Terrorist group Hamas condemns killing of bin Laden

The roots of CAIR’s family tree, Hamas, aren’t happy about bin Laden finally meeting shaytan. But Hamas is a group Obama has been receptive to in the post. via Hamas mourns a ‘holy warrior’ – Herald Scotland

HAMAS condemned the killing of Osama bin Laden as the assassination of an Arab holy warrior.

The Islamist group’s response contrasted sharply with that of the Palestinian Authority, their partner in a new unity deal, which described it as “good for the cause of peace”.

Instead, Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, accused the US of pursuing a policy based on “oppression and the shedding of Arab and Muslim blood”.

He said: “We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs. We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior.”

The response from Hamas was mirrored by some others in the Arab world who view bin Laden as the only Muslim leader to take the fight against Western dominance to the heart of the enemy with the September 11 attacks.

“Bin Laden defended the dignity of Muslims and now the US and the West will answer for their occupation,” said Egyptian Abdullah Ali, a Salafist taxi driver in his 60s.

Tareq al-Zumar of Egypt’s Islamist group al-Gama’a al-Islamiya, which took up arms against the state in the 1990s, said: “Bin Laden will become a symbol of resistance to occupation. The US killing of bin Laden will undoubtedly galvanise reaction and retaliation attempts.”

Some militants appeared to share that sentiment.

One al Qaeda idealogue who goes by the online name Assad al-Jihad2 said: “The battle between us and international tyranny is long and will not be stopped by the martyrdom of our beloved one, the lion of Islam. How many martyrdom seekers have been born today?”

All the more curious why Barrack Obama chose May Day to announce the killing of bin Laden, and prepared so well for an Islamic burial.

Update: A State Dept. official condemns Hamas for condemning waxing bin Laden, but didn’t have the courage to share his/her name:

State Department official slams group for calling al-Qaida leader “holy warrior”; UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says it would have been “better” for Hamas to join voices around the world welcoming bin Laden killing.

  Hamas’s reference to Osama bin Laden as a “holy warrior” is “outrageous,” a US State Department official said on Tuesday, slamming the group for mourning the death of the al-Qaida leader.

“Osama bin Laden was a murderer and terrorist who ordered the killings of thousands of innocent men, women, and children – many of them Muslim,” the official said. “He did not die a martyr, he died hiding in luxury place far away from the violence that was carried out in his name. “

Update 3: A ‘Palestinian’ imam: Obama will soon hang

An imam from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem vowed to take revenge over “the western dogs” for killing Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on Sunday.

In a Youtube video uploaded by the imam he said: “The western dogs are rejoicing after killing one of our Islamic lions. From Al-Aqsa Mosque, where the future caliphate will originate with the help of God, we say to them – the dogs will not rejoice too much for killing the lions. The dogs will remain dogs and the lion, even if he is dead, will remain a lion.”

The imam then verbally attacked US President Barack Obama saying: “You personally instructed to kill Muslims. You should know that soon you’ll hang together with Bush Junior.”

“We are a nation of billions, a good nation. We’ll teach you about politics and military ways very soon, with god’s help,” he vowed.

Religion of Peace don’t forget.

16 thoughts on “Terrorist group Hamas condemns killing of bin Laden

  1. Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood and every other Jihad murdering bunch of imbeciles from the Stone Ages will be unhappy for the rest of their lives! “We the People” of America will defend ourselves against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic!

    Is this the beginning of the ‘deathers’ as Rush Limbaugh coined the word on his website on May 2, 2011? More than likely there will also be doubters of whether or not this is just another Campaigner-in Chief hoax to boost his coffers and base! Or is the Prison Planet story a hoax? Only time and truth will tell.

    In any event, the Washington, D.C. politicians may be distracted but, “We the People” will continue with our mission to remove the HOAX in the Oval Office!
    Osama bin Laden Has Been Dead For Years.
    “CNN and the corporate media report this evening that purported CIA asset Osama bin Laden has been killed by the U.S. military in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with other family members.”
    “Osama bin Laden Conveniently Buried at Sea.”

    Media Runs Fake Photo To Illustrate Bin Laden Death Propaganda.

    Please see the before and after death photos of Osama bin Laden here. Link

    “Everything about the Bin Laden myth is a fake, so why worry about illustrating his “death” with another contrived hoax?”

    “Despite the fact that Bin Laden’s corpse has almost
    undoubtedly been safely stored in a highly secure U.S. government morgue since at least 2002, the political grist to be enjoyed by an administration that has plummeted to the depths of unpopularity knows no bounds, which is why Obama victoriously proclaimed Osama’s “death ” during a speech last night [5/2/11] almost as if the president himself had pulled the trigger.” By Alex Jones


    • Shaheed Osama bin Laden is in the Holy Vicinity of Allah.He damn cared for blonde witches. Would that your heart was not this blind!

  2. They should have dipped the dead body of Osama Puke Laden in rotten pig lard and pig fat and set it on fire before casting it into the sea. That monstrous coward was scum to the nth degree.

  3. The eulogy indicates the level of intellect of those who read and believe such propaganda. These things are for internal use-preaching to the choir-if you will.
    Will obama, in the name of reasonable restraint, permit muslims in American to rampage with little or no consequences?

  4. The so called ” Lion of Islam ” tried to save his cowardly add by using a woman as a shield. That’s not a lion that’s a fussy.

  5. Osama bin Laden was a poster-boy for the global jihad. His father’s construction company funded his activities. The global jihad leaders despised Osama’s playboy ways. If it really was him they took out (let’s hope it was not just a relative double and he or the double will be found climbing out of the well to be the political Mahdi), it does not mean the war is over. It just means Osama’s political usefulness ran out.

    We forget that the global jihad is global and includes all those in power in the “Muslim world.”

  6. Well, Osama’s political usefulness in the global jihad had run out, but it will apparently now be used by Obama.

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