Muslims to defend sharia law in NY, NJ, Texas

Defend meaning promote. It’s part of terror-linked ICNA’s National Sharia Campaign featuring the grandson of the founder of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood. The ‘Islamic Circle of North America’ or ICNA seeks an Islamic super-state governed by sharia law.

The campaign and this sharia roadshow is the Muslim response to Americans who are becoming increasingly aware of Islamic sharia law and its encroachment into U.S. courts, and want it banned.

JAMAICA, New York (June 27, 2011) – The Islamic Circle of North America is pleased to invite you to its annual fundraising dinners with keynote speaker Dr. Tariq Ramadan, being held in the month of July in several cities across the United States.

Renowned Islamic scholar and Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies Dr. Tariq Ramadan will keynote the events. He will be joined by various speakers including Dr. Zahid Bukhari, president of ICNA, Bayyinah Institute’s Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, Sheikh Monzer Talib and Sheikh Abderraoof Alkhawaldeh. All proceeds from the events will support ICNA’s local and nationwide initiatives to reach out to the general public and dispel misconceptions about Islam. Details are as follows:

New Jersey
Saturday, July 16th 6:00 PM
Double Tree Hotel
200 Atrium Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda, Sh. Monzer Talib
Ticket Price: $30 for individuals/$40 at gate
Tickets & Info: / 877-363-ICNA

Contact Double Tree here

New York
Sunday, July 17th 6:00 PM
International JFK Hotel
144-02 135th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11436
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Sh. Monzer Talib
Ticket Price: $100 for individuals/$200 for families
Tickets & Info: / 718-658-1199

Contact JFK Hotel here

Wednesday, July 27th 6:30 PM
Hyatt Regency Hotel
701 East Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75082
Featured Speakers: Dr. Tariq Ramadan, Sh. Abderrraoof Alkhawaldeh, Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda
Ticket Price: $25 for individuals
Tickets & Info: / 972-669-9625

Contact Hyatt here or here

It is extremely necessary for Muslims to empower themselves and join the national conversation regarding our faith and rights. Please join us as we work to foster a better understanding of Islam and Muslims amongst the general public—in schools, at work and in our neighborhoods.

Some background notes on the speakers listed above.

Tariq Ramadan

Ramadan’s maternal grandfather was Hasan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Ramadan’s father, Said Ramadan, led the Brotherhood throughout the 1950s and then was exiled from Egypt to Switzerland, where Tariq was born in September 1962.

By the end of the 1980s, the Muslim Brotherhood was courting Ramadan to be its European representative.

Upon his return to Switzerland in the early 1990s, Ramadan established the Movement of Swiss Muslims — an outreach organization that exhorted Muslim youth to Islamize modernity rather than modernize Islam. He taught at the University of Fribourg and the College de Saussure, and became the Islam-and-secularism correspondent at the French daily newspaper, Le Monde.

According to terrorism expert Jean Charles Brisard, Ramadan took part in a 2004 London conference with Yusuf al Qaradawi, who has justified suicide bombings, the killing of American soldiers in Iraq, and the 9/11 attacks.

Caroline Fourest, a French specialist on Islamic fundamentalism who has meticulously studied all of Ramadan’s writings and speeches, states, in the 2008 book Brother Tariq: the Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, that Ramadan, like his grandfather (Hasan al-Banna), promotes rigid fundamentalism and can accurately be classified as “a war leader.”

According to Oliver Guitta of The American Thinker:

“Even though Ramadan cannot be charged with terrorism, it is clear that his speeches and tapes broadcasted in a lot of European mosques constitute an incitement to terrorism against the West. He supplies moral support for terrorism, and therefore should be viewed as a very dangerous man, because of the numerous terrorists his views foster…. There is a danger in bringing Ramadan into our Muslim communities, because, with his smooth double language, he might succeed in radicalizing the Muslim community, while charming our naïve Left, as he did so successfully in France.”

In 2006 Ramadan appealed the DHS decision to ban him from the United States. The State Department denied his appeal, this time on the grounds that he had given money to a French pseudo-charity with ties to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

In February 2008 Ramadan led a boycott of the annual Turin [Italy] Book Fair — to punish its organizers for having designated Israel (which was celebrating the 60th anniversary of its creation) as the event’s “guest of honor.”

In Ramadan’s view, women should be forbidden to play in sports where their uncovered limbs would be seen by men. When asked whether he would condemn his own brother’s statement that stoning a woman for adultery was an acceptable punishment as prescribed by Islamic law, Ramadan said only that he would ask for a moratorium on stoning.

Shortly after Barack Obama became U.S. President, Ramadan was cleared to enter the U.S. He promptly scheduled speaking engagements with Hamas-linked, unindicted co-conspirators CAIR.

Zahid Bukhari

Bukhari co-founded the National Islamic Shura Council, a representative body consisting of the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Muslim Organization of Warith-ud-Deen Muhammad.
In an October 2001 Washington Post discussion forum, Bukhari stated that “Muslims may have difficulties with … Jews because of founding of the state of Israel.”

Sh. Monzer Talib

It’s not immediately clear if Sheik H is the same as: Hamas singer Monzer Taleb – who spoke at CAIR – Cleveland fundraiser & sang about exterminating Jews, “I am from HAMAS!”  The same Monzer Taleb (aka Munzir Taleb, Monzer Talib, et al.) was also named unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF terror finance case.

Again, not clear if this is the same person – if anyone can validate, please leave a comment.

documents show that Hamas officials have participated in previous ICNA events.

“The ICNA’s hatred of the Jews is so fierce,” writes Emerson, “that it taunted them with a repetition of what Hitler did to them.” In his book American Jihad, Emerson writes further, “The ICNA openly supports militant Islamic fundamentalist organizations, praises terror attacks, issues incendiary attacks on western values and policies, and supports the imposition of Shari’ah [Islamic law].”

42 thoughts on “Muslims to defend sharia law in NY, NJ, Texas

  1. don’t label every one according to your wish. Ramadan is a great scholar, he is modern or conservative an atheist
    has no concern. Why is Islamic phobia anyway? Why Atheist and agnostic and secular do-not fear Criminals who have occupied the Palestinian lands?.
    Why duplicity ? Is it the other name of Western Philosophy?

    • Sorry buddy, but women have come along in this and other countries. Why would we allow a group of people that practice a religion where killing and torturing are accepted to live by their own laws. If they wish to treat their wives and daughter with hate, they can go back to where they came from. Muslims are the only “religious” group who kill people for not having the same beliefs on a DAILY basis. Islam does nothing but preach hate.

    • One thing you say is correct, criminals (fakestinians) do occupy land (fakestine) that belongs to Israel and need to be removed.

    • Hey douche-bag, (a.k.a. Sah). Take ur Islam/Sharia Law-lovin’ arss to another blog that gives a s**t about ur Islamo buddies. Do NOT try to BS us Dihimmis about your “Religion of Peace” and the scum that promote it. It will NOT be accepted in the US. PERIOD, and you Muzzies are about to learn a very hard and PAINFUL lesson to that fact. We have had enough of your “Boy” in the Oval Office kissing your arsses and representing Americans in a most disgusting way. In NO WAY does Obumo represent our AMERICAN values and beliefs.

      Duces, Looser!

      • AMEN! To that statement. Lets load up all their arsses and the “BOY” in the white house and increase the national debt one last time to deport them to the country of their birth. Then close our boarders and put the Bible, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and the Article of Confederation back to work in our Government and Take our country back from the bastards that thought we would just sit by and do nothing. It’s time to lock and load and put an end to this shit before it is too late and we are too old then it is left to our children to deal with. Clean it up in our generation, lets leave a legacy of Standing Up and making a Difference!

    • Hey Sah, which ashtray are you from in the Middle East? Maybe, if I’m lucky, we could possibly “meet-up” for Chi one day if you’re near Southern Mississippi, and have a “philosophical conversation” on Islam? Or, maybe a “physical” conversation? LOL What do you say? Chi? On me? Common’?

      • Texas Women PACK HEAT…not cover up from head to toe in the heat just because you want us to. DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS GIRLS! If you do I hope you enjoy mountain oysters for dinner! (your own).

      • Texas Women PACK HEAT…not cover up from head to toe in the heat DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS If you do I hope you enjoy mountain oysters for dinner! (your own).

    • There is no islamaphobia. The violence and atrocities perpetrated worldwide in the name of Allah is real. Very real. And with full knowledge of Sharia law, there’s no phobia. It’s a fear of having our Constitution turned on its head. Sharia and Constitution cannot coexist. And we like our Constitution just the way it is.

      As a Texan, I can assure you that we will not be inclined to accept your barbaric laws. Islam is violent and misogynistic. We Texans want no part of it. Keep it in your backward squalid countries. Not ours.

      • actually there is a very real islamophobia – every time a judge comes down on the side of the offended person – it is due to that judge’s fear of ‘islamic consequences’.
        Every time a police chief or a mayor cancels a secular meeting and does not cancel an islamic meeting – it is due to that person’s fear of ‘islamic consequences’.
        Islamophobia works really well, so many people are now ‘afraid of offending muslims’ that the rule of law is becoming corrupted.

        • Then it is time to take a hard look at the ballot and vote men in with the testicular fortitude to stand up and not be pushed around out of fear.

    • The problem with radical muslim’s moving to free countries is that they want to impose their laws on the peoples of those countries, we don’t want them. If you want to live in the USA then come prepared to live by our laws, not your own. If you want to live by your laws stay in your country.

    • Islam is a belief not a religion and I agree, we will fight. Maybe it is time for Texas to bow out of the Union and send Muslims to other states. In Dearborn, MI, Muslims use speakers to be called to prayer, but Christian’s can’t ring their church bells. Wake up America!

  2. Thank you for your diligence in keeping people informed of the creeping sharia (although I believe that is is getting faster every day).

    I mean, I can not believe all of the members of CAIR who actually work IN the offices of our Congress-people on Capitol Hill (detailed in Muslim Mafia book)!!!

  3. They can defend Shariah and get deported. The law of this land is not Shariah and not Islam. We do not need their religion of hate in my country.You wish to become a Muslim then leave the United States. Islam is intolerant and preaches killing Christians, Jew, and Buddhists.Tell Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Indonesia to cease exporting their hate.

  4. Delete the MOLE, SAH comments above. He is another infiltrator scum pushing for Sharia in America. 300,000,000 Americans will send scum like this packing soon enough.

    • Nicely stated NoMoreIslam! I must say Ol’Chap, you have penchant for penmanship! Oh, and I second that emotion by the way. Did you catch that Sah?! Man, you cockroaches have a serious ass-whoopin’ coming and your little B**ch-Boy in the Oval Office will not be able to save you.

      I’ll let some of your buddies here in central Iraq know you might or might not make it back home in one piece (IF you’re that lucky).

      Man I can’t wait to get back in the US. This wasteland SUXS! Deuces!

  5. These big mouth ISLAM advocates need to be treated with the PENALTIES as PERSCRIBED IN THE QURAN to srr if they enjoy being STONED TO DEATH, HEADS CUT OFF ETC, ETC, before trying to PUSH THERE GARBAGE ON THE REST OF THE WORLD. Another way to stop this creaping SLUDGE is to NEUTER ALL MALES AT BIRTH. That will help to SLOW DOWN THE HATE MONGERS. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • We must be vigilant as this is the modern Crusade they desire to destroy western civilization as we struggle to stop the spread of followers of the Hadith and Sharia…… God help us!!!

    • JW,

      Are you referring to me? If so, what part of my post did you take offence and consider a “threat” and how?

      Thnx. Dave

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  7. Obama and Eric Holder should be speaking there as they are our Muslim leaders.. Compare to these savages, they are moderates.

    Ram adam ding dong too? Dispel fears of Islam? Just read the Koran. It reads like a Stephen King book.

    Someone needs to take pics and compare the attendees to the terrorist database. Like, the FBI

  8. Seems like the Muslims pushing Sharia Law wear out there welcome in every free place they go and practice their so called “Religion of Peace” so it may solve itself. Just look at the places starting anti Sharia Laws. They are the places that have a large group of the Sharia Law pushing Islamic Muslims. Since Islam is not a religion but a 7th Century hate based way of life and Sharia Law does not give people freedom, it does nothing but anger people already living in a free society, everywhere.
    Sharia Law should be outlawed in the United States as a whole because it is seditious in nature since the Muslims want to take our Constitution Freedom based society and replace it with Sharia Law which gives people no freedom(especially women) and dictates that you kill people who don’t agree with your way of life.
    Learn what is going on in your area. Write your elected officials and tell them to pass H.R. 973. It may not be the end all to beat all but it is a step in right direction.

    • I contacted all 3 facilities, New Jersey and New York had web forms, Hyatt had generic email address ‘’ for events and I just made the subject for them: Terrorist Related Group Islamic Circle of North America – Dallas Chapter Event at your Hotel.

  9. Updated with links to contact the hotels with your thoughts and concerns – some of you did the work on your own…kudos

  10. I am in contact with the local Tea Parties in the Richardson area (I am a co-founder of one). If this event occurs, we are looking into have a PEACEFUL rally outside, with REASONABLE SIgnage. As I sent to our leadership: “American laws are for Americans of ALL religions.” is good. “Islam is trying to kill ALL non-believers.” is bad. The Tea Parties and others MUST be careful at such events NOT to allow the media to paint us in the colors they desire. So get a grip people. Argue rationally, and you’ll get the unknowing to be persuaded of the threat. Sound hysterical and lose- AND drive the non-radical Muslims straight into the arms of the radicals.

    • Sorry that I, TEA in Fort Worth, will be out of town and will not be able to join you at the Peaceful rally. Thank you to all those attending the rally and I’ll be praying a rosary for all ya’ll. KP

    • I think all Veteran Clubs ie: American Legion, Am Vets, VFW and others should be notified of this event in Richardson and attend in uniform protesting this “meeting”. Media needs to cover this event. These men went and put their lives on the line in foreign countries to prevent such happening in America and now it is being not only allowed but INVITED IN to “OUR” country by our own Muslim, Immigrant, Commander in Chief. ,

  11. SHARIA AND ISLAM are a facade…behind this religion (cult) of hate, deceit, and conversion. Islam kills…period. Just take a look at all the problems & wars around the world. Islam is in the center. I rest my case. I converted to Christianity because I could not take it any anymore.

  12. Can we make signs for the anti-muslamic rally that depict Muhammed as a pig hanging from a roasting spit>> …. with words to the effect that say, “Muhammed, the Pig — is a f*cking piece of crap!” …. or something gentle like that?

  13. We all learn from birth, we’re molded by what we’re born to. Later in life we develop the tools to understand that the world, the universe, life, is very complex and ever-changing. To retain a system that predates the scientific, philosophical, and psychological advances humanity has made strikes me as a manifestation of the need of those who hold power in that antiquated system, to maintain their grip on that power.

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