from the Brennan Center at New York University and the Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund are among those representing Al Falah. Representatives from the Brennan Center said members of Al Falah declined to be interviewed about the issue.

How long before the feds jump into another local state concern?

28 thoughts on “Mosque denied in residential NJ neighborhood, legal jihad ensues

  1. You watch..They will still end up getting what they want. This always happens and then the next you know they are doing what they wanted to in the first place..Peace to all non-muslims.

  2. Tough friggin shit musies. Why don’t you go build the mosque in IRAN…… Don’t like it, get the HELL out of this country…….

  3. Every time a group of Muslims wants to build a mosque, the funding for it needs to be thoroughly documented by the city, town, and the citizens. Bring THIS instead of “concerns about traffic”.

    And if the mosque still goes through then people are saying that it’s then up to the citizens to burn it down and drive out the Muslims from their communities.

    This is apparently what it comes down to for any community that’s forced to accept a mosque and Muslims in their midst that are unwanted.

    Will people actually have the balls to do what they say they are going to do? Not yet, havent seen or heard of any unwanted mosques being burned down or Muslims being driven out of any communities that dont want them but are forced into having them.

    End result? Muslims, mosques, terrorism, infiltration like a cancer into neighborhoods across the country.

    So for all you out there with big mouths against Muslims and Islam in the USA, where is your action?

    You’re just a bunch of loud mouthed cowardly racists against Muslims, apparently, who cant back up your words.

    • NO!!! It is NOT cowardly to pick the time and place to attack. THIS is not yet the time. Ask John Brown about assault timing. WHEN we attack, our numbers will include police, in uniform, and immigration agents, to deport the survivors. FYI, mohammadanism is NOT a race. And since I neither hate nor fear those misguided fools, I am not an islamophobe, just an islamoloathe.

    • Sarah,
      ” You’re just a bunch of loud mouthed cowardly racists against Muslims, apparently, ”
      I see you are embracing the islamic spiel of “racist” every time someone speaks against Islam, mosques, etc.
      By YOUR reasoning Christianity is also a RACE, would you agree?
      Christianity is in every nation of the world
      Islam is in every nation of the world
      So is Christianity a RACE?
      NEITHER is Islam a race!!
      RACE is a NATIONAL and ETHNIC identity!
      Islam and Christianity are both a system of beliefs, nothing more! so is Judaism , Hinduism, Buddhism, ALL beliefs according to conscience and therefore open to discussion, and the freedom to agree or disagree with its tenets…
      Drop the racism card about Islam, dear, people only play that one when they no longer have answers, usually by muslims.
      Are you a covert muslim perchance? if so trundle your apologies for islam elsewhere

  4. islam is a political ideology that use religion as a beard. It needs to be immediately declassified as a “religion”.

  5. When Americans start fighting back, and I MEAN FIGHTING, the onus will be on them. Beacuse they obey the law they will be easy targets. Because moslimites obey only shari’a which trupms all other law, they will get the pass as victims. For the love of God, these people want us dead!

  6. Al Falah said the town deliberately jimmied with the process, pushing their planning-board application hearing until after the town changed the law, to block the mosque. THIS SENTENCE CRACKS ME UP! Why gee I guess people are finally starting to learn something from these muslims shits that do this kind of thing all the time to get what they want. Brovo to the residents of N.J for doing just as I have been saying for the longest time..WHEN DEALING WITH MUSLIMS- DO AS THE MUSLIMS DO! And you will be amazed at how fast things work out in your favor

    • how many zoning laws have been changed specifically so mosques can be built where they weren’t supposed to be?

      more often than you think – just check our archive on “zoning jihad”

  7. Great to see citizens standing up for their way of life. Wherever islam encroaches, the standard of life in that neighbourhood goes for a toss.

    Creeping, one suggestion to you, please forward replies to Bridgewater citizens so that they are encouraged in this righteous stand. Leftist media must already be doing everything to paint these citizens as racists. These replies will show the citizens that they have lots of support from other outstanding citizens.

    • And remind them that mohammadanism is NOT a race, but a political way of life incompatible with individual freedom. I am NOT an islamophobe. That is, I do not hate or fear those poor deluded fools. I DO find them disgusting and ridiculous.

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    • what happens in Saudi Arabia should not dictate what happens in New Jersey, the people of NJ should dictate what happens in their neighborhoods

      • True! Unfortunately, the house of saud thinks it has the RIGHT to tell people throughout the world how to act. Even worse, many ignorant people throughout the world actually DO what the saudis tell them to do.

  9. Note the peaceful wedding Kate and Will had, despite mohammadan threats of demonstrations and “enraged” violence. Those savages CAN be controlled because, in this instance, they WERE made to behave in a civilized manner. I just hope, for the Limey’s sake, there will be many repeat performances of the proper use of government force, EVERY time their traitors act up.

    • Stephen, I don’t think the muslims were MADE to behave.. they KNOW that if Kate and Wills wedding had been disrupted byviolent Islamic elements, then the shit would have really hit the fan!! Brits are at boiling point about Islam in their midst!
      Touch Britains royal family, ESPECIALLY this wedding, I think the Brits would have gone ballistic, and the muslims KNOW it!! and the billions of viewers throughout the world would have also condemned their actions… NOT good PR at all .
      One thing muslims know well is how to play politics, it was purely a POLITICAL decision to remain invisible, IMHO

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