Media blackout on Pentagon terror suspect?

Only one news outlet reported the suspect was Muslim. Why? via Losing His Religion –

There was a terror scare at the Pentagon this morning. As CBS News reports, it started when the U.S. Park Police “came upon” 22-year-old Yonathan Melaku wandering around Arlington National Cemetery, which was closed. “The Park Police then launched a search for a vehicle, which was found near the Pentagon.”

A search of the car turned up “no suspicious items,” but Melaku told the cops “that he was carrying explosive materials.” They checked his backpack and “found what appeared to be an unknown quantity of ammonium nitrate,” a chemical “that is widely used in fertilizers and can be used in explosives with the correct concentration.”

We learn from the CBS story that Melaku is a lance corporal in the Marine Reserves. The Associated Press adds that he is a naturalized American citizen, originally from Ethiopia. CBS also reports that “Melaku was carrying a notebook that contained the phrases ‘al Qaeda,’ ‘Taliban rules’ and ‘Mujahid defeated croatian forces’ when he was detained,” but “that the suspect is not thought to have been involved in a terrorist act or plot.”

All of which raises an obvious question–but one that goes unanswered in the reports from CBS and AP, as well as others from ABC News and the Washington Post. We could only find one news organization that had the answer: Fox News Channel, which reports that Maliku is Muslim.

Now, it’s possible that Fox simply got a scoop here, but our guess is that this fact was omitted from the other reports because of the politically correct taboo against making a connection between Islam and terrorism. It’s analogous to the case we cited Monday in which the Chicago Tribune refused to mention the race of the members of “groups of youths” who had been attacking people in a downtown neighborhood, but it’s worse. Whereas race is not necessarily relevant to the motive of the Chicago attacks, religion almost always is when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism or a related crime.

From Fox:

Melaku, a Marine Corps reservist lance corporal who is Muslim, remains in the custody of the United States Park Police. No charges have currently been filed against Melaku, who is believed to have acted alone.

Sources close to the investigation told Fox News that a notebook believed to belong to the man was also found containing threatening phrases like “Al Qaeda,” “Taliban rule” and “defeated coalition forces.”

Also read ABC on Terror Suspect, Everything But a Muslim: ‘Marine Lance Corporal,” a ‘Marine Reservist,’ an ‘Ethiopian’ and a ‘Lone Wolf’

Update: Finally someone wrote briefly about it: Arrest of military man in Pentagon bomb scare: Spotlight turns on serving Muslims

Even as police are investigating if a 22-year-old military man arrested near the Pentagon in suspicious circumstances belonged to any jihadi network or was acting alone, the focus has turned to the old debate of Muslim personnel’s role in the US military.

Yonathan Melaku, a Lance Corporal Marine Corps reservist, was arrested in the wee hours of Friday at Arlington Cemetery near the Pentagon. It was reported that a bag recovered from his car contained ammonium nitrate, ammunition and al Qaeda literature. Later tests established that the material found on him were not explosive.

However, police are investigating if Melaku has any connection with the jihadists who posted a list of top Us targets to be attacked as the 9/11 anniversary is approaching.


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16 thoughts on “Media blackout on Pentagon terror suspect?

  1. Either this is an ungrateful “naturalized” POS Ethiopian trying to get out of the Military OR, they will definitely dig DEEP in his s**t (figuratively speaking, lol) and find legitimate ties to other dirt-bag dumb-a**es.

    At first glance, i.e., some BS fertilizer and some random key-trigger notes w/ BS written on it, seems like a feeble attempt to get himself kicked out of the mil’, IMHO (looking at from a retired mil’ standpoint) and the fact that he’s a “Reservist” and young/low ranking……wait, another question might also be..WHAT is his MOS? (Job/training)? Huuuummmmmmm?????

    Maybe he got some serious bad-juju training (explosives, etc??) and wants a quick way out to put that training to good/bad use either IN this Country, or maybe another?

    Either way…he’s a DUMBA** in my book, AND looks like a friggin’ retard, so lock his a** up….JMHO


  2. How do these people get into this country? Are we as a nation INSANE???
    Court marshal him as quickly and quietly as possible then execute him!

  3. Well, I find it interesting that this muslim is wandering around Arlington National Cemetery (which was locked) ..what was his purpose there?? Let me offer my considered opinion…As the Quran clearly states muslims must break all the crosses in Christendom, and muslims undeniably HATE the sign of the cross..Their Dijal ( our ant-christ) has promised to destroy all crosses when he comes..I think this guy was planning to desecrate the infidel Cemetery by blowing up gravesites and therefore smashing many crosses… we have to think like a twisted muslim!!
    look at osama, he spent all his time scheming, his notebook was full of novel new ways to attack infidel sites and to cause the most damage emotionally to damage our moral..
    BUT I bet when they find out this muslims motives it won’t be told to us by the muslim loving Obama media hacks..
    Thats the ONLY sensible explanation for WHY he was there WITH EXPLOSIVES..

  4. Again , the powers that be are shielding those poor wittle muzlums the anointed one (SOS) loves so much. When are you going to wise up and make sure O”Dumbo (SOS) is not elected to office again? The country, freedom, our way of life and our culture is in grave jeopardy.

  5. Just another mentally disturbed person that finds islam irresistible– poor sod

    yet he is a lance corporal in the Marine Reserves– when will they learn the risks of letting islam be involved in anything western

  6. I think Anne of Australia has pretty much nailed it – blowing up Christian crosses would be doing the work of Allah AND would let off much built-up head of steam!! This guy is a punk/retard/and maybe even mentally defective jihadist, but he was “up to no good,” if you ask me!! And the sooner we attach – with glue! – the word “muslim,” the better!! Americans need to see that word more and more in connection to their TRUE purpose of invading this country (albeit through an incredibly stupid open-door policy)!! And if the LSM – totally in bed (imbedded!!) with the CAIR-supported muzzie pondscum that is WAY TOO prevalent in this country – refuses to add that to their false news reports, then WE must develop an alternative “follow-up” source that adds that vital connection – which will, of course, make the story complete!

  7. The most obvious thing that should be done is to have no muslims in the armed forces. After Fort Hood and another armed forces base incident, practising muslims cannot serve two masters. If they are believers in sharia, insist on prayer privileges, and believe in the qur’an. they should not be permitted into any kind of government employ. Just frigging common sense.

  8. in United Kingdom we are not allowed to say this word either M-s-i –
    They are a protected society. When the birth rate rises in their favor all will be lost

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