Sharia Law taught at about 100 law schools in US accredited by American Bar Assoc

Just stumbled on this after posting, “Sharia’s creeping at the DC Bar,” just yesterday. It’s leaping. via Law professor representative of distinguished KU faculty /

KU has an impressive roster of distinguished professors, but the reason for pointing out Bhala is that his latest book has just been released and is sure to be a national and international bestseller at university law schools, as well as governmental centers, international bodies and military schools and training centers.

The book is titled “Understanding Islamic Law (Shari’a).” It is a 1,500-page, 50-chapter book that covers the history and religion of Islam as well as Shari’a. The book examines all of the specialty legal fields of Shari’a: banking, business associations, contracts, criminal, family law, inheritance, international law and property.

The book is the first comprehensive text written on this topic by a non-Muslim American law professor and, although it is a huge collection of information, it is written and presented in a way that is interesting, informative and easy reading for those outside the legal field.

Bhala says, “The book systematically compares and contrasts Islam and Islamic law not only with U.S. law, but also Catholic Christianity.” He adds that he hopes his book serves to expose a vast degree of common ground, highlight genuine distinctions, delineate authentic from inauthentic Islamic precepts and “thereby increase understanding.”

It’s doubtful the book could have been made available at a more important time. Islamic law is a hot and important topic.

Bhala says, “I enjoy teaching courses in two specialty fields: international trade law and Islamic law. My students, who come from around the world and represent many faith traditions, encouraged me to write a textbook on Islamic Law. This course is taught at about half of the 200 law schools in the United States accredited by the American Bar Association and many foreign law schools.” The book represents three years of research.

From earlier in the piece:

One such faculty member is KU professor of law Raj Bhala. The Rice Distinguished Professor teaches courses in Islamic law, international trade law and advanced international trade law.

The unassuming Bhala joined the KU faculty in 2003, coming from George Washington University. He is a graduate of Duke University and received master’s degrees from both the London School of Economics and Oxford University. He obtained his law degree with honors from Harvard University and then worked with the Federal Reserve in New York, where he twice was awarded the President’s Award for Excellence.

6 thoughts on “Sharia Law taught at about 100 law schools in US accredited by American Bar Assoc

  1. What The _____? Are all of these up and coming lawyers planning on practicing in saudi or kuwait or bahrain? Had no idea that so many islamic lawyers would be necessary. Justice is swift and often final in those countries. No need for appeals and higher courts. “The defendant is guilty. Off with his head.” What’s to appeal at that point?

  2. answer the fool an his folly for fear to think himself wise…..dont answer the fool an his folly for fear you might become just like him!

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  4. As an attorney I would like to add another twist to the criticism of law schools teaching sharia courses. Law schools have become almost worthless when it comes to preparing law students to practice law. After graduating from a top-tier law school, I had no idea how to draft a contract, motions practice, almost no training in the law of evidence, etc. Friends and family constantly ask me to help them with legal matters and I usually have to tell them, “Unless I’ve practiced an area of law, I just can’t help you, because I didn’t really learn anything in law school”. Sure, there were lots of “Race and the Law” and “Gender and the Law” -type courses, but the fundamentals were extremely lacking. Further, at my university, the law school had the highest tuition.

    And now, as the legal profession implodes with outsources, high-unemployment and the like, how are our law schools responding? With adding Sharia to the course options. No, not more contract drafting (wasn’t even available at my law school) or civil procedure courses, but more far-left issues courses that are utterly worthless for preparing for a bar exam or actual legal practice.

    I would further like to add that U.S. military recruiters weren’t allowed to recruit for JAG at my school, but sharia law was taught as a course.

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