Muslim group kicks off National Sharia Campaign

Creeping? Nope. Muslims don’t want sharia in the U.S.

Ramping up efforts to permit sharia law in the U.S. and around the world. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizbollah, al Qaeda, al Shabaab, CAIR, ISNA, Hizb ut Tahrir, MSA, etc. – is launching a national sharia law campaign. Recall ICNA’s entire raison d’être: ‘Islamic Circle of North America’ seeks Islamic super-state governed by sharia law. The ICNA Welcomes New Muslims to Radicalize as well.

Contact your elected officials, unless that would be Democrat and Muslim Keith Ellison who has been pimping sharia law in the U.S. on Twitter too.

Unfortunately, Ellison seems to have protected his Twitter stream after we called out his pro-sharia Tweet a few days ago, that went something like this:

@keithellison: Anti-sharia stuff is nonsense. Banners want to stop what doesn’t exist…

Here’s a version from a re-Tweeted account.

If anyone grabs the link or screen shot we’d like to archive it for the record.

In any event, will the Muslim Congressman who went to the College of Sharia on Presidents Day weekend a few years ago join the spread-sharia National Sharia Campaign?

Update: Thanks to Ironic Surrealism who grabbed a screenshot of Ellison’s tweets.

Someone should ask Ellison about the Hizb ut Tahrir conference in Chicago last week and in previous years. Their goal is establishing Islamic sharia law in America and the entire world. So “it” absolutely does it exist and Hizb ut Tahrir – among many others – are pushing it.

If Ellison’s premise is that no one is pushing sharia law in America, therefore it’s a non-existent problem, then conversely, he should be more than willing to ban any group that does push sharia law in the U.S. Right? We’re sure the MSM will get right on these questions.

26 thoughts on “Muslim group kicks off National Sharia Campaign

  1. this is a call for All Patriots to rise up and stop these savages.

    This is not a gentlemen’s war, this is a holy war that has been
    declared on America by this scum.

    It is time for us to stop this now. I am making the bastards feel
    extremely uncomfortable when I see them in the stores. I am
    noticing more Americans fed up with this.

    Thanks to the great work of Creeping Sharia keeping us updated
    on this lying bunch of scum, we are armed with the truth against
    the propaganda of criminals and savages.

    • Tell all your friends to read the Koran. Americans need to have the Muslim agenda fully exposed If you attend church form a group and compare the hateful message of allah to the beautiful language of the Beatitudes, Proverbs , or the Lords Prayer.There is no Golden Rule in the koran and allah in never spoken of as a loving father.we all have a duty to spread the real truth Sharia Law is a death warrant to any sort of freedom.

  2. The Tenth Crusades are here!

    Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political ideology with religious trappings. It hides behind “religion” as it pursues its political agenda – Shariah to replace YOUR government and every government it touches. Islam is undeserving of “freedom of religion” protections afforded to actual religions in this country.

    Islam is based on the writings of a minor desert chieftain pedophile that exhorts it followers to see violence as the solution to most every eventuality.

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  4. Why not BOYCOTT THERE CONVENTION and disrupt like they do to the CHRISTIAN NATIONS, and if they dont like it then KICK ASS all the way back to PERSIA. LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. Sharia Law needs to be outlawed in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, and any other free country that wants to remain free.
    Contact your elected officials and get them to ban Sharia Law before it is too late. Free Speech and the Truth are the enemies of Islam.

  6. Nothing new. I know that our government infiltrated by Muslims is unable and not willing to deal with this demonic sharia law. Once the islamists accomplish their goal there willbe Medieval hell on earth equipped with modern technologies to make this life unbearable.

    • They are at this time less than 2 % of the populace so there is no time to.waste. Every house should have a sign stating Sharia free zone. Bumper stickers and lapel pins also are needed. Make Americans conscious of it everywhere they look. The only ones who’ll piss and moan about it are the usual contingent of the hate America first crowns.

  7. They really enjoy it when you tell “Burqua Babe” she is free and no longer has to dress like that here. Tell you have read the koran and that is not in it.

    That should get her out of your space. It is totally not hate speech, and her slave owner is near by, tell him too.

    This helps them understand us and our culture better. Tell them if we were there we would go by their rules. Mention that there is nothing in the koran indicating she should wear that, and she will get no sun if she does. Ask again, may be they could show you in the koran where it is that she should be garbed that way?

    That show you are educated and CAIR about them.

    Don’t turn your back on them. They may stick you in the neck with a knife, but if they try you can “point” out the error of using violence here.

    Tell them you might convert, but you are not clear on what they do for apostasy. That shows them you are opn minded.

    So be good, and share this with our new intolerant neighbors…..

  8. It’s astounding how pro-Sharia advocates have such a selective vision of Islam. The PC crowd doesn’t see the repression and violence, doesn’t see it in the Koran, doesn’t speak out against it. What kind of new fascism is this?

    • They see it very clearly. These are the des- cendants of the flower children,aka the Hippies. Cowards all. The merest hint of any sort of self defense fills them with fear.They eat crow any way the Muslims cook it cause they are physically afraid of these roaches. Unless they are fighting in a pack the Muslims are just as cowardly. If that doesn’t’ work they whine about their victim status. The first converts to Islam will be the cowards of the far left.

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  10. Here in Australia they are holding the same meetings,talking about Sharia and a worldwide Caliphate but they are saying they are NOT including Australia in this … TAQIYYA!! once again they are proven liars!

    • why do you hate Americans and non-Muslims?

      what have non-Muslims done to you?

      and can you tell us what you know about non-Muslims?

    • Save your breath to cool your porridge American. Every one here has read, studied, and color coded allah’s apostles’ heinous fantasy. We are well aware of the exhortation given to you and every other muslim, i.e. ” Do not make friends of Christians and Jews.” Or the ever popular, ” If you are in a place and your numbers are not superior, keep a smile on your lips and hostility in your hearts.” More and more Americans are awake, Amer and before long you will see signs. Bumper stickers , buttons, everywhere you look saying NO Sharia.Law or ” Sharia Free Zone ” the only
      Americans supporting it will be you or your dhimmi slaves and you are welcome to them since they are useless to their countrymen.

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