Obama appointee says Koran and Islam influenced Jefferson, Founding Fathers; writing book on sharia in US courts

Creep, creep. via President Obama Appoints Dr. Azizah al-Hibri to USCIRF | Ya Libnan

On June 7, 2011, President Barack Obama appointed Dr. Azizah al-Hibri, Founder and Chair of KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).

After the announcement of her appointment to the two-year term, Leonard Leo, the Chair of USCIRF, remarked: “My fellow Commissioners and I are most pleased to welcome Professor al-Hibri to the Commission. She comes with a distinguished record of service as a human rights advocate devoted to the protection of freedom of religion for people of all faiths, and we look forward to working with her”.

USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission. USCIRF Commissioners are appointed by the President and the leadership of both political parties in the Senate and the House of Representatives. USCIRF’s principal responsibility is to review the facts and circumstances of violations of religious freedom internationally and to make policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and Congress.

More from the White House presser, President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts:

Azizah al-Hibri, Appointee for Member, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom
Azizah al-Hibri is a professor of law at the T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond. She is the founding editor of Hypatia: a Journal of Feminist Philosophy, and founder of KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights.  Professor al-Hibri has written extensively on issues of Islam and democracy, Muslim women’s rights, and human rights in Islam.  Professor al-Hibri has traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world in support of Muslim women’s rights and acted as a consultant to the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Qatar in the development of that country’s personal status code.  She has also guest edited a special volume on Islam by the Journal of Law and Religion and is currently completing a book on the Islamic marriage contract in American courts.  Professor al-Hibri received a B.A. from the American University of Beirut, a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania.

al Hibri’s Youtube page has the following description of a video series, Dr. Azizah al-Hibri on Islam, Law, and the Concept of Democracy (Part I):

Uploaded by on Oct 16, 2009

Were the freedoms outlined in the U.S. Constitution influenced by the Quran? Professor Azizah Y. al-Hibri, President of Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, Islamic scholar and law professor at the University of Richmond, discusses the influences of the Quran and early Muslim history on Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers. Listen as Dr. al-Hibri explains the implications of the Quran on U.S. Constitutional principles from freedom of religion to the separation of church and state.

Watch the video as well. Screen shot in case the memory hole gets hungry.

al-Hibri’s work as also shown up on Fiqh Council of North America website, “whose mission is “to provide guidance to the Muslims of North America in all matters related to Sharia [Islamic law],” where she justifies capital punishment in Islam while calling for a moratorium on capital punishment in the U.S.

She’s not happy with Muslim’s lack of resistance either:

Dr. Azizah al-Hibri (School of Law, University of Richmond) condemned the lack of resistance of injustice among Muslims, both historically and in the present; ~ Jihad for peace conference at the (anti) American University 1998

Resistance such as Hamas and Hizbollah?

Will the MSM put out an all hands bulletin for citizens to scour al Hibri’s emails videos and papers? 

Readers can scour for themselves and post links in the comments.

Update: Much more from The Professor Who Sharia’ed Bill Clinton:

Last year at the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, she called for a “a council of scholars” to serve as a central authority on Islam for the United States.

Rather than trying to bring Islam in line with the modern world, Azizah Al-Hibri pushes for the modern world to be brought in line with Islam. Rather than reforming Islam, it is America that she would like to reform to Islamic standards. Placing a woman who believes that American law is inferior to that of the Koran on an American commission to promote international religious freedom perverts the purpose of the commission and promotes religious tyranny instead.

In the early days of 2001, Al-Hibri traveled to the Afghan border and criticized the Western press for “sensationalizing” Taliban atrocities and using them “as an opportunity to attack Islam”. After the attacks of September 11, she cautioned against bombing Al-Qaeda and Taliban targets during Ramadan. And that same year she defended Wahhabism as part of Islam’s “religious diversity” and its “marketplace of ideas”.

Yet the oddest moment in Al-Hibri’s career of promoting Islamic law in the United States may have come when before Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, she actually wrote an article discussing how a sitting President of the United States might be tried under Islamic law.

Read it all, then have a chat with your elected officials.

64 thoughts on “Obama appointee says Koran and Islam influenced Jefferson, Founding Fathers; writing book on sharia in US courts

  1. So, another moslem full of S**t, what a surprise!
    If you had a dog that bit you everytime you fed it or got near it and bit everyone else that got near it,, you would put it down,, RIGHT?
    So we have a group of people that can’t get along with anyone else, they make everyone around them miserable, or dead. They behead people that don’t believe as they do, set fire to people and generally act like the mad dog above. So what have moslems given too the world in the last 15 centuries? It really is time to cut the losses and end this pathetic charade.

    • Steve, I can tell you what muslims have given to the world in the last 15 centuries….GENOCIDE and SLAVERY…just finished reading an excellent book, but very depressing, about the history of India under Islamic rule and the slavery/ genocide of the Hindus
      Obama is islamizing America as much as he can as fast as he can…look at those 80,000 “refugees”from muslim countries he just allowed in…many from terrorist Somalia, all unskilled except in terrorising Christians and other non muslims, and all have to be fed, housed, etc, on the US taxpayer,,wow, 25% of Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure, 19% are out of work and can’t even feed themselves and Caliph Obama is importing these parasites to suck more blood from Americans…Obama hAS to kicked out,,I don’t know whats wrong with the Republicans…WHY aren’t they saying something about all this muslim crap he is always promoting???

      • Anne, if they Repubs say anything the regime and the lame stream media will scream racism!! And they know they will be destroyed the same way they destroyed Sarah Palin, because they were scared of her and no lie was too small to throw at her until the public believed. This is the beginning of a revolution, one that is not north or south, east or west, it’s the revolution of right and wrong! It will again pit brother against brother, father against son, But to save America it will in my opinion have to happen!

  2. WHAT A HOOT! The Obama Regime never gives up! His goal, much before he was illegally placed on the ballot and illegally elected and selected by the Zionist Bilderberger Group is to destroy America and Israel and allow the world to be ruled by Islam and Sharia` law!

  3. This is almost too funny. Muslim women lawyers for women’s rights when Islam and Sharia Law is all about giving them no rights when compared to men. Like Jumbo Shrimp, they are opposites. If Muslim women really want to affect change, get your Stone Age men to stop killing people in the name of Islam so that modern people may learn to like you. As long as they go around killing people in the name of Islam, all of Islam will be disliked by the rest of the world.
    Dr. Azizah al-Hibri must have some good suppliers for better mind altering substances than i can get a hold of. The U.S. Constitution I saw forgot to mention stoning’s and honor killing and all the stuff Islam pushes. Come on, stoning women to death for getting raped, Honor Killings, female genital mutilation (Oh excuse me, they prefer female genital cutting because it sounds nicer), and everything else they try to say in in their Religion of Peace. Actions speak louder than words. Islam is a 7th Century Hate peddling way of life. It is not compatible with modern free society.

    • Whatever, you have no idea what Islam is all about. As they say, Ignorance is bliss, so go on with yo ignorant self!Who’s doing the hate around here? Sounds like you are…..

      • you fucking moron, Lets talk about relious freedom in your part of the world!!!! would I be allowed to build a Christian Temple in the Middle of Pakistan or Iran I think not. they would kill me in a heartbeat, but you want to come here a demand we respect your religion. brong on the war it long over due

  4. Holy crap! Obama and frog-faced-muslim B***h have lost their minds! Kuranic “influence” on our Founding Fathers MY ASS! This POTUS is is in Warp Drive in his quest to inject the most Muslims he can bef’ he is kicked to the curb in 2012 and doing a damn fine job of it!

    My God, fellow Americans, what the hell are we going to do??? Voting takes too long to get anything done! Sheesh, this is an American Nightmare! God help us all! We have a Muslim Madman at the helm of this sinking ship…………….

  5. She’s full of sh*t as are most of her kin. In no way, no how did the koran influence the US constitution. It’s just another power grab by a people who have contributed nothing , absolutely nothing to society but murder, death & enslavement.

    The muslims who acted as pirates back then however are responsible for the USA’s magnificent Navy. Good job.

  6. People, we preach to the choir – get this out there – they are out of their fucking minds!! The only influence Islam had on Jefferson and the rest of the Framers was how to kill the Mohammedeans and get our ships back – ahh the Barbary Pirates!! On second thought, I guess the bitch is partially correct – islamic barbarism and murdering and piracy did affect our way of thinking after all – helped form our Navy for defense and offense and some of our early laws.


    Fuck Obama in 2012!

  7. No, they were not influenced by the Quran. Our American court system is actually based on TORAH laws that the Sanhedrin (Jewish court) followed in ancient times. If the Quran has some of these laws too, then Islam STOLE them from the Jewish Torah, much like Christianity stole the Torah itself , then twisted and perverted what’s in it, and then and tacked it onto it’s pagan new testament. Neither the Quran nor the new testament have any validity whatsoever and cannot stand on their own.

    • Sarah,

      I assume you are Jewish. I am a supporter of Israel and a Christian. You need to read the Gospels of Jesus Crist and know that the miracles He performed that were witnessed by the writers of the Gospels could only come from the God of Abraham and Father of Jesus. Jesus said He was One with the Father and you have seen me, you have seen the Father. He also said no one comes to the Father except through me. Jesus quoted references to him in the Book of Isaiah and other Old Testament prophets. He was crucified and rose from the dead on the third day as he said he would. So many of today’s Christians were once Jews as was Christ and his Apostles and Saint Paul. If the Jews went from 70 people in Jacob’s clan to three million after only 400 years in Egypt, and from some larger number at the time of Christ, why are there only 14 million Jews today, 2000 years later? Most have come to the Truth of Christianity, not dead in Hitler’s gas chambers. Harden not your heart to the message of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. Christianity (Jesus Christ and His teachings) is the New Covanent of God to all who believe. Most Christians support Israel as God’s people in the Bible. Your Messiah is Jesus Christ! He is Alive!

      • Roy dude: reason why not so many Jews today is the constant massacres by Christians, Muslims, and whathaveyou. Futhermore, Jews do not proselytize and spread “good news”. It’s a birth thing.

        and go secular – better for the world – Jefferson and the Framers would want that.

      • Christians like you, though you mean well, are the very reason most JEWS will keep voting DEMOCRAT.
        After 2000 years of death at Christian hands and 2000 years of hateful to Jews ideologies (Romans, Catholics and Luther), 2000 years of resisting what you label truth and Jews label blasphemy and idol worship, 2000 years those who did convert were still suspect and died for it (Converso inqusition) a big NO THANKS – keep your JESUS- but dont try to sell it to us.
        it would be disrespect to the generations of JEWS who did not become pagan or Christ worshippers. Read the BOOK we gave you- God punished JEWS who left the fold to become like YOU.
        THe very FEW SHORT years when you Xtians seem to look kindly upon JEWS echos many times of the past when JEWS were invited and welcomed only to be turned on and killed. IN every generation of JUDAISM assimilation has invited the most persecution- read the BOOK you say you believe in and quit evangelizing JEWS- We have a complete religion and have had one 5000 years- it was given from HE who is ALL- it needs no revisions or corrections from YOU, Mr holier than thou. Jesus came and preached TORAH he lived and died as a JEW- Your faith is better termed PAULISM- JEsus himslef is on record in your book saying his apostles did not GET his message- and I agree- or you would all be JEWISH, the faith he preached.
        Yes we welcome support for Israel and in combatting ISLAMIC conquest but your goal is not different from ISLAM except in the way you will eliminate JEWS- they will kill us with swords and you will kill us with words.

        • What an ugly person you are! Your voting Democrat hurts the Jews more than anyone, so to throw that in a Christian’s face is spiting yourself the most. Your condescending thanks for the support is disgusting.; fortunately, just as we fight against the hatred of islam, we will fight against the hatred of iconoclasts like you who use religion as a sword against those with whom you disagree.

          I proudly stand with Israel, knowing that you do not represent the soul of the religion that gave us Jesus Christ and a religion most Christians revere. If you want to put us in a category with the muslims, feel free, but the repercussions will hurt you and those you love, as everyone who supports muslims over Christians (whether they be Jews or secular) will pay the price if the califphate is restored.

  8. Keith Ellison was sworn in on Jefferson’s Quran. Jefferson must be turning in his grave. We all know Jefferson was studying his enemies’ belief system. Swearing in on the Quran, which calls for slaying, fighting and subjugating unbelievers…99% of Americans, is tantamount to making an oath to subjugate America and replace the Constitution with Sharia Law…at a minimum it means nothing in terms of loyalty to the country and the Constitution.
    The ignorance and PC of our politicians is treasonous. Obama knows what he is doing…he grew up in the culture and acts like a Muslim.
    We need to get the Congressmen and Senators to get this guy out…not impeachment, but on the basis of Constitutional ineligibility and fraud. Impeachment only if by some small chance he is eligible.
    We need state laws proving eligibility and open personal public records of candidates before they can get on the Presidential or VP ballot in 2012.

  9. Moslems did supply the south with most of the slaves that were brought across the pond. They sold non-moslems to slave traders. They are as is said lower than whale sh*t!

  10. Muslims are very cunning: They have coopted the financial system and used it to corrupt government officals at every level…Please observe the “Blackrock” investment companies. I am sure they use stock manipulation and inside information to reward and corrupt the officals.

  11. Yes, Stalin re-wrote history as well. Now Obama falls in the same place in history. Such un believable BS!

    If it influenced the founding fathers, it would have been to warn us about allowing Islam to infect us.


  13. So….let me get this right. She is a muslim lawyer and pushes Sharia Law, but is for human rights? Sharia Law doesn’t allow for any friggin’ human rights!!! Especially for women! She is a brainwashed idiot who hates her own gender. God save us. SHEESH!!!!!

    • Yeah, and what do you know about Islam? Absolutely nothing! You people should do a little research before you go around judging other religions. The whole, cliche, Islam-gives-no-rights-to-women, just doesn’t cut it. They have rights, all right, Just cause they don’t go around parading their bodies and the like doesn’t make them oppressed. It means they have more RESPECT for themselves. Who is brainwashed now?

  14. Oh yeah..it influence them all right…to fight against the Barbary Coast Pirates and other Muslim Pirates that were taking our sailors and making them slaves!!!

    Yep..it influenced them ……….

    Muslims..the scourge of the Earth……being used by the devil to further his agenda.

    Look up! Jesus is coming..soon!

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  16. I think there’s a good chance America’s Founding Fathers were influenced by the koran. That’s why they passed a special amendment to make sure decent citizens had the means to gun down koran believers.

    • The Barbary Pirates were running amok and Jefferson met with the Ambassador from Tripoli who told him there were two choices, convert or continue to be attacked. When Jefferson asked why it was this way the response from ther Ambassador was, “Because our religion commands it.” (Paraphrasing) At that point Jefferson obtained a Qur’an, read it thoroughly, then without hesitation sent Marines over to kick some Islamic ass. Look it up, it is our history. This is why Jefferson had a Qur’an, but since liberals do not know their history they make it up as they go in whatever manner suits them.

    • Stephen Rohaty

      What was the name of that book you mentioned in another post about Islam being booted out of England/Europe in 20 years or so?

    • Stephen

      What was the name of tha book you mentioned in another post about Islam being violently expelled from Britain in about 20 years hence?

    • Ur rite. Muslims and Quran influenced Locke. He influenced Jefferson. And then Jefferson got sued.
      Muslims also invented ALGEBRA


  18. the only influence the koran had on Jefferrson maybe at the out house where he used it to wype his back side!!!! Obama is putting as many Muslins as possible in high government positions. Where are the republicans????????? where is main stream america can’t they read. Its time for a revolution.

  19. the only thing Jefferson used the koran for was at the out house to wipe his back side thats all its worth.Obama legacy will be to put the anti-christ in office before he leaves and he is doing a good job of it. Islam (Muslins) are and have always been the anti-christ. That is why Obama is here now!!!!

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  21. read it again I never said I voted OBAMA – just said the reason why many JEWS do – simply put they do not trust Christians and have good reason not to.
    This “support” for JEWS is a quite recent phenomenon in a long ugly history of being accused of Killing jesus and worse. Many so called Chrstians still think the same way.
    I actually advise JEWS to align with evangelicals to fight ISLAM as my many friends and supporters on youtube can attest- and my posts ion this and other forums
    you’re OWN anger is blinding you to what I said- the goal of Christians and the reason they support ISRAEL is b/c they think it is going to be for them and magically Jesus will turn JEWS to Christ. All I said was —->no thanks.
    have you no tolerance for any other views? I am telling you I Do represent most JEWS who do not appreciate your efforts to TURN US to Chrsit worship- and yes we do appreciate your support FOR jews HAVING A NATION.-
    (see Ann Coulter on perfected JEWs and see the Crusades for example, taking the HOLY LAND for Christ– killing JEws along the way)
    And yes so many churches do support Israel now– dont pretend it is not in your OWN interests. It is not for JEWs that you do it.
    Yes we had to ally with Stalin to defeat Hitler, and the entire non Muslim world will have to unite to defeat ISLAM- but you do it for yourself- and whenthatis over you will still be peddling Jesus to JEWS and JEWS will still be saying NO
    I am sorry you find reality UGLY-insulting my looks – how very immatrure and un Christain of you- I am sure you Dad would be proud

  22. In my view, Arab Islam is “for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab”.Otherwise, (ie beyond it),it is sheer Imperialism.Its frame or canvas is Arabia.It is Arab Islam and we have to take it so.
    The question is: what is Real Islam?
    Non-Arab Asia’s Non-Arab Islam is the Real Islam.You will wonder as to which this Islam is?
    This is India(ie non-Arab Asia)’s Hindu Islam which is Vedic, not Koranic, and in Sanskrit(the most ancient classical language of Asia).Islam of the Vedas(Holy Books of the East) is the Real Islam.This Islam is fully democratic,liberal.extremely tolerant,non-supremacist, non-Jihadi,non-hating,non-violent,and most of all, not anti-West at all.This Islam (the Hindu Islam) has no civilizational clash with the West or its basic values.It coexists in perfect peace and harmony with the West.
    AfPak area( today’s war zone) is the birthplace of this ancient stream of non-Arab Islam which due to medieval anti-Indian Arab/Muslim Imperialism, disappeared and people became Arabised as a result of massive invasions and brutalities.But beneath the surface, flows the current of old religious stream; one has only to discover and re-explore it.Whole AfPak region is Old Hindustan.
    Hindu Islam ie the ETERNAL STREAM of Islam.Non-Arabic Islam.Non-Arab Asia’s Non-Arab Islam.
    Hindu India is the SOUL of Non-Arab Asia.From Iran to Indonesia and Mongolia to Australia including all “stans” of Central Asia and the Buddhist lands of the Far-East(China/Japan/Korea), this whole world is the Hindu(ie Non-Arab) World of Non-Arab Asia.The problem posed by Terrorism needs to be dealt through Real Islam which is Hindu Islam. That is the KEY to solve this problem. Thanks.
    -S R Wakankar

  23. Right!!! The founding fathers were influenced by islam. so make USA into islamic country. Once the hyperpower becomes islamic country, then use the american military power to conquer the whole world and make it islamic. SIMPLE.

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  26. Nothing like appeasing the enemy! When are the so called smart people that run this country going to wake up to the lies of Islam?

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  33. The majority of you are cursing people who believe in a religon similar to christianity and judaism. every religion has its good followers bad followers. extermists misinterperet the real message of islam and kill in the name of islam. that does not make the rest of the muslims terrorists and does not make islam a terrortist religion. in the original torah jessus says that a messenger will come after him name Mohamed.
    islam is just the completion on christianity, and judaism. muslims were ordered by the God to respect chritians and jews. islam is not the religion of the sword as what the media has displayed and what people claim it to be. in fact if any of you search for the word sword in the quran you will find NONE unlike in the bible, sword is mentioned over 200 TIMES. if a terrorist who claims to be christian or jewish and commits mass murder in the name of christiantiry or judiasm no one will point at the rest of the jews or the rest of the chritians and call them all terrorist. it has been proved that Thomas Jefferson has really used the quran and other references to make the declaration of independence. that does not make America an islamic country and will not make Americans terrorists. i say for all of you to be more open about these muslims you accuse. if it wasnt for islam the whole world would be inadvanced in everything from mathematics to medical sciences.

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