Top Jihad Website Hosted From New Jersey

via Top Jihad Website Hosted From NJ | Christian Action Network.

A top jihadist website that promotes attacks on the West is hosted by a company in New Jersey, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute. The website is led by a sheikh who has inspired top Al-Qaeda terrorists, and it predicts that Allah will retaliate against the U.S. for killing Osama Bin Laden.

The website belongs to Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, who MEMRI says “is considered the foremost theological and jurisprudential authority among jihadis worldwide.” It is located at The hosting company is Interserver, Inc. of Secaucus, N.J.

Al-Maqdisi is a Palestinian who has issued fatwas justifying attacks on the West, including the September 11, 2001 attacks. He has had contact with top Al-Qaeda operatives, and uses his website to offer advice on how to wage jihad. This includes information on weapons, including mines, napalm and poisons.

“Since America rejoiced over the death of Sheikh Osama bin Laden, we announce that Allah has things in store for it that will inflict painful punishment on it,” the website states.

Security officials agree that the importance of the Internet to terrorist organizations is greater than ever.

“Thousands of extremist websites promote violence to an online worldwide audience predisposed to the extremist message. They are posting videos on how to build backpack bombs and bio-weapons. They are using social networking to link terrorist plotters and those seeking to carry out these plans,” FBI Director Robert Mueller said in May.

Interserver can be contacted 24/7 according to their website: (support ticket system) (billing ticket system) (sales inquiries) (network related inquiries) (abuse ticket system)

Toll free office number: 1-877-566-8398

Regular office number: 1-201-605-1440

Skype: interserverskype

Your Elected Officials are much less accessible but can be contacted. For several years now they have done nothing to shut down jihadi websites hosted in the U.S. or Google’s Youtube becoming a cost-free, virtual haven to Islamic terrorists and jihadi recruiters. Otherwise, maybe someone can let @th3j35t3r know about the jihadi site.

22 thoughts on “Top Jihad Website Hosted From New Jersey

  1. Feed that sheikh, his imam, and all the website employees to pigs. New Jersey needs to shut down websites that promote Islam and Jihad. They are not welcome in my country.

  2. Someone should let Interserver know that Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi is guilty of Genocide. Refer the owner of this company to the UN Convention on Genocide. Interserver could be brought up on charges of promoting Genocide against Jews and Christians. Today, the US is run by a Communist. Tomorrow may bring back the Patriots. Charges of Genocide are inevitable!

    • “Today, the US is run by a Communist” Spoken like a red-blooded American (with an IQ of 43).

      Wow that Obama is a really sly dude! I would have NEVER suspected him of communism, because you see, he gives trillions of dollars to parasitical Wall Street capitalists so they can buy beach houses on the Bahamas!! What a great cover! Obana must be a genius! We’ll never be able to stop him!

      • tequila kid,
        you are an talk like you just got shot out of your mommys hole. try to improve your intellect by doing something really strange.go to the library and read up on economics and the history of the USA.

        educate yourself before you make comment about something of which you know nothing .

        you are one of the many ignorant!

    • The UN is irrelevant. The UN causes as much damage to the USA as obama does. They are both an enemy to us, just as islam is.

    • The UN is irrelevant. The UN causes as much damage to the USA as obama does. They are both an enemy to us, just as islam is.

  3. Hate speech is not protected speech.

    Those are the grounds to shut down these Islamic hate sites, but which Democrat in office has the gumption to do so? And in an election year, no less?

  4. Catch em’ and when found guilty execute them. They are the ones who declaired war on the West. They attacked first and as it is a war it is tme to take them down. No more political correct bullshit, it is killing the United States.

  5. How about arresting all these little twerps for sedition and treason, if they are on U.S. soil and preaching jihad and fatwas, it is just that! It’s time that the rules of law applied to the dirtbags as well as law abiding citizens. These raghead scum come here and are given a free pass on nearly everything, it’s time to bring it to a stop.




    • A muslim with an American name perhaps or a muslim lying about who they really are. Your bag grammar & spelling gave you away.

      And no, they “don’t GOTTA LIVE HERE TO”. They’re free to leave or after the inevitable civil war they’ll probably be deported.

    • No, they dont “gotta live here too”. In fact they should not be allowed to live anywhere in Western society. By their own actions they prove every day that they do not belong in civilized society.

    • So Jennifer, you don’t mind if they hack off your genitals? These are the bad guys Jenny, worse than Nazis. You my dear need to get a clue. Or are you already brainwashed and burka clad? Fool.

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  8. “Al-Maqdisi is a Palestinian”

    No, he isn’t. There are no such things as “Palestinians”, therefore Al-Maqdisi cannot possibly be one. Enough is enough of these lies.

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  10. I contacted Interserver and here was what they said, I figured as much:
    Unfortunately I can not give additional information out, besides telling you to contact your local FBI field office, who will likely be already aware of the situation.

    On 07/11/2011 10:57 AM, tyedyed wrote:
    > Dear Interserver, 11 Jul 2011
    > Will do. I will be sure to let them and others know how you are
    > aiding a group that is plotting to overthrow the United States. I
    > guess you did not even check to verify the facts about the website you
    > are hosting that has ties to Terrorists. It is very obvious you don’t
    > care about anything except getting the money from these people who are
    > telling others how to take over the United States.
    > This is Sedition and is not covered under the 1st amendment.
    > Sincerely,
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: InterServer Abuse Dept []
    > Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 10:45 AM
    > To:
    > Subject: Re: Website hosted by your company
    > Dear Tyedyed,
    > InterServer complies with all local and federal laws, and assists law
    > enforcement in internet and computer crime investigations. I am unable
    > to provide additional information regarding this website. If you have
    > concerns about a particular website please contact your local FBI
    > field office
    > On 07/10/2011 03:59 PM, Tyedyed wrote:
    >> Dear Interserver, 10 Jul 2011
    >> Are you aware that hosted in your servers is
    >> promoting Jihad. They are calling for the overthrow of the United
    >> States Government by replacing our Constitution with Sharia Law. This
    >> is sedition and is not covered under the 1st Amendment Free Speech .
    >> ‘Islaam is superior and nothing can supersede it.’ (al-Jaami’
    >> as-Sagheer #3063) taken directly from their downloads.
    >> Does your company want to be associated with such a group. If so let
    >> me know because you can host numerous other groups websites.
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Tyedyed


    InterServer Abuse Team “”

    I can only hope the folks at the FBI who are supposed to be on top of this aren’t like the ATF folks who were on top of the “Project Gunner” which $10,000,000 of stimulus money was added to funding to the program that sent weapons to Mexico that were used to kill our agents”. Attorney General Holder denied knowing about it in Jun 2011 even though he made a speech praising it in Mexico in 2009.

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