Muslim doctor released after killing worker with minivan, dragging 2.5 miles

From Atlas Shrugs via Doctor charged with hitting a lawn worker released on bond – KSN TV, Kansas News and Weather.

WICHITA, Kansas – A fatal hit-and-run crash took a bizarre turn Friday morning when the driver left the scene of the crash with the victim’s body still on top of the vehicle.

The accident happened around 7:15 near Central and Greenwich Rd. Police say the driver of a minivan, 67-year-old Mohammad Sarrafizadeh, kept going for more than two miles until he got to his driveway in the 1500 block of N. Krug in the Rocky Creek neighborhood.

The worker, a 32-year-old man, was doing work on the lawn of Hawker Beechcraft when he was hit. Police say he was wearing a brightly colored, reflective safety vest.

A witness of the crash followed the driver of the minivan to his home some 2.5 miles away from the crash scene.

Sedgwick County dispatchers received several calls from people reporting a car rolling down the road with a body on top of it.

Sarrafizadeh, a radiologist at the V.A. Hospital, was arrested and booked into the county jail last night. He is charged with failure to stop at an injury accident.

Neighbors in the area are stunned that someone could not notice they had hit someone and then drive with their body on the car.

“I think any two year old would know,” said Marsha Murray, a neighbor. “I mean we’ve had two year old’s call 911. So, you know, you would certainly stop and render help and try to get help.”

Many more examples of vehicular jihad at Atlas’ site.

18 thoughts on “Muslim doctor released after killing worker with minivan, dragging 2.5 miles

  1. And he was released? Yeah, what do infidels know about Islam.
    He is a radiologist at the V.A. Hospital -how many veterans he killed there by using higher dose of radiation, who will check?

  2. Never EVER let a muzzie doc work on you. You already know they want you dead. Are you trying to help them out?

  3. I think I saw this on a episode of CSI or in a movie awhile back. I feel sorry for person mowing the grass and his family. I hope the Police investigate this and charge Mohammad Sarrafizadeh with more than failure to stop at an injury accident as stated. Can anyone say vehicular manslaughter because that’s what it sounds like to me. You can’t claim stupid for everything. Even a 2 year old would know you hit a person in a minivan. There is more to this than they are telling us.
    How about some justice for a change.

  4. A murderer “working” as a doctor. I wouldn’t trust that scumbag at all. He belongs in a concentration camp.

  5. Whoa !!!! wait a minute
    I like this site and read it all the time, but I prefer justice not vigilantism. Some of these comments are over the top in this case. This story does not give enough details for us to draw a definitive conclusion as to what would possess this person not to stop at the scene and to behave the way they did.
    Don’t ruin the credibility of this site with idiotic statements like “don’t let a muzzle doc work on you.” and others …….
    If we’re going to stoop to the level of imbeciles, then I’ll have to pass.

    • I guess you had better PASS as these people care less about AMERICA and our way of life. Remember the newspaper reporter who was invited to do a story on ISLAM and the MUSLIM SUBJECT CUT HIS HEAD OFF!!! These people LIVE AND DIE BY THE KORAN. THey are PREACHING HATE IN THERE MOSQUE;S and MADRESSA’S here in the United States. Wake up LADY, as you could be next on there list to be RAPED and what ever else these thugs could think of.

    • There’s a reason – and plenty of background evidence – that this is highly likely a case of “going jihad!” The guy – a doctor, yet! – either just snapped or this was pre-meditated in the sense that he was planning to off a kafir at some point in time – and that poor worker, working so close to the road, was just too tempting a target. After all, doctors are NOT immune from their weirdly perceived duty to perform jihad – witness those two Paki doctors in London who set bomb charges outside a nightclub a few years ago! IMO, the whole lot of them are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!! Given their propensity to “go Jihad” at any time and under any circumstance, forewarned is forearmed. They need to prove to all of us that they DON’T have evil intentions; otherwise, it’s a safe assumption that they actually do…

    • Well Sue, pardon me if I DON”T trust muslims!! I don’t think its idiotic to avoid muslim doctors, and I won’t eat food prepared by muslims either ..I guess that news item from Britain about the Ice Cream vendor( muslim) who dried his faeces, then mixed it through his ice creams he sold to little kids, sort of puts me off and another one who urinated in drinks for the kuffar( Britain also) … thats only the ones we KNOW of, oh, and don’t forget the court case( Britain again) of the owners of a kebab shop accused of killing a 14 year old girl they plied with drugs, used for a sex ring etc, also accused of mincing up her body and selling it in the kebab shop to customers…her body has never been found!! I think you are very naive if you don’t mind me saying..

  6. The police captain was muslim. Under sharia, its not a crime. Of course the killer was released.

    This needs the Feds to get involved.

    More details on Alasshrugs

  7. Poor Sue Reid… she probably thinks that we are not being invaded by jihadis… even jihadis with medical licenses. Has she never heard of medical jihad? Misdiagnosing ON PURPOSE? Over prescribing narcotics? Mixing drug prescriptions that they KNOW will kill a person? And on top of that – if you pay a Muslim doctor, they turn around, pay zakat which is divided up into 8 areas, one of which is JIHAD!!!

    So Sue, you keep your head in the sand and continue to see your Muslim Doctor as he slowly poisons you or you family and we’ll say nice things about you when they have killed you or your children… How trusting you were, etc…

    Just like that piece of crap Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood – just another example of a jihadi doctor… and Dave, I will bet you are right that he has killed lotsa veterans. (another reason I stay the hell away from the VA hospital!!)

    • I know there’s probably no point in trying to talk sense to you but I’ll make this one only effort and then move on.
      We know full well what the problems is and what the dangers are. It will come as a surprise to you I am sure, but most of us are very well educated in the realities of Islam’s push for world dominance.
      I have plenty of sources which keep me up to date on the formation of the Islamic Caliphate in the middle east, and its intended destruction of Israel, and of their incessant imposing of their will onto western societies all over the world. In the increasingly secular societies of North America, where we are throwing God out at every turn, it’s not surprising that Islam is taking advantage of the vacuum created and making headway here in North America. So Kelly Kafir just whose fault is it ?
      Perhaps instead of wasting our time with your vitriolic rants, you might do well to start standing up for our countries, our traditions our cultures and our God.

      • And perhaps you should be aware that the MSM doesn’t need any help being an abettor, appeaser or apologist for islam. They’re already doing a fine job and the result is that intelligent people are fed up with it and fighting back. That’s part of what you are seeing on this blog. So pass if you must.

  8. Going to jail ? If he is on bail his next stop will be Mohammed’s fart oasis. We’re still waiting for that rabid turd hassan of Ft Hood to be tried. Eric Holder his ass hole buddy will personally hold his hand when he comes to trial. we will be forced to maintain hid crippled murdering ass till he dies.

  9. Prosecutors are afraid to press these type of cases, especially if the guarantee of a conviction is unsure. It’s especially so for cases involving muslims, who have the side of terror front-groups like CAIR on their side.

    In exceptional cases, the threats to their homes and families have been made. The DAs are simply afraid to mess with these Islamists, who are far worse a personal threat than the Mafia.

    (Oh, and Sue? STFU)

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