Michigan Dems call for Congress to reaffirm civil rights of Muslims

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”…and they should not pass a resolution for Muslims either. Obama has spent an inordinate amount of jizya taxpayer time and money promoting Islam in the U.S. and abroad, as well as hiring Muslims specifically because they are Muslim. Enough already. Contact your elected officials and tell them to defend the other 99% of the U.S. population, not the 1% with a preponderance to despise and attack us. via Michigan U.S. reps call for Congress to reaffirm civil rights of Muslims | The American Independent.

Detroit Congressmen John Conyers and Hansen Clark, both Democrats, have asked Congress to counter a general climate of bias against the American Muslim community by passing a resolution affirming the civil rights of Muslims.

“We believe that this sense of Congress is a logical step toward sending the message that the American Muslim community should be able to enjoy the rights guaranteed under the Constitution to the same extent as all other Americans,” said Conyers and Clarke.

“Communities should be protected from the threat of violence and suspicion that, for example, was at the heart of last January’s thwarted attack against the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. They should also be able to rely on law enforcement’s fundamental integrity and respect for First Amendments protected rights.”

“Ultimately, the American Muslim community should be able to rely on the federal government to lead the effort in fostering an open climate of understanding and cooperation. Only through a balanced examination of the challenges facing the nation will we establish a strong policy framework for protecting security, while respecting the Constitution and the interests of affected communities.”

Meanwhile the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed the rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic enclave of Dearborn, Michigan where the Arab police chief restricted the 1st Amendment rights of Christians. Where was Conyers when the rights of non-Muslims were being denied repeatedly in Michigan? Defending his corrupt, convicted wife?

Muslims in Michigan were recently given a leg up on other residents when it swore in a U.S. Attorney linked to pro-Hamas/Hizbollah groups.

Update: Muslim Congressman (yes, Ellison isn’t the only one) Andre Carson also signed Conyers letter.

14 thoughts on “Michigan Dems call for Congress to reaffirm civil rights of Muslims

  1. No protection for Islam under First Amendment, it’s a political system, a fascist state, conquest in a religious mask and pure evil. No to constitutional protection of hate crimes, NO NO NO. Resist!

  2. Hey John and Hansen (both Communists)………Muslims already have this right. They are the ones who need to reform to the United States Constitution and at the same time you two need to read up on it also!

  3. These people are crazy as hell. When are the white Americans going to be able to rely on the government to protect their rights? If the muslims start acting like Americans instead of animals then they might get the rights that they are whining for..Peace to all non-muslims.

    • Some mohammadans ARE white, but those converts generally last for only 2 years before leaving that lying way of life. They stop being mohammadans even though that calls for an automatic death sentence on them.

  4. Once again this is unadulterated bullshit. It is bad enought almost every billboard in Dearborn has. arabic on it .

  5. The only trouble with the DUMOCRAT’s request is that ISLAM is not a RELIGION. It is an ACT to control everything and an ORDER TO KILL EVERYONE WHOM DOES NOT BOW TO THIS GARBAGE. Therefore STATES have the RIGHT TO LEGISLATE AGAINST ISLAM to stop the over throw of the GOVT. OF THE UNITED STATES. In other words SCREW ISLAM AND ALL MUSLIM JIHADIS. LOCK and LOAD.

  6. Haven’t the Demonrats figured out Islam yet?

    Islam has about 10% religion and 90% sharia law.
    It’s all about conquest and Islamic rule. The Muslims can’t even find their own peace withing their 10% religious ideology.

    There should be no constitutional rights for Muslims unless they give up their ambition for sharia law thru conquest of N. America.
    There will never be peace between Muslims and Infidels as long as they retain the same Sunnah.
    These 7th century texts should be banned and a single new Qur’an should be written, one that is moderate, peaceful, tolerant and respectful towards Infidels and women, and it should include something akin to the Golden Rule.

  7. the peopleof usa FOUGHT AND DIED for Equal RIGHTS FOR all people



    THISIS TOTAL KISS ASSOF muslims only-

    IMAGINE if Christians or JEws or any other group asked for this?? ACLU would be on it in flat second

    ISLAMis not a race- and they have no right to frame their greivances as if they are being discriminated by skin color- it’s not their skin color thatis a problem

    In other civil rights cases like BLACK people – there was not reason for them to be discriminated against- the reasons were either superstition or smears- however not to aware that MUSLIMS in USA are here to demolish our laws and have proven themsleves a DANGER is just stupid- LIKE IGNORING A MAN WITH GUN TO YOUR HEAD

  8. Equal means equal. You don’t get to equality by having unequal rules, as some liberals believe. That’s starting to get too much like “Animal Farm,” — “some animals are more equal that others.”

  9. one % of the people here and they want special treatment.Our country greater then they have ever experienced.They need to go home which is hell and worship their demon the devil.

  10. It is MUSLIMs who are seeking to violate the rights under the Constitution, of NON muslims…
    the muslim community already enjoy the same rights as all other Americans under the Constitution..
    A SPECIAL LAW made for muslims. 1% of the population, is ridiculous and unnecessary..
    If they bring this law in , then the Jewish Community should also be able to bring in a law that everyone must abide by ( that INCLUDES muslims, jew hate groups , palestinian anti Israel hate groups in University Campuses, etc )
    “Jewish Communities should be protected from the threat of violence and suspicion
    Ultimately, the American JEWISH community should be able to rely on the federal government to lead the effort in fostering an open climate of understanding and cooperation. ”
    So if this becomes a law, I advise the Jewish Community to use that same Law to turn the tables on the muslims , who really care NOTHING about civil EQUAL rights for ALL Americans…
    In fact muslim clerics are well known for their hate speech from Quran against ALL infidels, EG..NON MUSLIMS! total hypocrisy on their part..
    Islam is really just an opposing political fascist regime under the umbrella of “religion” it really is Arab Imperialism..

  11. American leaders are so clueless about islam.
    All anti-jihad websites should hold education classes called ‘wake up to reality’ classes for US senators and law makers.

  12. Mohammadans ALREADY enjoy all American rights. The suspicion of them is caused by their ACTIONS, in America and throughout the world. And no mere law can do away with those suspicions.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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