Holder’s DOJ Scuttled More Terror-Related Prosecutions

Patrick Poole once again, kudos. Hopefully much more to come. Share this information and Poole’s previous posts with your elected officials and those running for office. via Pajamas Media, (PJM Exclusive) Holder’s DOJ Scuttled More Terror-Related Prosecutions:

…the DOJ has been responsible for scuttling other terror-related investigations — according to congressional investigators looking at the possible political motivations for dropping prosecutions of American Islamic leaders for terrorism support.

According to these congressional sources, one case that was scuttled by Assistant Attorney General David Kris (who wrote the memo declining to prosecute Omar Ahmad in the Holy Land Foundation case) was a tax evasion and money laundering prosecution prepared by the U.S. attorney’s office in the eastern district of Virginia. The targets of these indictments would have been several Muslim leaders of the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and the now-defunct SAAR Foundation/SAFA Group, who were investigated and raided for a wide range of activities to support foreign terrorist organizations.

That case was part of an investigation that targeted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) leader Sami Al-Arian, who was charged with contempt by the federal judge in the IIIT/SAAR case for refusing to testify about how the groups had financially and materially supported Al-Arian’s PIJ front based in Tampa, Florida, despite his plea agreement requiring him to do so. Because of Al-Arian’s lack of cooperation in the IIIT/SAAR case, federal prosecutors were only prepared to indict the IIIT/SAAR leaders on the money laundering and tax evasion charges.

Congressional investigators who spoke to me also say that one of the Muslim leaders targeted by these indictments was Jamal Barzinji, a longtime IIIT official and former national president of the Muslim Student Association (whose terror ties I reported on here at PJM last August).

At the time of the raids on IIIT and SAAR back in 2003, U.S. Customs Service Special Agent David Kane testified in an affidavit requesting the search warrants, filed in federal court, that Barzinji “is not only closely associated with PIJ (as evidenced by ties to Al-Arian, including documents seized in Tampa in 1995 reflecting direct correspondence between Barzinji and Al-Arian), but also with HAMAS.

In 2008, Barzinji donated $1,000 to the Barack Obama presidential campaign. In the 2009-2010 cycle, he donated to three Democrats: Rep. Jim Moran (VA); Rep. Keith Ellison (MN), the first Muslim congressman; and Sen. Jim Webb (VA). In 2002, Moran returned $10,000 in campaign contributions from officials associated with IIIT and SAAR.

Congressional investigators say they are also looking into another case nixed by Holder’s DOJ, again involving CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad — to be indicted, allegedly, on obstruction of justice charges in the case of Ahmadullah Niazi. Niazi is a California man who had been charged with lying about his terrorist ties before intervention by political appointees in the DOJ. The charges against Niazi were later dropped after problems developed with the FBI’s confidential informant.

These additional terror-related prosecutions, scuttled by Eric Holder’s DOJ, are currently being investigated by various congressional committees. They may well come up next Tuesday, when Holder appears before the full House Judiciary Committee.

Pajamas Media will be covering that House Judiciary hearing, featuring Attorney General Holder, in May.

Media is absolutely silent on these stories of corruption.

8 thoughts on “Holder’s DOJ Scuttled More Terror-Related Prosecutions

  1. It should be illegal to take money from people with terrorist ties. Now we know why Obama is so jazzed about Muslims and downplaying violence and threats — he’s taking their money.


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