Another Canadian school accommodates Muslim prayers

And says it’s no problem. How many more school-cum-mosques are there in Canada? via TheRecord – Accommodating student prayers not a problem at local high school

KITCHENER — The principal of one of the region’s most multicultural high schools says it is no problem to accommodate Muslim students who need to pray at school.

And Jim Woolley, principal of Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, said it doesn’t use up any resources, either.

It doesn’t use up any resources? Really? And even if it didn’t, is that Canada’s new criteria for allowing Islamic prayers in school?

The students — between three and 12 of them, are overwhelmingly from the English Language Learners program at Forest Heights. That’s a special program for immigrant teenagers who are still learning English as they go through high school.

The students pray on Friday afternoon, after school is over at 2:30 p.m. The office staff unlock a classroom for their use. They pray together for 30 to 50 minutes, and don’t require supervision.

“We trust them,” Woolley said.

As the students leave the classroom, they pull the door shut and it locks automatically, Woolley said. They stop by the office to let the staff know they’re heading home. And that’s it.

“It’s been very straightforward,” said Woolley.

After the request was made, the school worked with an immigration settlement worker and with a local imam — a Muslim religious leader — to determine what the appropriate response would be from the school.

The students could go straight from school to a local mosque to pray, but making the classroom available is “a convenience we provide for them,” he said.

The province requires that schools accommodate students’ religious needs. This group of Muslim students is the only one that has asked for accommodation, Woolley said.

Forest Heights has the largest English Language Learners program in the public board, with 300 students enrolled out of a total high school population of about 1,500.

The issue of accommodating religious beliefs of students has come up in the headlines, with a middle school in York Region under criticism after it was learned the school brought in an imam who conducted services for hundreds of Muslim students in the school cafeteria.

The principal of that school took that action as a way of keeping students at school. They were leaving school on Friday afternoons to pray at the mosque and not all were returning to school afterwards.

Meanwhile, in Waterloo Region, a local school trustee has said it’s important to accommodate all religions equally. She says there’s a danger of a double standard in which Christians are denied the opportunity to express their religion at school, but non-Christian groups are accommodated.

Cindy Watson of Cambridge has said she is concerned about the board frowning on the idea of lunch-hour Bible study clubs, or discouraging parents and children from referring to Christmas at school.


Last week it was a Toronto middle school that converts its library to a mosque for Muslim students only, every Friday (since 2008), segregating boys and girls.

15 thoughts on “Another Canadian school accommodates Muslim prayers

  1. Here’s how to stop this.

    “The province requires that schools accommodate students’ religious needs”.

    Every religious denomination should go to the school and ask for accommodations similar to the ones given muslims. The school will have to accommodate them or deny them. If they get denied sue the school district. If the school accommodates them it will soon become a burden and an expense. Either way say good-by to…. “no school district resources being used”.

      • Therein lies the problem.
        People are motivated to act when an irritant becomes painful. As of now people are not inconvenienced or discomforted enough to do ANYTHING. The Islam invasion is like a skin cancer…..If caught early it can be removed without any detrimental effects to the host, but doing nothing equals death. Hopefully the point of no return has not been reached

        • russel:

          Great idea…the problem seems to me that we are afraid of the bastards???……..or something?

          We should all be raising the biggest stink in our countries history over this shit.

  2. Wont belong before these MUSLIM THUGS WILL BE RUNNING PARLIMENT AND PRAYING 5 TIMES A DAY IN THE CHAMBERS and if the rest of the gang objects then OFF WITH THERE HEADS. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. “The province requires that schools accommodate students’ religious needs.” Get that? The Province of Ontario. This is another very good reason why the Liberal government of Ontario has to go.

    If it’s not Premier McGuinty’s “Greening of Ontario”, planting windmills and large solar panels all over the landscape, it’s his outreach to Islam. It’s typical Liberal far-left behavior.
    Thanks to McGuinty Toronto is becoming one huge mosque. Pretty soon the Muslims will be demanding that the Rogers Center accommodate them for Islamic prayers and that baseball and football is secondary to Allah.
    I’m so pissed of with the Liberals I could puke! Hydro rates keep rising due to his misappropriation of funds for Green Energy and the province is subsidizing Muslim immigrant welfare.

    He and his cohorts are nothing but dummy-dhimmis and the people of Ontario have to suffer the consequences.

    I believe Obama and McGuinty must have gone to the same communist orientation college.
    Ontario is also in a financial mess that will take years to recoup.

    I’m not sure conservative Tim Hudak will be able to turn this “Green” and financial mess around and put a stop to Muslim migration into the province but I definitely know which way I’ll be voting in October.

  4. As a Catholic, I demand this accommodation.
    It is necessary for me to say the Rosary twice during the school day.
    Will I be given the space and time I need for that?
    Oh, and I must also display my holy cards and be free to take them out and read through the prayers on them AT ANY TIME!
    I also practice the liturgy of the Hours, and I demand the time to do this every three hours.

  5. “KITCHENER — The principal of one of the region’s most multicultural high schools says it is no problem to accommodate Muslim students who need to pray at school.”

    It SHOULD be a problem and they don’t HAVE to pray then, they CHOOSE to pray then so they can make the school submit to islam. Wake the hell up!

  6. Public schools in USA banned Christian prayer- they even refused to host after school groups if they were based by religion- If people are so religious they should not send their kids to public SECULAR schools- send them to private religious schools- so many groups do this already and need no special demands- only arrogant Muslims think they can demand, demand and then if they get anything ask MORE. Muslims have money to open schools if they have money to build giant mosques.
    …no longer creeping they are running us over now. JUST SAY NO. If your school board says yes VOTE THEM OUT, get the principal fired

    doesn’t Canada have separation of govt and religion? something like ACLU to fight for you? they got prayer out of USA schools, and govt funded public displays

  7. Canada has separation of Church and State. We are a Rule of Law society.

    I understand the Muslim Canadian Congress (a secular, progressive organization) is considering legal action and the Hindu Society are planning boycott rallies. What about it, Jews and Christians?


  8. Rick, on July 23, 2011 at 2:55 PM said:
    Since this story broke it was found that 14 schools in the Ottawa area are doing the same thing. That’s right, 14 schools in Ottawa alone. I am sure that you will find a lot more schools in Toronto than we are aware of, not to mention the rest of Canada as well. The following is an email I sent to Ezra Levant on the source. There is a link included that provides proof of what is happening in Ottawa.

    The website for the muslim youth of Ottawa Friday prayers page(link from Ottawa muslim association) states that there are 14 schools that provide space for this and have been doing so for quite some time.

    It also states that they bring in special volunteers and others to instruct students. The following is a quote of their understanding of their right to do so according to the Ontario human rights code.”


    “Religious freedoms are protected within the Ontario Human Rights Code. The school administration is required to accommodate your right to hold Friday prayers (and even the regular salat) to the point of ‘undue hardship.”

    Here is the link to this page

    Further info can be found on the ottawa muslim association website.

    This whole thing needs to be investigated. Something is not right here. If some groups do not need to follow the laws the rest of us do then we will be soon living in a third world country. We are a secular society, not the Islamic republic of Canada.

    This is clearly unacceptable and I am sick and saddened to see this happening in this country

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