Sharia to to be taught at Univ of Montana

Creep creep creeping in Montana. First, the State Dept. imported Muslims to teach public school students Arabic and Islamic “culture.” Now Montanan’s can progress into sharia law. hat tip SheikYerMami via Islamic law class to be taught next semester:

Earlier this semester, Jeff Renz, a law professor at The University of Montana, appeared on a conservative radio show to discuss the myths and realities of Islamic law. Accompanying him to Missoula’s KVGO studio were UM professor Mehrdad Kia and Robert Seidenschwarz, president of the World Affairs Council of Montana.

According to Renz, the talk stirred up a fair amount of debate.

“It was an interesting conversation,” he said. “A lot of the myths were repeated and we talked about those as well as a lot of the accuracies that are negative.”

The appearance was a launching pad for Renz, who plans to expand the conversation this fall semester by teaching an Islamic law class at UM.

This development adds UM to the growing number of American universities offering classes on Islamic law, ranging from the University of Minnesota to Yale. Islamic law, also known as Shariah law, guides the daily behavior and actions of Muslims while influencing the legal code of Islamic countries.

The three-credit class, ANTY 491, will meet three times a week and is open to UM undergraduate, graduate and law students. Renz said the course will examine the development of Islam along with the four principles of Islamic jurisprudence and will address the challenges of applying Sharia law in the 21st century.

Renz said Shariah law is not monolithic and that legal codes vary from one Muslim country to another and are often intertwined with tribal law.

“The most important thing they’ll learn is that what people perceive to be Islamic law is really local and national law rationalized, and falsely rationalized, by reference to the Quran,” he said.

He said that many fears revolve around the question of whether Shariah law will either supplement or subordinate the current U.S. legal system.

Despite experiencing “not a peep” of backlash, Renz contends that there might be some disapproval of the class, and he does expect there will be controversy in the classroom.

Rather than teaching those subjected to sharia law about liberty, we’re busy attempting to mainstream Islamic sharia law in U.S. universities.

Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Student Association is active at the University of Montana too.

20 thoughts on “Sharia to to be taught at Univ of Montana

  1. Know your enemy!

    Focus on womens’ rights, especially. They are right behind farm animals in social status.

    Learn how and when to Jihad, stealth as in Saudi Arabia, and violent as in Iran.

    Learn their savior is coming back and why they keep stirring it up.

    Our destruction is their main issue!

  2. It has been the UNIVERSITIES for a long time SPEWING THERE MARXIST TRASH to our kids. Now they are in LOVE WITH SHARIA LAW CRAP. Time to stand up and be counted. These TRAITOR PROFFESORS need to REMOVED post haste and never be allowed to teach again. LOCK and LOAD.

  3. Creeping,

    I wonder how accurate these classes on Sharia will be. If they will be conducted in English, and non Muslims will be allowed to attend, I can just imagine how heavily sanitized they will have to be. Its not like the fact that Sharia calls for the death of apostates, and requires things like four male witness to prove a woman was raped would go over well with your average American.

    • Sorry,

      I thought this comment, didn’t go through, so I rewrote it, and posted it again. Anyway, the second version is better.

  4. Well, we do need to know our enemies. But, what we need to ensure is that these classes are teaching the truth about Islam. The U.S. Government, university professors, and liberal elitists do NOT interpret Islam/Sharia. It is MUHAMMAD who is the interpreter of Islam as it is his Allah. Sharia law merely enforces the Islamic principles found in the Quran and the example of Muhammad in the Haddith/Sunnah (actions and saying of Muhammad). If they are teaching that basic fact and teaching what the Quran and Haddith/Sunnah actually say (as Muhammad said and did it), then the classes will be educational. Otherwise, they will just be empty rhetoric and further the conquest of the U.S.

    • Only if they make the distinction that Jewish law (halacha) does not seek to overtake the laws of any land where Jews live — unlike Sharia law which does.

  5. Creeping,

    I wonder how accurate these classes on Sharia will be. Probably not very, accurate, since the only way to keep non Muslim westerners, and even some liberal Muslims who don’t know much about their religion from being disgusted, is to ignore things like laws calling for death to apostates or the requirement that it takes four male witness to convict a man of raping a woman.

    “The three-credit class, ANTY 491, will meet three times a week and is open to UM undergraduate, graduate and law students. Renz said the course will examine the development of Islam along with the four principles of Islamic jurisprudence and will address the challenges of applying Sharia law in the 21st century.”

    How about the US constitution? How about the issue of the separation of church and state? That’s even if you ignore everything thing else, since Sharia is based in Islam and Islam is a religion. I know some people are going to argue with me on this, but the shear fact that you must believe in a supernatural god to be a Muslim, makes it a religion. Case in point, how are we to objectively determine what sharia actually says out side of Islam’s sacred scripture?

    • Creeping,

      Actually come to think about it, if they genuine liberals, who just happen to be Muslims, they’d be appalled by Sharia, even if they couldn’t bring themselves to admit that it was part of their religion. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be very liberal.

  6. Buy a copy of the “reliance of the traveller” the umdat al-salique
    This is sharia law that is approved by the top university of islamic learning in the world– Al-Azhar University in Cairo Egypt
    With this you can learn all about sharia minus all the taqiyya

    For a small outlay you can nail the lies instantly

  7. University of Montana, make sure to add that to the burn list……

    The insanity of my fellow Americans leaves me beyond the ability to speak sometimes. This, has GOT to be stopped.

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  10. It is a dangerous undertaking, analyzing shari’a law. Could provide insight for those dedicated to preserving the American way of life. Remains to be seen who is teaching, guesting, and texts used-their authors and publishers.

  11. He needs a course fro al-azhar university the top sunni learning center
    when referring to hand chopping and crucifiction being introduced into Egyptian Law
    Al-Azhar scholars were quick to express support for the law which they said is grounded in Islamic Sharia law and as such is applicable to all times and places.
    Jeff Renz is an uneducated fool when it comes to sharia

  12. I could see many positives of such a class. “Contempt prior to in investigation will keep you in everlasting ignorance.” We could certainly benefit from a greater understanding of sharia law. Studying something does not constitute agreement, nor the likelihood that we will adopt it.

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