No Muslims in UAE’s 800-member “secret army”

Or not so secret if the NYT is writing about it. Other blogs can hash out the legalities and ethics of the force, but we thought it was interesting that Abu Dhabi’s crown prince trusts non-Muslims to protect his and the UAE’s interests more than it does Muslims. via Blackwater Founder Forms Secret Army for Arab State –

…Mr. Prince, who resettled here last year after his security business [Blackwater] faced mounting legal problems in the United States, was hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to put together an 800-member battalion of foreign troops for the U.A.E., according to former employees on the project, American officials and corporate documents obtained by The New York Times.

The force is intended to conduct special operations missions inside and outside the country, defend oil pipelines and skyscrapers from terrorist attacks and put down internal revolts, the documents show. Such troops could be deployed if the Emirates faced unrest in their crowded labor camps or were challenged by pro-democracy protests like those sweeping the Arab world this year.

Read pro-sharia.

The U.A.E.’s rulers, viewing their own military as inadequate, also hope that the troops could blunt the regional aggression of Iran, the country’s biggest foe, the former employees said. The training camp, located on a sprawling Emirati base called Zayed Military City, is hidden behind concrete walls laced with barbed wire. Photographs show rows of identical yellow temporary buildings, used for barracks and mess halls, and a motor pool, which houses Humvees and fuel trucks. The Colombians, along with South African and other foreign troops, are trained by retired American soldiers and veterans of the German and British special operations units and the French Foreign Legion, according to the former employees and American officials.

The former employees said that in recruiting the Colombians and others from halfway around the world, Mr. Prince’s subordinates were following his strict rule: hire no Muslims.

Muslim soldiers, Mr. Prince warned, could not be counted on to kill fellow Muslims.

No apparent disagreement from Sheik Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi who hired Prince to build the force.

8 thoughts on “No Muslims in UAE’s 800-member “secret army”

  1. Didn’t Cheney say Americans didn’t have the stomach to do the the things that need to be done to win this war? Blackwater (Xe) was getting things done but political correctness sunk them!

  2. Absolutely believable piece of news, howsoever warped.
    Firstly, these arabs cannot fight, they dont have discipline and cant take orders, most of them fall in the category of conscientous objectors.
    So, the price was right in hiring foreign mercenaries, and being colombian they will work for lower wages than americans. Ofcourse americans from blackwater et all, will be there to train.

    and last line is very important. Muslims cannot be countred on to kill fellow muslims. Says it all.

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