Michigan Islamic Group Cleared To Take Over Elementary School

via Islamic Group Cleared To Take Over Empty Farmington School – Community News Story – WDIV Detroit.

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — The Farmington School Board unanimously approved the sale of the former Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association on Wednesday despite anti-Muslim protests.

At the school board meeting, around 200 people attempted to block the deal expressing concerns that property values would decrease if Muslims congregated in the area.

The school, which was originally slated for demolition, is expected to become an Islamic cultural and activity center.

Judging by the photograph included with this story, residents have every right to be extremely concerned. The terrorist-linked Muslim group CAIR is involved in some way with the school, and that does not bode well for the area. Check back in five to ten years.

30 thoughts on “Michigan Islamic Group Cleared To Take Over Elementary School

  1. Holy Crap Folks! See what’s happening?

    Like cockroaches, they plant their eggs, growing in numbers, buying up property, BUILDING their empire………it’s happening now during the light of day, out in the open, and there isn’t DAMN thing we can do……their plan (an OBAMA’s) is obviously working, subversively, quietly, lethally…..they quietly inject their poison and, like the Camel Spider or Brown Recluse, it slowly kills us.

    Our Muslim Loving POTUS and cronies are killing America by Lethal Injection as we’re strapped down to the table, helpless, just watching it happen …(our Congress & Senate) while our leadership hasn’t the BALLs to stand up, call a spade a spade, and defend America. NOT A DAMN ONE OF THEM!!!!! Good By America, hello Blood Bath in the streets of the once United States…soon to be ISLAMerica.

    This makes me sick to my stomach as father of 5, an American and a Retired Veteran. God Help us ALL.


    • I agree with you. The only way to stop them is for us to be heavily armed and just start taken em’ out. They are very close to the numbers they need in this country to be able to take it over. It will come down to a simple choice either kill or be killed and it is the muslims that will force us to take that drastic measure. Stock up on supplies and LOCK N LOAD…..

    • It makes me sick, too! We have to elect someone in 2012 who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and then ACT to rid our nation of this malignant infestation! Complacency is becoming a thing of the past, thank our triune God! Real Americans are waking up. It’s time to start stockpiling….food, gasoline, clothing, ammo. I hate to sound like a nutcase, but I truly believe something very, very bad is coming and we MUST be prepared! God Bless all Patriots!

  2. How much longer is America going to put up with these demonic savages within our society. Time to send all of these bastards home and I mean everyone of them.

  3. America’s freedom and liberty are the Achilles’ heel that will allow the infiltration and subversion of our government by people who hold un-American values.

  4. Eisenhower once described the American WWII effort as ‘the fury of an aroused democracy’. This WILL happen to the muslimites, sure as the sun rises.

  5. Stand up against radical Islam! Join us tomorrow in Dearborn at the Saving America rally in front of the Dearborn City Hall. There is not enough time to wait for legislation and social media to rally support for this stand. The time is now to get up and get out on the streets!! Dearborn already has “Free Speech Zones”!! The last time I checked, I live in America under the U.S. Constitution which guarantees the freedom of speech ANYWHERE. STAND UP AMERICA!!!

  6. We now have only 49 states as MICHIGAN HAS CECEDED TO ISLAM and all there PIG EATING MUSLIM LOVERS. What a shame that the MICHIGAN GOVT. has caved in to these ISLAMIC CRUD. Lets build a FENCE AROUND DETROIT and STARVE THESE THUGS of the 7th CENTURY OUT. That ought to work.

  7. I’m from Michigan and in Dearbornistan, you can literally be arrested, and WILL be arrested for being a Christian and trying to share your faith on city streets. It is not allowed there. This is not a joke. People have literally been arrested in Dearborn for trying to share their Christian faith.

  8. US is doomed to fall pray to the islamic aggrandisement and they know it well that in the name of democracy and freedom these goons will be left untouched. Democracy is a great institution so long as the people respect it. Group of like Islamic jihasists are given a free access to run amuck destroying our values in in the name of freedom and right to speech, they will continue to spread shariah. West still has chance to wake up and challenge, without having to go violent, but with civilizational decency through enforcement of laws existing or introducing appropriate rules just as some of the European countries did, finally waking up to the situations.

  9. Clearly tell these people down there not one will be left standing on the school board after the next election. Also tell them you will be assisting CAIR to find a building right near their house. An Islamic school would be second choice to a Mosque by their houses.

    They are NIMBY types. Threaten them with a Mosque right near their house, or right near where their children go to school.

    They don’t give a crap about any of you, they are politically corrects. More money for the kids, but it all goes to your school superintendent. Read his contract if you really want to steam over something. Their defense will be they didn’t know..

  10. Islam should be banned as a fascist cult with a political agenda of a CALIPHATE!! then it would be unable to purchase any buildings,this is very wrong!!

    • I agree. Once again, money is the great motivatior. Throw some money into their hands and they look the other way and couldn’t care less if down the road terrorist activities are born out of that building.

  11. Creeping,

    Since I’m assuming that this school will now be run as a private school, there maybe little that can be done now to stop it from opening. However, I hope some brave person is able to infiltrate it and sneak out of a video of what’s going on there. Maybe that will wake up as to the danger that we face. Since CAIR is behind this, I really don’t think this is going to be a very “progressive” Muslim parochial school, lets put it that way.

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