U.S. attorney in Ohio shills for Islam in op-ed

Yes, just two days ago we posted on a U.S. attorney, a Muslim, who told Muslims in Missouri the DOJ would challenge anti-sharia laws if passed. Now we have another U.S. attorney, essentially scolding Americans, defending Islam.

If U.S. attorney’s and the DOJ (Department of Jihad) would indict terror-linked Muslim groups like CAIR and ISNA rather than partnering with them, and writing op-eds, the U.S. would be much safer. via Ohio’s Muslim, Arab neighbors: Steven M. Dettelbach | cleveland.com.

Those of us in law enforcement know all too well that terrorists continue to target the United States. We have seen the dangerous consequences take hold in places like Fort Hood, Texas, and Times Square in New York, and even reach here in Ohio, where our office and the FBI prosecuted a homegrown terror cell plotting to kill Americans abroad. Preventing these kinds of attacks is our top priority.

Our enemies seek not only to kill our citizens and destroy our cities, they also want to attack the most fundamental American principle of all — our free, open and diverse society. We cannot and will not let them succeed.

Who are our enemies, sir? Are place like Dearborn, Michigan “free, open and diverse”? Is Molly Norris free – now in hiding from Muslims in the U.S.?

We find ourselves facing foreign-based terrorists, including al-Qaida, seeking to radicalize people here in the United States in new ways. Using sleek ad campaigns on the Internet, these terrorists try to recruit Americans to attack their neighbors. We must counter these efforts, but must do it wisely and without sacrificing our ideals.

Like using Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter while U.S. attorney’s and the DOJ do nothing? Even allowing one prominent producer of online jihadi propaganda from North Carolina, Samir Khan, slip out of the country.

Some, however, have wrongly resorted to portraying American Arab or Muslim communities, or the Islamic faith itself, as a threat to our country. While we must repel attempts by foreign terrorists to radicalize Americans, vilifying Islam or all Arab-Americans will not make our nation safer. Indeed, suggesting these Americans are less loyal than their countrymen is not only inaccurate and irresponsible, it also adds an air of legitimacy to violent extremism of another kind: directed not by American Muslims and Arabs, but at them.

So Americans are not allowed to speak their opinions about Islam, even in general terms, but a U.S. attorney can speak for all Muslims in the U.S.?

In the past year, a passenger stabbed a New York cabbie after learning he was Muslim, and an arsonist in Tennessee burned a mosque, among other examples. Such acts are not only illegal, they are also profoundly at odds with one of our nation’s bedrock values: “E pluribus unum,” or “Out of many, one.”

The Koran and sharia law are profoundly at odds with our nation’s bedrock values too, hence the terms Dar al Harb and Dar al Kufr.

Stigmatizing Muslim communities not only contradicts our nation’s commitment to religious freedom, it also makes it easier for al-Qaida to radicalize Americans.

Acts of violence and hostility against American Muslims risk obscuring these truths and feeding the enemy’s false narrative that America is at war with Islam.

Acts of violence and hostility against American Muslims are minuscule compared to acts of violence by Muslims (including Muslims in America) since 9/11 alone. There are thousands of mosques in the U.S. with new ones being opened regularly and the Muslim population growing rapidly since 9/11, as have the number of terror-related arrests and convictions. What truths are being obscured?

We must recognize that American Muslim and Arab communities are a vital part of the solution to the problem of radicalization. Terrorists do not radicalize entire communities; they recruit individuals. American Muslims and Arabs who recognized threats have worked with law enforcement when they suspect a problem. For this we owe them gratitude, not sideways glances.

Please provide the specific cases and the names of those Muslims who have prevented terrorist attacks by Muslims so we can post on them – if they aren’t too afraid of their own Muslim brethren to go public, and presuming there actually are valid instances in the U.S.

In an effort to improve communication, collaboration and trust with Muslims and Arab-Americans, I have been part of a group of U.S. attorneys across the country having a series of conversations to better understand the needs of these American communities. The people of these communities should understand that the Department of Justice is here to protect them.

A DOJ-wide effort to pander to 1% of the population whose major organizations (CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MAS)  teach Muslims not to trust or work with the FBI, were vehemently opposed to congressional hearings on radicalization of Muslims, and who strongly oppose banning sharia law in the U.S. 

For those with strong stomachs, read it all.

Were U.S. attorney’s directed by Holder to pimp for Islam like this? Does Dettelbach actually believe half of what he has written? If you find other U.S. attorney’s pimping for Islam in the op-eds of other cities, leave a comment.

18 thoughts on “U.S. attorney in Ohio shills for Islam in op-ed

  1. why? why is government aligning with islam?
    why is government supporting islam?
    why does government want sharia in America?
    as muslims gain power in government, education,
    churches, the media remains supportive, why?

    • Because they are frickin stupid. Obama is a muslim and even said he will support islam. He had bin laden killed because he wants to be able to say that now we can accept islam as it isn’t the problem anymore. He thinks that Americans are stupid. First his birth records and now the death of bin laden, he is up to something. Just watch and see..Peace to all non-muslims

  2. Come 2012 these scumbag traitors in the Obama admin will have their heads handed to them as they are ostracized and throw out. Hopefully, they will all be tried for treason!

  3. obama couldn’t have said it better , even if he had ellison to help him! Why, even gangsters will turn in rivals, so what the heck?
    I would say the ABSENCE of moslim and arab communities are a vital part of the solution to the terrorist problem.

  4. Sharia is religious law! Mr. Holder should instruct his US Attorney’s to fight the establishment of religious law because this kind of law is a violation of the First Amendment’s separation of Church and State. After all, you are not allowed to pray or post symbols of a religion in a government place, let alone erect religious laws!

    I long for the citizen who will speak out for American values. I am sick to death of all the haters and traitors.

    • Holder is a supporter of the Qur’an. Better read that to understand him. He stands with them, against America. The military blackballed him on Gitmo as they have determined he is against them.

      Someone else who needs to go when we dump the W/H Muslim.

    • Islam was rated a Religion by our own Government. I wonder why, as Islam is totally anti-Religion, anti-America. Did the Govenrment actually do that as a mistake, thru lack of research? Or, because Islam is indeed anti- everything that we believe in, and is to help bring us down.
      Perhaps it was just because we have so many Muslims and pro-Muslims in D.C. Or, Liberals who think Islam in some way can help them destroy the Conseratives.
      For what little good it does to have Islam declared a religion, at least we have that small thing as a tool to slow them down.
      If Congress could somehow grow some balls, and remove Islam from the list of Religions, they could then label them as Seditionists, or trators, and jail all who attempt to overthrow the USA in the name of Islam.
      I’d rather go that way, than the weak Church/State law, which is all we can use on them.

  5. Maybe they forgot this?

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

    But when the swear in on a unholy quran it is void to them.

  6. As I see it he truly is up to something like ticking off the folks to start rioting where he can declare MARTIAL LAW and remain in office till he DIES. Such as no drilling, high gas prices, grain to fuel, shortage of food, etc, etc, etc, gropping TSA.

  7. Let the DOJ challenge to its heart’s content.
    The origin of Sharia is not reason, but Muslim tradition.
    It has no place in any American judge’s knowledge or use.
    It is the basis of nothing in the West.
    And so it has no standing.
    And Muslims should be told it has no standing.
    These pro-Muslim jurists are all useful idiots, servile fools.

  8. there is no way Islam can do anything positive for Europe or north America, (UNLESS WE WANT A PRE SCHOOLERS PROSTITUTE RING)

    It is a cancer.

    we killed bin laden, an icon, like the twin towers.

    are the Muslim students out celebrating like they did on 9 11?

    Was Bin Laden reading the Qur’an? Where did he get those ideas? Wasn’t it Islam?

    So, Islam is at war with us! (AND EVERY OTHER LIVING PERSON)

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