Virginia inmate wins legal jihad, submits prison to all kinds of sharia

The coup de grace for Virginia’s prison system (and taxpayers), losers of the legal jihad. The government prison system is now forced to provide:

  • Muslim reading materials
  • Muslim CDs and DVD’s
  • $2,000
  • $2,500 on Islamic library materials for the Greensville Correctional Center
  • hire a Muslim inmate to work in the library
  • inmates at Greensville will be allowed to donate religious materials to the library
  • Al-Amin was even allowed to submit his own list of Islamic reading materials, movies and CDs
  • department also agreed to allow Al-Amin to use his religious name
  • allow inmates to assist in the preparation of religious meals

Everything a prison needs to be a jihad teaching factory. Even a sympathetic interviewee saw how bad the settlement was and provided the understatement of the day: “That’s a terrible settlement. It sets a very bad precedent.” via Va. inmate’s win in suit against government a rarity | |

Rashid Qawi Al-Amin succeeded where thousands of Virginia prison inmates before him have failed: He prevailed in a lawsuit against the government.

Al-Amin won a settlement with the state that forces the prison system to supply him, and the Greensville Correctional Center library, with Muslim reading materials, CDs and DVDs. He’ll also receive $2,000.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office decided to settle the seven-year legal battle after a series of court rulings in Al-Amin’s favor. The state admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement but did agree to perform eight different acts to satisfy Al-Amin’s claims.

The case highlights a trend among state and federal prisoners, many of them converted Muslims, fighting for their rights to practice their faith.

In 1989, Al-Amin, then known as Donald Tracey Jones, was convicted in Norfolk Circuit Court of murder and use of a firearm, and sentenced to 52 years in prison. Police said the shooting was drug-related. Jones, a New York native, was in his early 20s at the time. He’s scheduled to be released in 2016.

Not long after entering prison, he changed his name to Rashid Qawi Al-Amin, which in Arabic means “wise, strong and trustworthy.” He says the prison system refused to acknowledge his new name.

Al-Amin became part of a swell of converts to Islam within America’s prisons. Some joined the Nation of Islam while others chose the Sunni or Shia sects. Al-Amin became a Sunni. Corrections officials sometimes refer to the religion as Prislam.

Through the years, Al-Amin has filed no fewer than 10 state and federal lawsuits challenging his conviction and sentence and fighting for his religious rights; he lost them all except this one. He was part of a lawsuit filed by Muslim inmates challenging the Department of Corrections’ grooming policy that prohibits beards. The inmates lost.

Thousands of state and federal prisoners file lawsuits each year, and most are thrown out as frivolous.

Al-Amin filed this religious rights suit in 2004. U.S. District Judge Raymond A. Jackson in Norfolk dismissed it in 2005 on procedural grounds, but the federal appeals court reinstated it. That process alone took three years.

In 2008, Jackson threw the case out again, citing a lack of merit, but the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent it back to Jackson to hear arguments. The judge offered to appoint a lawyer for Al-Amin, but Al-Amin refused counsel.

Over the next two years, motions were filed back and forth, and another appeal ensued on a minor issue over who exactly should be sued. Late last year, Jackson finally set the case for trial. It was supposed to have begun May 10, but Jackson ordered both sides to try to settle the matter.

The day before trial, he dismissed the suit after receiving the settlement notice.

The settlement calls for the Department of Corrections to spend up to $2,500 on Islamic library materials for the Greensville Correctional Center, where Al-Amin is housed. The department will also hire a Muslim inmate to work in the library. And inmates at Greensville will be allowed to donate religious materials to the library, subject to security review.

Al-Amin was even allowed to submit his own list of Islamic reading materials, movies and CDs.

The department also agreed to allow Al-Amin to use his religious name and to allow inmates to assist in the preparation of religious meals. Finally, the department agreed to pay Al-Amin $2,000 to cover the costs he expended fighting the suit, mostly for filing fees and postage.

Rebecca Kim Glenberg, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia who has represented state prisoners in other legal actions, said it is rare for a prisoner to win a lawsuit or even receive a settlement from the state. She represented Al-Amin and other inmates in the failed suit over the department’s grooming policy.

Prisons must follow the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. Passed by Congress in 2000, it prohibits government from placing excessively restrictive burdens on inmates to practice their religion.

“Prisons may not substantially burden an inmate’s free exercise of religion unless the restriction is necessary to achieve a compelling government interest,” Glenberg said.

A compelling government interest, she said, is defined as the highest standard of justification that the government can be required to prove. Typically, that has to do with security or health and safety.

“Courts tend to be very deferential to the prison officials when they say they have a compelling government interest,” she said.

A number of religious organizations around the country have been trying to break the stereotypes and fears of Islam, particularly in prison settings – some officials in Washington and TV pundits have railed against the “radicalization” of prison Muslims.

Gary Friedman, communications director for the American Correctional Chaplains Association, called that notion “overblown” and said officials should be more worried about white supremacists in prison.

“It’s just been getting more attention because of the attitudes toward Muslims in this nation since 9/11,” he said.

Still, Friedman said he was surprised by the outcome of the Al-Amin case.

“That’s a terrible settlement. It sets a very bad precedent.”

While prisons should allow access to any mainstream religion, he said, officials need to be aware of the separation of church and state.

“Public funds should not be used to purchase sectarian materials,” he said.

Larry Traylor, director of communications for the Department of Corrections, declined to discuss the specifics of the Al-Amin case, but he supplied The Virginian-Pilot with the department’s rules concerning the practice of religion by inmates.

The department has a Faith Review Committee to review the validity of various religions that are recommended by the institutions to be recognized, he said.

The state Attorney General Office, which defended Greensville and its food service contractor in the case, declined to comment but did provide the newspaper with a copy of the settlement.

Tim McGlone, (757) 446-2343,

32 thoughts on “Virginia inmate wins legal jihad, submits prison to all kinds of sharia

  1. The state should only use materials that have been expurgated of calls for violence or hate speech against Jews and those who believe other faiths. That would be a big improvement on the Koran.

  2. Also, the prison should cut out passages such as though allowing the beating of a wife, or that suggest honor killing, or any wording that violates US civil or criminal law.

    This can’t be used to further indoctrinate criminality, and the state has an interest in seeing to it that this is not allowed.

  3. How about just giving him copies of all the porn that was found at his great leader Usama’s hangout. Maybe that will calm him down.
    This judgement especially giving him any cash it just plain stupid. Hey, how about the fact that you broke the law to end up in prison in the first place. What the hell is wrong with our country pandering to all of the fu@ks who don’t deserve crap because they are in jail.
    Prisoners have more space and rights than I did when I was in the Navy serving to protect our country. It’s just plain sad.
    No Sharia Law in the United States, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    • He should have no privileges!
      Do you note he watches movies..listens to CDs …

      Do you realize these prisoners live better than many in the USA? They get 3 meals a day, a bed, a sink, a toilet..showers…TV, movies, library, work assignments, and in some prisons they play billiards and other games.

      This is why many homeless people break the law…so they can get all these guys get in prison.

      When you go to prison…ALL of your rights should be taken away…NOT SPECIAL ONES GIVEN TO YOU!

      AND Yes..this has set a bad precedent…they are using state money for religious items!

      So..if I want to erect a Christian cross the state going to pay for it!?

      • Actually Barbara, thats not true about the homeless. I worked at several homeless shelters for men, for over 15 years. When I started most of the homeless were drunks, alcoholics, drug abusers.

        Then in the 1980s the “Christian” President Ronald Reagan shut down funding for mental institutions in the USA and tens of thousands (yes, that’s right, TENS OF THOUSANDS) of mentally ill patients were tossed out into the streets. Right out into the streets.

        Sure, community clinics were supposed to be set up to hand these patients their meds every day, but that didnt happen.

        Shortly after that we began seeing a HUGE population boom in the homeless, and right around 3/4 of them were MENTALLY ILL including a huge population of schizophrenics.

        In fact me and my staff were attacked by these delusional mentally ill people on more than one occassion, and often the attackers had no idea what they were even doing – thinking that one of my staff was a demon, or that god told them to kill.

        THIS is who makes up the majority of the homeless population since then, and still today, THIS is what your conservative Christian President did to our country and to our most helpless and sick of our population.

        So I dont want to hear about your wanting to set up a Christian cross anywhere, or any more of your ignorance about the homeless — that a fellow Christian of yours caused.

        And I’d advise you not to look down on the homeless either – most of them are where they are because of the acts of your Christian President – and by the way, where were all you Christians protesting that it wasnt right to throw sick people out into the street? Ah yes, more of that Christian “love” we’re always hearing about, eh?

        • Why do you attack me?
          Many, if not most, of the homeless are homeless because they lost their home during this housing debacle…caused by the Democrats like Barney Frank and his lover…not because they were ill or drunks.
          Those are the people I am talking about.

          And having been a police officer for 10 years..I DO know what I am talking about……

 must be on the West Coast. We did not have that problem in the South East, with mental institutions.

          Maybe that tells you something about where you live!

          And who said I was a Christian?

          Ignorant I am not!

          Attacking a complete stranger because you have a problem with others…is ignorant and immoral.

          Oh….I feel pity for you ..for hating someone because of their religion..a peaceful religion for the past few hundred years. Maybe that is what you truly need. God!

        • Yes and that is when group homes surfaced everywhere. I know because while my then wife was working on her Masters in Social work she worked at them. Very thin veil of hostility and hatred in your post. Since there is a separation of church and state what makes you think the people who made these decisions were anything more than Christians in name only and not in fact practicing Christians? Christians are asked to imitate Jesus, too bad so few actually do. Muslims are asked to imitate Mohammad, thank god the majority do not!

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  5. Prisoners have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS until they have COMPLETED THERE SENTENCE and back out on the street. These sick ass judges need to be REMOVED POST HASTE NOW. They are helping to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY. There should be a RECALL on all ELECTED POLITICIANS reguardless of there OFFICE. LOCK and LOAD.

  6. You do the crime you do the time. No privileges of any kind what so ever. Your the dumbass that put yourself behind bars, no one else just you. I am so sick and tired of those assholes behind bars having so many privileges that they live better than I do. All the laws cater to the criminals in todays world. I suppose that’s because the criminals are in positions of power, ie obama, holder, reid,pelosi allot of Judges etc………………

  7. I was just reading the history of the Muslim takeover of Kashmir India in the 14th century. Mass immigration was supported by a group in power who wanted the support of the Muslims to remain in power……the rest is history. I think this pretty well defines the modern Democratic Party and just about all they do.

  8. He should not be given any special treatment and it really ticks me off that we are paying him a dime… he is a murderer just like his mohammad sicko pervert they bow down and stick their butts in the air for… all he is doing with this material is converting more terrorists right in our own prison system, islam is evil and every Koran should be torched….it is a book of Satan and is full of hate and evil… he will come out and do more harm, he should not be let out of prison if he murdered someone, how can he be up for parole in 2016 if he murdered someone…let him rot in prison and give him the Holy Bible….this country was founded on Christian values so that can be part of his rehabilitation let him read the good book , burn the Koran.. Islam is not a religion and especially not a religion of peace…no sharia law here….they must be stopped!!

  9. Rich you are so right, Obama has taken us to our knees fast. But then again, look at his background and his upbringing….can’t tell me he is not one of them. The liberals are eating it up, when they are subjected to sharia law, they will regret all this praise they are giving them, so sick of the media and the idiots we have in office, politically correct…ignorance!

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  11. ps> Italy has decided legally that Islam is not a recognized religion because it’s tenets are not in snc with secular law as expressed thru Italian statutes. No special tax exempt status, etc. What does Italy know that we do not?

    PS: CO’s are not the brightest of bulbs – Some public law group should step in and bring an OSC to stop the setlement as against the Laws of the Land.

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  13. This is an advanced look into the ‘change’ obama is putting in place for all Americans. Here in this controlled environment muslimites can create their own ‘parallel culture’ enjoying the safety of the federal government.

  14. …and it was a child who, upon seeing the naked king, pointed and said, “but the emperor has no clothes!”. Where upon the adults, realizing that they were foolish for ignoring the truth, laughed and pointed at the king in his shame. Point being, the “royalty” and well meaning “do-gooders” are accepting of the diversity which is plotting this Nation’s demise in a most ridiculous, blind and stupid manner. How can those who profess equality, justice and fair treatment of the down trodden, stand in support of the “teachings” of Islam; a terror based belief system.

  15. state funds should not be purchasing literature of ANY faith- let them get donations from the SAUDIS or nation of islam-
    nation of islam in prisons is a a GANG– the blacks join for solidarity and protection- and no other Muslim sect even considers them “real” Muslims.

    as we all know these materials they ask for are dangerous- they promote violence and hate on others- something NO prisoner is in need of and certainly a danger to the prsion admins.

    As we can see turning Muslim (or lying about your new faith) can BUY you privileges other prisoners do not get and teaches them professional whining (like Obama, the community organzer is teaching his minions to do)

    A friend of mine was recently incarcerated in CALI and he said NOT ONE BOOK was available in ENGLISH- only spanish- does this same prison accomodate toerh faiths? buy them books? are we to fund Hare Krishna, Jewish and Hindu books? pay for every freaking minority whine?

    we can’t afford it
    it’s unconstitutional
    it’s unfair and unequal

    and this is ISLAM in USA at ONE PERCENT FOLKS

    imagine 5 or ten percent- disgusting
    foolish, foolish decisions

  16. ! solution let the inmates at him and turn your back- problem solved and one less Satan worshiping muslim to worry about.

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