Michigan Public School Sneakily Converted To Islamic Center

via Public School Converted To Islamic Center.

As you read this, be mindful that it could just as easily be your community—and probably will be, eventually.

Farmington, Michigan’s Public School Board of Education voted unanimously to sell their vacant Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA) for $1.1 million. The transaction was kept secret until the sale was nearly (some say clearly) complete. Many in the community have decried this as an under-handed sale intended to circumvent the largely Christian and Jewish residents of the immediate area.

Much of the controversy is the ICA’s association with the HUDA school of Franklin, Michigan—just a few miles away. The HUDA school was ultimately denied their expansion which was the intended site for the ICA two years ago. The HUDA school could not satisfactorily reconcile the charge that they secretly wanted this new structure, in the charming and historic downtown area, to be a mosque. They refuted the charge despite the fact that their website, openly but prematurely, celebrated the soon-to-be new Franklin Village Islamic Center and Mosque. They also failed to explain why cars regularly fill their parking lot until the wee hours of the morning in this “children’s” school, particularly on weekends. Another disturbing issue was their refusal to reveal the source of their funding which many believe to be Saudi-Wahhabi in origin. More recently but equally disturbing is he HUDA school’s recent invitation to the highly controversial and pugnacious anti-Israel Jew, Norman Finkelstein, to speak at their center in this largely Jewish village. So, when the ICA again claims that they simply desire to have a community center in the Farmington school for their children—although few Muslims currently live in this area—many are incredulous and believe this to be just one more example of Al-Taqiyya.

Al-Taqiyya is the Islamic equivalent to using deceit, concealment and “tradecraft” in order to advance the cause of Islam.  The Qur’an (16:106, 3:54, 3:28, 40:28) and the Hadith (49:857, 84:64-65) are replete in spelling out the circumstances when a Muslim can and should deceive infidels for a greater purpose. Al-Taqiyya must be appreciated if one is to understand the nature of nonviolent Jihad. In centuries past, Muslims practiced al-Takiyya as a means of defense and subterfuge against enemies, such as during the Spanish Inquisition. Today, radical Islam uses this as a necessary tool that extremists living in non-Muslim lands (Dar al-Harb) utilize to deceive their unsuspecting compatriots into believing they are assimilating while they are actually engaging in nonviolent Jihad against their host societies. Islamic jurisprudence has sanctioned this deception in modern times as depicted in confiscated al-Qaeda training manuals. It is said that al-Takiyya is “in tongue only, not the heart.”

 We must not forget the stated mission of the Muslim Brotherhood which is to penetrate and conquer the infidel lands, most notably, America.

Read it all, and recall from our post on this takeover a few weeks ago, the Muslim Brotherhood is indeed involved in this effort. Hamas-linked CAIR was pictured in the new story and likely representing the Muslim organization that got the secretive deal, as we noted here, Michigan Islamic Group Cleared To Take Over Elementary School:

Judging by the photograph included with this story, residents have every right to be extremely concerned. The terrorist-linked Muslim group CAIR is involved in some way with the school, and that does not bode well for the area. Check back in five to ten years.

Churches, schools, car dealerships, movie theaters, Ground Zero. It’s all fair game when the goal is for only Allah to be worshiped.

20 thoughts on “Michigan Public School Sneakily Converted To Islamic Center

  1. Unstable political situation in the Middle East and badly ending wars in Afghanistan Iraq and Libya will bring huge wave of emigration of Muslims to America. 50% of them willbe illiterate and 75% willbe terrorists. This willbe the final blow to our Great Society. They have already infiltrated our government and those that are in are just preparing to take over everything. Sadly most Americans are totally unprepared for this.

  2. time to do what muslims do…if they don’t like something, like churches in their midst, they burn it down!!! thats the only language these morons know!!

  3. Accommodations like this to Islam are happening because an intimidation factor. Sometimes there’s a threat to sue if it doesn’t go their way.
    Sometimes there’s a hint of unpleasant to come. Threats, intimidation and violence, that’s the Muslim way to getting what they want. If we don’t get a conservative, American (in the real sense of the word) President and we don’t outlaw political islam, and we don’t stop Muslim immigration COLD, the U.S., in time, will become a theocracy.
    They know how to get their way. They’ve been doing it for centuries.

  4. It is scary to read these kind of islamic infiltration happening in USA.
    It would also be scary if the USA end up like Asia, where pandering to islamic ideology is horribly common and lead to suffocating our nonbelievers needs for more independence and more decency.

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  6. The transaction was kept secret until the sale was nearly (some say clearly) complete.

    Something similar happened with Mount Vernon High School and the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County, Virginia.

    I do wonder how many of these stealth-jihad purchases are going on all over the United States.

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  8. I’m from Farmington and this is quite disturbing. But, they started moving in my area when I was still in elementary school myself. Detroit has a large Arab population, but I don’t know how many are sympathetic to Jihad. I know many have been there a long time. Anyway, when I lived there, Dearborn was a wealthy “white” area – now it’s predominantly Muslim, as far as I know. Some Christians that were witnessing to Muslims there last year, in a very casual and friendly way, were actually arrested! That’s ridiculous, and just reading your other post about public schools having mosque is very very ridiculous! Maybe Canada is different . . . if they did that here, wow, would that by hypocritical (although some of the schools seem to promote Islam yes, while cursing Christianity).

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