Islamo myth: Coca-Cola’s anti-Muslim message

Coke and mirrors are anti-Islam! The list of Muslim paranoia and conspiracy theories grows.

Coke's not so anti-Muslim Ramadan cans

via Coca-Cola Recipe Leaked: Alcohol and Anti-Muslim messages |

For a long time, a large number of Muslims considered Coca Cola “Haram”; an Arabic word meaning forbidden. They claim if you hold a mirror next to the famous Coca-Cola trademark, it will reveals “La Mohammad. La Makkah” in Arabic, which litterally means “No Mohammad. No Mecca.” This is considered anti-Islamic and a slander.

The Coca Cola company responded throught their website: “This claim is not true. The Coca-Cola trademark was created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, at a time and place where there was little knowledge of Arabic.

“The allegation has been brought before a number of senior Muslim clerics in the Middle East who researched it in detail and refuted the rumor outright.

“During the late 1990s, a special committee of authorities in Saudi Arabia, with representatives from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Trade, was formed to review the rumors against the Coca-Cola logo. The committee determined that there is no basis to these false allegations and that the Coca-Cola trademark does not connote anything defamatory to Islam.

“More recently, in May 2000, the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar (the Islamic world’s foremost institute) Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel, said that “the trademark does not injure Islam or Muslims directly or indirectly.” Moreover, he stated that Islam is against ‘the propagation of empty rumors and intended lies that affect either public or private interests.’

The ingridient includes alcohol and coca (plant that contains the cocaine), which are forbidden by Islamic law. Let’s see how they (Coca Cola Company) explain this one this time. According to Globes, a Muslim-Israeli has already filed a US$330 million class action suit against The Central Bottling Company Group Ltd. – Coca Cola’s Israel franchisee (see Muslim sues Coca Cola for containing alcohol).

It gives new meaning to the slogan, “Coke is it!”

66 thoughts on “Islamo myth: Coca-Cola’s anti-Muslim message

  1. Ah,Yes, Hold a mirror up to almost anything and it will translate as an insult to islam that can only be rectified by demanding JIZYA or protection money. islam is nothing but a protection racket against all of civilation.

    Thst is why every country with a muslim population is at war with its neighbors.

    Solve the middle east problem. One state! Give Israel total control. and there could be peace.

    • Sounds good to me. Did you know that if you hold a mirror up to the name “Mohammed” it reads Mohammed backwards? And if you put in the Spanish word for yes, it reads “Mohammed is” backwards. And if you put all the brains of Muslims on the head of a pin, you’d still have room left over?

    • I held a mirror up to my naked ass and lo and behold, what to my wondering eyes
      should appear;

      The face of Mohammad!

      It scared the shit out of me! :-)

      • amboyduke whats wrong with you ???? i mean i am a muslim but i never never never never would say something like this against your religion.. i live in a christians land but i would never say anything against this people, may you heard something fals of us but we are not paranoid, i mean in every religion is somebody paranoid but it does not mean everybody is so, if you are a texana does it means you have a gun and shoot at everything around you? if you are black does it mean you are a slave of somebody?

        • YOU know muhammad???? .. I wouldn’t advertise it he is a pedophile and you might get the same reputation! Or have you already tried Surah 56:17 and 76:19 with little boys????

      • No its TRUE, I took a crap in the toilet and wiped my arse … dropping the paper in bowl i saw the image of MAD-HOE-MAD wrapped in a shroud with brown marks as if he had been humping his camel rather than his baby bride. Next time rather than paper I will us the pages of Koran to see it there is a message from the Devil Allah himself (may a pig stick one in his ear) for me. But I doubt it because I know all gods are false – especially allah (MAPS1IHE) as this so called god is pure pure evil due to the actions of his followers.

          • But pain is not only available in the after-life, i can give it to you, here and right now, i’m waiting for you muslims, try to invade more countries, i will send you to see your 72 virgins right away, can’t wait!, i bet you can’t either!.

    • You said it perfectly, showing tolerance to the most intolerant group/cult in the world. You can say what you want, but there is something fundamentally wrong with the Qaran and Islam. All religions have their wackos ALL- but no religion has created and perpetuated such intolerance, violence, hatred, and murder within itself and of course against us infidels that are not worthy.

      • Why do you judge a religion by its people?Its not islam’s or its prophets fault that people portray it in the wrong manner or do things that are actually NOT allowed in islam.Do your research first and use your brain before blindly believing in whatever you see on the TV and read in the news paper.

  2. Amazing, They can dream up anything to spread their hate. This is almost as laughable as when Tens of thousands of Saudis have reportedly complained to Internet search engine Google from 11 May 2011 after the company celebrated the 117th birthday of the late “Mother of Modern Dance” Martha Graham with an animated logo depicting dance motions.
    Al-Watan Arabic daily reported that the complaints asked Google to remove the images “as a gesture of respect for Muslims’ feelings”, with members of the public saying that they “encouraged Saudi women to remove the veil”.
    Nothing to do with them but they can make a connection out of anything. Islam is nothing more than a hateful society that’s wants everybody to go back to the stone age. Join or be killed is their 7th Century way of life. People need to wake up and smell the dead flesh before it is our families. They all need to go to a Sharia Law country and stay there.

  3. Complete imbeciles, but we already know that. “No Mohammed. No Mecca.” sounds like a fine slogan to me, but they forgot the NO ISLAM part.. I wish that it were true.

    • ooh its okey to say something against muslims, but if i say something again you, you will say i am a terrorist -.- sooo this terrorists are not terrorists because they are muslims, they are so because it is so in their culture..
      it’s the same with americans, they are not stupid because they are christs ( i respect every religion because everyone choose his religion and everyone know what’s good for him) americans are stupid because they are so, and no one like them

    • A Culture is a slimey squirmy germ buggy thing at the bottom of an experimental dish .. BUT like all Muslims it should, too, be destroyed!

  4. I suppose now all non-Muslims will be expected to give up Coca Cola in order to not insult the Muslims? Bull CRAP with that!!!!

  5. It is extremely interesting to me to read that the so-called scholars want to live, all the while they preach to their young recruits that if they only blow themselves up in the name of Allah, a great Paradise with 72 virgins will be theirs for the taking. My question is this: if these “scholars” believe this, then why don’t they want to die? Could it be that they are LIARS and muslim CON MEN? Most likely.

  6. Hopefully Coca Cola will counter sue for billions of dollars. However, at least there’s one thing about it. The more these moronic Muslims do crap like this to corporations and people, the more people have to wake the hell up and stop the idiotic political correctness about Islam and Muslims.

      • Sarah is also a Hebrew name which certainly predates islam…so? What’s more interesting is the use of the word NAZI in names in islam which became very popular during World War Two. Not surprising considering the Grand Mufti of Jerusulam, at that time was a nazi collaborator and a great admirer of Hitler and how he handled the “Jewish problem.”

  7. That question is not new, but it sure speaks common sense.

    Yassir Arafat, (one of the handsomest men who ever drew God’s breath, I might add), encouraged Palestinian families to offer up their children for suicide jihad and arranged for the families to receive a few bucks for their donation…
    BUT, old Yassir’s evil spawn was safely living in Paris…it makes one wonder why old Yassir didn’t offer up his son…hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    It’s hard to fathom how these Muslims can be so absolutely fucked up beyond human comprehension!!!!

    Their collective insanity defies reality…fuck, it even defies fantasy!

    The evil they demonstrate is truly worse than anything Hitler did…or at the very least it’s heading in that direction and if not stopped will overtake it.

    It’s time to chose sides!

  8. amboyduke,

    thats the funniest shit ive heard in quite some time! otflmao!

    these muslim asshole are looking to make a dime on anything they can.

    its time we say enough with these assholes,and send them back to the filth from which they crawl. anyone who believes their hate filled words should go live in a sharia compliant country and see what really goes on there.

    dont you feel its time to make a stand against this fucking lunacy. mohammed is nothing but a fairytale along with allah.just a creation of a sick but vivd imagination to control the ignorant! how cant you fool people who know nothing!

    • anonymous:

      It sure is time we started to take a stand against this lunacy…long overdue.
      It won’t be pretty when it happens, but it MUST be done.

      I have 3 shirts with slogans on them, and I wear them often.

      One has a picture on the front of a mosque and a muslim with his face wrapped in the usual way, and the caption says: “Coming soon to your town”, and on the back is a pic of a Crusader, with a sword and shield, with a cross on it, and a pic of the twin towers on fire. The caption reads; “It’s time to chose sides”.

      Another has a weather forecast for Tehran.
      It says; “High winds, 15,000 degrees F., Radioactive”

      The third just has a pic on the front of 2 of the most sinister looking mullahs and the caption says: We’re coming”. It’s creepy, but effective.

      I have yet to wear them in front of muslims because up where I live, there aren’t any, YET, but I fully intend on wearing it when I go to Toronto.
      It isn’t much, but it sends a message, and people who have seen me wear them always smile, nod and give me a thumbs up.
      The frustrating thing is not knowing exactly how we can get rid of them.
      We’ll have to elect a government with the balls to send the army into their communitees and round them up and ship ’em to an Islamist country, even the ones born here…???
      I don’t know, but it will be hairy as hell when it happens.

      One of the posters on this site has told about a book on the subject, maybe he’ll see this post and reply with the title.
      I can’t remember what it is, but if he sees this, I’d like to get a copy of that book.

  9. This already happened with 7 up. Hold the 7 up logo upside down, in front of a mirror , whatever, it says in arabic ” Ya allah.” (oh god). So, 7 up was forced to re-design the logo, atleast in saudi arabia.
    This also happened about yokohama tyres, some block patterned off road tyres, for mitsubishi pajero. After it appeared on sand, it reads “allah”. Guess what? Yokohama tyre company had to replace all these particular design on tyres. Do, the japanese even know arabic?
    This apart from the usual suspects, like movenpick icecream or swiss air, even swiss knives having to hide its logo of switzerland. (white cross on red background).
    Some computer company, (IBM if I remember correctly) had an advertisement, of lots of geeks, prostrating down before the latest model of supercomputer, enough to make muslims upset.

    These idiots are paranoid, they see a conspiracy to malign and disrespect islam in anything and everything,

    Like amboyduke said, “Their collective insanity defies reality…fuck, it even defies fantasy!”

  10. Good, screw these stupid ass wipers to camels. More Coca Cola for me as I was raised on the stuff, Jalapeno and Habanero peppers. What do you expect from followers of a stone age cult that are afraid of bugs in a box.

    What does not insult islam or mulisms? Nothing and no wonder they are always mad and killing each other. I just wish they would hurry up and finish each other off.

  11. Dont the muzzies know its all them pig farts collected by virgin farmers daughters that give coke its fizz??????

  12. they already boycott COKE
    for other reasons – Muslims live with lies as truth- it has not changed since Mohammed walked ……………………………………

    Muslim World are again recycling an old, somewhat ridiculous claim that PEPSI is owned or controlled by “The Zionist”, and the name PEPSI stands for “Pay Every Penny to Save Israel”.

    This claim has been around for a while and it is laughable for a few reasons.

    What people may have forgotten is that the Soft Drink company that was boycotting Israel until 1966 was Coca Cola and ironically they were only forced to start selling in Israel when an Egyptian businessman found a bottle of Coke with Amharic writing and mistaking it for Hebrew accused Coke of selling to to the Zionist. Coke quickly denied selling to Israel, which prompted questions from the American Jewish community as to why not, which eventually forced Coke to open a plant in Israel.

    read more here


    , on the basis of rumour and prejudice, we can glimpse the emergence of cultural anti-Semitism.
    Brendan O’Neill

    It showed the extent to which the anti-Israel movement in relation to Gaza is disconnected from any real facts, and from the truth of the conflict itself. This eclectic anti-war grouping, consisting of teenage Pakistanis, 1990s anti-capitalists, anti-Zionists and the middle-aged rump of the radical left, is not a united force taking a clear, principled stand in favour of Palestinian self-determination; instead, the Israel/Palestine conflict has been rather arbitrarily adopted for the purpose of expressing a mixed bag of angst and a general, already-existing feeling of disillusionment with contemporary society. How else can we explain the 14- and 15-year-old Pakistani boys – born in Britain in the 1990s, and possessed of no personal or cultural connection to Palestine or historic knowledge of the conflict – screaming ‘Shame on Israel!’ at the top of their voices and throwing shoes and tomato ketchup at the Israeli Embassy? Or the middle-aged white women I saw joining in the energetic chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Hyde Park? For many, attacking Israel has become a way of letting off steam, communicating their dislike for politicians, distrust of the media, hatred for America or simply their sense of alienation (14).

    The Starbucks story also shows how susceptible the anti-Israel movement is to myth and misinformation. Because it is not grounded in any clear anti-imperialist ideas, or shared vision or argument on Israel/Palestine, this grouping can be easily invaded and energised by all sorts of myths, horror stories and hoaxes. Lacking a political anchor, it can be swayed by waves of conspiracy and speculation

  14. I) ISLAM
    1. Definition
    A. Meaning of Islam
    (i) Islam is derived from the word salaam meaning peace.
    (ii) Submission to the Will of Allah (swt) i.e. God Almighty.
    B. Meaning of ‘Muslim’ – One who submitshis will to Allah.
    C. Islam is not a new religion found by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
    2. Messengers in Islam
    A. (i) To every nation was sent a Guide or a Messenger
    Al-Qur’an 35:24
    Al-Qur’an 13:7
    (ii) 25 Prophets mentioned by name in the Qur’an
    (iii) Islam is the only non-Christian faith that believes in Jesus (pbuh)
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    (ii) Moses (pbuh) was only sent for the Jews.
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    Al-Qur’an 7:157
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    A. La ilaha ilallahu, Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullah
    Sahih Bukhari Vol. 1 Hadith No. 7
    B. Believe in Allah and the Last Day, and the Angels and the Book and the Messengers.
    Al-Qur’an 2:177
    C. Come to common terms — Worship of one God

  15. Well, I believe the Bible is just a newer addition to the Old Testament. By newer addition, I mean modified, sometimes modified to be convenient for a specific group of like minded people. The old testament for example did not allow pork-eating, in contrast to the Bible which doesn’t forbid it. I accept the Bible, Torah, and Quran. But I believe the Christians go wrong when the claim Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, when in fact that is God’sposition. I dont want to sound biased, but the holy Islamic book (Quran) is believed to be God’s words through Angel Gabriel that were expressed through the Prophet Mohammad. The original words of the Quran have never been changed nor modified. It is considered one of the best written works, too perfect to be “made up.” If you want to find a more difficult challenge, try finding scientific errors in the Quran.
    Dont take my word for it though, I suggest you do a little bit more investigating.

  16. i know there r **** loads of errors in bible but i wont admit cos dady jesus will beat me up in hell u know .he wasso busy with persuading arrogant jewsand entertaining ppl with his magic that he forgot to take his physics and biology degree . so he wrote som weirdstuffz.don worry though ,in his second coming ,he will sign up for college and enlighten himself with science and fix all the errors in bible.

    • Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:

      But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction.

  17. i am a muslim and i am proud of it .i am a muslim and i am not a terrorist .islam only teaches us peace .i accept that some people on the name of islam are spreading terrorism.but just those people cant make millions of mulims terrorist . and btw if muslims are terrorists then what is israel doing in ghaza???????if it is not brutality and terrorism then why you blame muslims????everyone loves his religion and when someone speaks against it ,it really hurts. so called CIVILIZED AND PEACEFUL non muslims have massacred innocent muslims in ghaza ,afghanistan ,iraq. is it not a crime???Prophet Muhammad SAW’s teachings are not about war or terrorism.his teachings never told us to become a terrorist .and please everyone here before blaming anyone just investigate the reality not the propaganda. read the hadiths and quran yourself and you will get it

  18. Get ready muslims, some of us westerners won’t subjugate to you, it’s time for the next crusade, you will pay for what you have done. You have been warned, Let the war begin.

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