US Army’s self-defeating Muslim policy

A different angle on the news that the Army granted a Muslim conscientious objector status – as he objected to fighting against Muslims. via Pajamas Media » Shock: Dept. of Defense Vindicates Fort Hood Killer. h/t kayaban

…By bowing to the dictates of Islamic law, which defines the killing of a Muslim by another Muslim without right as terrorism, the U.S. Army has tacitly endorsed a religiously bigoted position that it is perfectly fine for Muslim service members to kill non-Muslims, but killing their co-religionists is totally out-of-bounds and is grounds for an honorable discharge. Is any other religion granted such accommodation? Will this decision help or discredit those Muslims serving honorably with both their fellow soldiers and the Muslim community?

Despite years of protestation by the U.S. government to the contrary, this decision vindicates all of these who have claimed that America is engaged in a war against Islam (including Osama bin Laden). The position that the Army now takes would also appear to acknowledge the classic Islamic doctrine of jihad that states that any incursion by non-Muslims into the lands of Dar al-Islam makes it an incumbent duty upon all Muslims everywhere to resist the “occupiers” — the position taken by al-Qaeda and every Islamic terrorist group on the planet.

How did the Unites States Army arrive at such a convoluted, ill-informed, contradictory, and self-defeating policy? By listening to the very Islamic “outreach” partners they have falsely assumed are operating in America’s best interests.

Those “outreach partners” would be CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, and others including so-called moderate Muslims like Zudhi Jasser – referenced in PJM story.


14 thoughts on “US Army’s self-defeating Muslim policy

  1. yup he is putting Muslins in high government positions, and sending billions to muslin nations including jobs,Then he is bringing his brothers here and putting them on welfair.and pissing the american public off

    • Sorry Harold, Queers have been in the military for a VERY long time… and we always knew who they were… wasn’t a big secret…

    • Those so-called “queers” have fought to protect your freedoms & some have given their lives so have some respect.

  2. The SECRETARY OF THE ARMY is a total JERK and an uneducated MUSLIM LOVER. He has no right introducing SHARIA LAWS INTO THE MILITARY. This decision just might set free the MUSLIM KILLER OF FT. HOOD as he claims CONTENTIOUS OBJECTOR STATIS ALSO. The DEPT. OF DEFENSE needs a BIG OVERHAUL WITH TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT LEADERS in charge, not these MILKSOPS there now. THIS OBUUMMMA and CZAR REGIME IS TOTALY DESTROYING OUR SOVERN REPUBLIC and need to be stopped any way possible now. LOCK AND LOAD.

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  4. I wouldn’t mind if they gave every last Muslim CO status and an RE4 code so they could never get back in… Kick them all out! At least the homos aren’t trying to kill us…

  5. As a former enlisted soldier, we operated under a code which permitted a lot of things civilians might deem questionable, as long as they DID THEIR JOB. If not-PAYBACK IS A ———!

  6. Any rational thinking person knows that Muslims are out to infiltrate and over whelm the USA. We should stop all aid to the Muslim countries and eliminate all Muslims from the military. They are far more dangerous than the commies ever were.

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