Muslim slashes throat of 70-year old man in Harlem grocery

Religion of peace? via Man, 70, gets throat slashed in East Harlem grocery.

An elderly customer at an E. Harlem supermarket was slashed in the neck with a razor Saturday morning after getting into an argument with another patron.

Police said the 70-year-old victim was in the rear of the Pathmark Supermarket on 125th St. and Lexington Ave. about 8 a.m. when the two started fighting.

“While they were arguing, the security put the guy out,” said a store employee.

“He came back and hit the other guy,” said the worker. “Then he took the razor and cut his throat, then he kicked his head twice.”

A store worker managed to stop the attacker near the front registers as he was leaving, said the employee, who asked not to be identified.

“There was a lot of blood,” he said. “The blood was shooting right out.”

Store workers quickly came to the victim’s aid, putting towels on the wound before EMS workers arrived and took the victim to Harlem Hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Police charged Abdullah Muhammad, 51, of 600 E. 125th St. with felony assault. It’s unclear why the pair were fighting.

The victim’s brother said Muhammad didn’t fight fair. It’s time for non-Muslims to wake up to the reality that Islam was designed to not fight fair and capitalize on any actual or perceived weakness of non-Muslims.

13 thoughts on “Muslim slashes throat of 70-year old man in Harlem grocery



  2. Uh, excuse me. “It’s unclear why they were fighting?” I can tell you. Because the “Religion of Peace” commands it’s ignorant followers to kill as many infidels as possible by “Cutting their necks.” Just following the orders of this lovely, peaceful religion.

  3. The ‘religion of peace’ strikes again. In the same way American progressives utilize weak, timid, cowardly people so do Islamofascists. The two barbaric groups combined are a partnership made in Hell. Psycho elitist progressives actually seem to believe Islamofascists will eat them last… or not at all.

  4. Just goes to show you how these people who claim to be practicing the “Religion of Peace” really are. Just another day in Islam. Their 7th Century ways are incompatible with the modern free world. If you want to live under Sharia Law, go to a country that still practices it. Quit trying to make our modern free society go back to your stone age ways. We have moved past those caveman days, sorry.
    The only thing that is unclear is why the news doesn’t show these people for who they reallly are. They always leave out that they are fighting over their religion on the news. Same as when the woman in Bloomington Minn stabbed 2 people at a public library on 02 Jun 2011(posted on 04 June 2011 here). She passed out Korans and talked religion with people but the news left that out when reporting the crime. She was such a nice lady and we don’t know why she did it is how they made it out as to not bring up that it in reality was a Muslim reverse hate crime. Random act my foot.

  5. We must demand our rights to carry razors to slash the throats of infidels.!!

    Yea, and I demand my right to carry to defend myself against this scum when they rise up to enslave the country.

  6. I read in another article that the elderly gentleman accidently offended the Muslim by stepping on his foot. The Muslim evidently felt greatly insulted and decided that the older gentleman needed to be killed for his offense.

  7. This is how savages operate and no matter how long they are in a democratic & free country it will not change. They do not learn by example. It may be do to inbreeding or just cultural “differences” or it may reside in their genes but this is how savages behave. This is how 7th century troglodytes conduct themselves, much like their beloved “prophet”. As long as islam exists don’t expect this to improve. Shame.

  8. Now, maybe those idiots who converted to pisslam as “black muzzies” will finally get it through their sawdust brains that Arab muzzies hate their black a**es and are, in truth, their mortal enemy and would as not enslave them all over again! It’s war, folks; and until and unless we ID, harass and finally slay the enemy amongst us, we won’t know a moment of peace!

  9. pre-meditiated attempted MURDER OF AND OLD MAN!! is not “fighting”.

    The incident was over when Ab-DULL-ah was pitched out by security- he went home- and came back with a weapon to MURDER the man- for stepping on his foot? To a normal person an I,m sorry will do- or even a few angry words- obviously this MUZ felt his honor was compromised (how dare a non Muslim step on my foot lowly infidel son of an ape) and therefore needed avenging in BLOOD.

  10. Ever seen how muslims kill their meat??? Recently in Australia we were shown on TV delightful footage of Indonesian muslims killing our Australian cattle in their Abbatoirs… not only did they sadistically torture the animals by gouging their eyes and kicking their heads, some muslim scumbags took at least 30 knife slashes to cut the poor cows throat, inflicting horrible suffering..
    The result of this footage caused an immediate outcry from the public and as a result the government have banned live exports to Indonesia( for the moment)…
    Now just consider WHY it is a trifling thing for a muslim to move one step further to cut the throat of a despised kuffar… One small step for Islam, one GIANT step for mankind to have this disgusting death cult in our countries killing our people!!

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