Peaceful Muslims threw rocks, bottles at Dearborn Arab fest

A little snippet from a completely one-sided report on last weeks Islamofest in Dearborn, Michigan. via Dearborn Learns from Protests at Arab International Festival – Dearborn, MI Patch.

Several more arrests occurred within the Arab International Festival on both Friday and Sunday, as several anti-Muslim Christian groups vocally attacked Islam in and around the free speech zone guarded by Dearborn police and Wayne County sheriffs. The demonstrations drew the ire of hundreds–if not thousands–of festivalgoers, some of whom threw rocks, bottles and insults at the evangelist groups.

Dearborn youth not thrilled with concept of free speech

Despite the sometimes violent responses–a Sunday scuffle led to the arrest of one of the self-proclaimed “Bible Believers,” as well as the man who attacked him–Dearborn officials were generally pleased with the weekend.

Violence led to arrests

Some conclusions based on what the limited information the dhimmi media has actually reported:

  • Dearborn Muslims and Arabs are so volatile and prone to violence that even the bizarre “free speech zones” have to be protected by police
  • Some Muslims and Arabs threw rocks, bottles, and insults at those in the police-protection required free speech zones
  • Despite police presence, Muslims and Arabs (and leftist tools) still responded violently with multiple arrests for physically attacking a non-Muslims
  • Dearborn officials were pleased with the Muslim – Arab response to free speech

Dearbornistan, USA.

30 thoughts on “Peaceful Muslims threw rocks, bottles at Dearborn Arab fest

  1. This is slowly becoming a national nightmare – and we have only ourselves to blame by allowing so many arabs & muzzies to immigrate to our country in such overwhelming numbers! Granted, this was part of the price we’re paying for the Iraq War, but it sickens me to see that they just brought the rotten parts of their culture to the USA (as well as any perceived “positive” aspects). These are NOT like the industrious refugess from SE Asia that have come to our shores since the 1970s and whose assimiliated success rate has been nothing short of phenomenal. This is an entirely new breed of cat – and, seen from the current results, not a very healthy breed either!

  2. Joy I hope you’re not a Obamanut…so you won’t get offended when I say Obama is bringing them here and he and his pals have been doing it for the last 10 years or more

    • Bush is actually the one who started the program of bringing 80,000 Muslim immigrants into the country every year. Obama is just continuing the tradition – besides adding to it too.

      • yeah you’re right, but like everything else Obama expanded on a Bush policy…Bush brought over 70,000…they have the same ‘pals’

  3. Joy, they Arabs have been here for years, I grew up with many Syrians here in Toledo. We had no problems, until radical Muslims came into being. There children are filled with hate, from day one. They aim to control the world, and the left, with their willing dupes in the media making that happen,

  4. The fact that they have to make a Free Speech Zone anywhere in United States of America shows you there is a problem.
    The people who are practicing Islam and pushing Sharia Law just prove on a daily basis why their 7th Century way of life is incompatible with any modern free society. Joy’s comments were right on the mark about the differences with past immigrants and the current people who are coming to the United States and have no desire what so ever to assimilate with the culture we already have. The Muslims and Illegal Immigrants from Mexico are the two biggest groups.
    They can say their so called religion is “The Religion of Peace” however their actions show their true spirit with every bottle and rock they throw.
    Islam is not a religion but a 7th Century way of life that covers every aspect of a Muslim’s life. Muslims are not a race either as it says right in the Quran that anybody can be a Muslim. It also says that those do not convert have the right to be killed in the name of Allah. Learn about these people before you are in their cross-hairs.
    Free Speech and the Truth are the enemies of Islam.

  5. They should of tossed some Mustard Gas into the group of terrorists, opps I ment muslims. One thing about it, they would of definitely dispersed. muslims are not compatable with the United States and they should be removed by any means necessary, peacefully or by force. Our dumbass left wing dumbocrats just do not realise that once the muslims make the USA a islamist country the muslims will not need them any more and they will be executed just like all of the rest of the non-muslims. America better wake up or all will be lost.

  6. Fence in the MUSLIM SECTION OF DEARBORN and let the TRASH STARVE TO DEATH. Any MUSLIM THUG caught out of the FENCE then KICK THE CRAP OUT OF THEM. EYE FOR AN EYE. There MOTO not ours!!! LOCK and LOAD.

  7. Auggie, you may be correct but I don’t see the peaceful Muslim people standing up to the radical ones. The radical Muslims pushing Sharia Law are the ones causing all of these troubles. It is supposed to be a smaller percentage than the peaceful ones so why aren’t they doing anything about the small group that is making them look bad.
    If peaceful Muslims don’t start standing up to the radical ones, then they will be killed just like the rest of the infidels when they refuse to comply with Sharia Law when their numbers get large enough.
    Peaceful Muslims already know what the Radical Muslims goal is so it should be in their interest to do something to stop it. Their inaction speaks volumes. If nothing is done to stop the spread of Radical Islam, then it is back to the 7th Century way life. Game over.

    • If they believe mohammed was a prophet of god– it is too late for them..
      mohammed in all his glory made bin laden and those barbarians worldwide look like amateurs

    • The fear of a Cruel and Vengeful God and the eternal punishment of a burning Hell instilled in the mind since childhood are very strong inducements for you not to contradict the tenets of your Religion. This is more so if you are a true believer.

      Just look at what is happening TODAY in Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya , etc. In the absence of an outside enemy they turn and feed on each other. All in the name of a God that is supposed to be Merciful. They are showing by their own actions that LOVE and PEACE as we have come to know them; have no place in that kind of mentality.

      Just watch the following absolutely disgusting videos as a kind of “Shock Therapy” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. This is not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned

      These videos won’t last too long online. Download them and share with your friends. People really need to wake up.

  8. Dearborn and Minneapolis should be turned into Gulags where we can send Leftists and Judenrats when they misbehave.

    I am thinking about those on the flotilla…the Leftists and Judenrats aboard those ships could be arrested and forced to live with Muslims in these areas…see how long they’d survive as Infidels.

    Of course, they would probably convert to Islam being the cowards that they are.

    The Israelis should send the flotilla bastards to Gaza and force them to live there. Or make them live in Sderot for a few months and put up with the daily mortars and rockets coming at them.

  9. muslims are scum, always. they will behave like scum, always. never negotiate with them. never talk to them. unless we change our mind set about these creatures they will always claim they are victims whilst demanding more sharia compliant policies. joy makes a good point that these are not the same people as those who came before. yes to a point. but only because their numbers were small. now jihad can start and it won’t stop until they win or lose. democratic countries don’t need muslims , check your history of what has happened when muslim numbers grow. i am slightly sorry for the few muslims who believe in the seperation of state and religion but you are so weak and small you won’t change anything. even turkey has gone back to islam. perhaps this is drastic but i only see one clear solution which benefits both sides. deport all muslims. the result will be immediate. less jihad in democratic countries, banks still accepting of it but what can one expect of bankers. secondly, muslims won’t need to struggle to find a mosque and their new home will be sharia compliant. the religion of peace. let me repeat this because it never fails to amuse me, the religion of peace.

    • If only islam had stayed with the mutazilites who believed mohammed made the koran up himself
      but even then the clerics rebelled and that was the end of islams enlightenment

  10. Setting up free speech zones in the Land of the Free? That’s what it’s come to. What an oxymoron?

    The USA is a country of immigrants and although differing cultures may have previously graced the cities and towns, thus offering diversity and interest, they never sought to change the fact that this was America or demanded dominance over the others.

    Not so the Muslims. Intolerance is the byword and anyone caring to follow their migratory progress whether in Europe or the US will observe similar patterns whereby an indigenous local culture is swamped.

    Enabled by manipulation of religious rights and of all things, free speech they blackguard and harry, whine and threaten and use any means possible to get their way.

    What is going on in Dearborn is far from unique, it’s a pattern replicating like a vile virus around the world as they leave their hell holes of oppression, only to arrive in the West and create the same.

    That our officials and politicians are colluding in this onslaught on our values is the crime of the century. They are quite literally giving us away, lock stock and barrel to a Third World barbaric creed which has absolutely no intention of fitting in or even obeying the Founders Constitution.

    That some massive civil conflict is heading our way seems to elude our dhimmis who rely on the good nature of settled communities to merely roll over and accept this abomination.

    Meanwhile these Arab and Pakistani incomers enjoy a dominance which is now severely affecting the areas they settle.

    Child grooming and molestation, honour killing, violent crime and sedition follows wherever they arrive as no go ghettos spring into being and subversive shariah gains sway.

    The good news? At least we’re now talking about it. The bad? Given the craven official capitulation and abuse of hate law in any place from Dearborn, to Paris, Malmo to Bradford (it’s all of a piece) pretty soon if we merely roll over, that freedom will be illegal.

    Geert Wilders has shown the way. Fight back and never give in. He’s the Churchill of our time and given time, history will prove his absolute correctness.

  11. There is an old saying, HIT THE HITMEN. Non violence, love and compassion are empty words carrying no conviction. The evil understands only “hit to kill”. For peaceful societies this looks like evil, but if you like peace teach them through their own language of violence, what Proph. Mohammed did 1400 years ago, killing the entire population of Makkah or Madinah compellng them to accept Allah. Story is repeated everywhere as soon as a Mulsim steps into any country. We know it is happening in Canada, US, Europe and in many countries. This will follow in South America, Australia and you name it.
    So it is up to the people elect appropriate representatives in their legislature and legally stop these devils from the hell.

    • “it is up to the people elect appropriate representatives in their legislature and legally stop these devils from hell.”

      Wise words indeed, surendra ullal!

      I am not sure if you’re aware of it or not but Canada elected a majority Conservative government under Stephen Harper.
      Many Canadians are recognizing, perhaps too late, that CAIR-Canada and the Canadian Islamic Council is beginning to force their sharia demands on an unsuspecting, naive, populace and they are getting fed up with it.

      Parts of Toronto and Mississauga are in danger of becoming no-go zones.
      Hopefully a strong conservative government will put an end to all of this foolishness with much tougher criminal punishments and more law enforcement investigation into terrorism in Canada.

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  13. I had breakfast in a good hotel in barcelona many years ago. Across from me where a group of women and children, muslims. On leaving the table the mothers took every bit of food they could. What was interesting was they took it without caring that they shouldn’t be taking it and it was done so naturally. they new they wouldn’t be challenged. They had another group of hoodlum kids sitting else where. Muslims once they think they are untouchable become impossible deal with. to live with. They will kill you not talk to you as a previous writer said. Dearborn is no longer the USA. deport now or kiss your cities goodbye one by one.

    • As a muslim I agree with you, they came from places were they had non-muslims grab not the food that they don’t want to go in the trash, a bounty from God “Allah-swt”, but by non-muslims that grabbed lifes, land, and countries as a whole……. rethink possible…..

      • And how do you think Islam expanded from one insignificant town in the middle of an even more insignificant flea blown desert?

        Peaceful evangelising or at the point of the sword?

        Spain eventually evicted this horde after centuries of dhimmidom.

        India is still suffering.

        Israel, the only democratic state in the whole ME is under constant attack for the temerity of reclaiming its ancient heritage.

        Europe is rapidly learning from its mistake of benevolent allowance of mass islamic immigration which is turning great cities into ghetto’s.

        Rethink possible, indeed.


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