FBI, DHS, NYPD pander to Muslims in Brooklyn – program will expand across U.S.

Muslims make up a tiny percentage of Americans, and it’s just a tiny minority of Muslims who have hijacked Islam to kill Americans. And because of that tiny minority the media and government won’t even utter the words jihad and Islam in the same sentence. BUT, once again federal, state, and local law enforcement are using your tax dollars to reach out to…that’s right – the same people who aren’t the problem. Over a halal lunch.

via Muslim Youths, Law Enforcement Bridge Gaps In Brooklyn « CBS New York.

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Federal law enforcement officials tried to break down barriers with the Muslim community in Brooklyn on Saturday, with a special program designed to foster a culture of understanding.

When 17-year-old Bilal Amjad strapped on a bulletproof vest, he got more than just a feeling of security, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown. He began to feel accepted.

“There’s a lot of stuff on the news, that Muslim people are all bad – but we’re not all like that,” Amjad said.

Amjad was one of several hundred Muslim youths attending a day-long, hands-on program with law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, New York State Police and the NYPD.

Each side of the program was looking to break through stereotypes to keep communities together.

“A lot of law enforcement probably look at us in a bad way, but we’re not like that,” Amjad said.

“What we’re trying to do is to show them that they have opportunities in public service and government, and to show them the importance and respect that their faith has,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Timothy Flannery said.

Many at the event said that too many times, the Muslim community and law enforcement officials interact only when reacting to a dangerous situation, and that has helped to foster tense relations.

“This is why we’re building these bridges – because we want to close those gaps where they law enforcement feels, ‘oh, these are Muslim kids, and perhaps they might be thinking something.’” Mohammad Razvi, executive director of the Council of Peoples Organization, said.

The program, he said, was an opportunity to bridge those gaps.

“These are Americans kids – they stand in front of this American flag and say, ‘we are Americans,’” Razvi said.

The event in Brooklyn was the first of its kind in the country, but organizers said they’re looking to expand to other areas soon, beginning with Washington, D.C.

More than 500 kids, and a dozen mosques and schools, took part in Saturday’s program.

Law enforcement hasn’t reached out ot any other demographic in the U.S. with this “first of its kind” program. There are programs for Americans, and then there are programs for Muslims in America. That’s how Islam works.

The sponsoring group is new to us but they have co-sponsored events with the most notorious of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood linked groups and individuals in the U.S.

Meanwhile, over in Queens, one of those co-sponsors – terror-linked CAIR – was once-again fear-mongering to Muslim crowds about the FBI, via CAIR’s Great FBI Scare Lecture:

Nobody representing a police agency should be trusted, according to CAIR: “It’s very important to not speak to law enforcement of any type, not just FBI agents. We’re talking about New York Police Department, we’re talking about tax agents, we’re talking about everybody.”

CAIR officials insist they support the FBI and have been helpful in investigations. The “Know Your Rights” seminars merely seek to reinforce every American’s right to “constitutionally informed cooperation with law enforcement.” That was their argument in January, after the group’s San Francisco chapter posted a flyer on its website of a skulking agent roaming a neighborhood as doors slammed shut. “Build a Wall of Resistance,” the flier said. “Don’t Talk to the FBI.”

CAIR’s claim of supporting law enforcement is “ludicrous,” said Steven Pomerantz, the FBI’s assistant director for counterterrorism in the 1990s. The group has “a consistent, long history of being antagonistic toward law enforcement.”

CAIR-Detroit director Dawud Walid went further in a December speech, saying, “The FBI, by using informants acting as agent provocateurs, has recruited more so-called extremist Muslims than al-Qaida themselves.”

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17 thoughts on “FBI, DHS, NYPD pander to Muslims in Brooklyn – program will expand across U.S.

  1. It’s all very odd. Is this done for any other religion? If not, why not? Why is one religion getting special outreach and special treatment? Is that “diversity?” Or is it propaganda?

    • All of this is playing into the muslims hands,FBI,DHS,NYPD,& Secret Service are supposed to be protecting America but they are playing right into the hands of terrorists like a bunch of idiots.They have no common sense if you ask me,I don’t trust them anymore!!!! They can’t be trusted when they are allowing terrorists to infiltrate their organizations.

  2. If the agencies are recruiting, or planning and developing recruitment efforts, fine. But why disguise it if that is the case? Why frame it as a “diversity event” when it is the only one?

  3. “There’s a lot of stuff on the news, that Muslim people are all bad – but we’re not all like that,” Amjad said. WHAT A HOOT!

    Amjad and his ilk have a different Quar`an and disobey that mean and cruel Sharia` law that allows women to be treated like mangy dogs!

    ALL of these murdering morons are Muslims and they would be killed for apostasy by their own family and certainly by angry Jihadists IF they did!

    • I totally agree with you.I don’t trust not one muslim.They live to murder innocent people,they aren’t good for anything but that.They need to be deported….ALL of them & we need to dump hog guts all over their countries,that’ll teach them to leave us alone,those bunch of pansies.

  4. I don’t understand our government officials wanting to reach out and give a lunch (Halal no less) to a bunch of terrorists. Since I don’t understand this, maybe they could reach out to me and give me a free lunch. Hey, a free lunch is a free lunch.


  5. and this nonsense will continue until non muslims band together and make their presence felt


    don’t hold your breath


  7. this is because of the traitor, BLOOM-MOSLEM…a traitor to the Jews and all Americans. The NYPD listens to him and the NYPD have never been known to be intelligent people. In Oklahoma, a police officer stood up and REFUSED to do this kind of garbage. NYC is over…..thanks to sharia-finance, traitor BloomTURD.

    • You are exactly right about NYPD,they aren’t too bright pandering to muslims.FBI,DHS & Secret Service are all going to be infiltrated with muslims.We can not trust any of these people.They need to get their heads out of their butts,wisen up,stop being so PC. Bloom Turd is an idiot,he kisses their butts,thing is that muslims ain’t gonna protect him just because he kisses their butts.All we can do is pray for NYC but yes it’s probably over.

      • in all fairness—-> the rank and file cops in NYC are probably none too keen on kissing ass of the group that is responsible for the deaths of many of their buddies on 9-11-
        this crapola (indoctriantion in BS) comes from the top down – and they are most likey required to go through this “sensitivity training” and many will do it with eyes rolled up in their heads- b/c they SAW the truth about ISLAM first hand and won’t forget

  8. Problem for us nonmulims is: We don’t have prayers 5 times a day when it is pounded into our heads that we will destroy and take over all other forms of civilization and that we are mandated to lie and kill to achieve those ends..

    Wonder if Huckerbee and Trump received veiled threats not to run for president to insure the muslim caliph remains in office.

  9. here we go again. what next? bomb building school just so we can keep them up with the ok city bomber?how stupid!
    when we these assholes learn that they are playing into their muslim hands.
    i cant wait til christians become the minority so we can get our rights back.oh wait,by then it will be way too late for any rights,except the ones to die.

  10. Obama is a radical Islamist supremacist. Of course,his “administration” is DHIMMI. Obama has STACKED IT with Muslims.

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