Muslim women want Feds to end gender segregation in U.S. mosques

Are these Muslim women equally concerned with U.S. mosques that teach aspects of the Koran and sharia law that are inherently opposed to non-Muslims?

An update on a situation we posted on in 2010 that saw Police enforcing sharia gender segregation at DC mosqueInterestingly, when non-Muslims point out Islamic gender discrimination in schools and mosques, Muslims and their lackey’s scream Islamophobia. via End gender apartheid in U.S. mosques – By Asra Q. Nomani

Just over a month ago, a group of Muslim women and I strode through the marble courtyard of the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., just down the street from the vice president’s official residence on the exclusive Massachusetts Avenue, lined with embassies and mansions.

“Down where?” responded Fatima Thompson, 45, an American-Muslim convert who lives in the city. “In the grave?”

In fact, the man wanted the women and me to go through a side door designated for women and climb down a stairwell into a basement space reserved for “sisters.” It’s beside the men’s restroom.

My stomach turned. My son, Shibli, 8, was with us, and he had more rights than we as women. We were intent on rejecting second-class status. To me, it amounts to gender apartheid. Our goal was to walk through the front double doors designated for “brothers” and pray in the forbidden space of the opulent musallah, or main hall, of the mosque.

Last year, Thompson launched a “Pray In” campaign in Washington-area mosques, and this was our fourth action . With us, Ify Okoye, 27, a Nigerian-American Muslim convert, and Krysta Camp, 28, an American-Muslim convert, strode forward to reclaim in the 21st century rights that women enjoyed in the 7th century when the prophet Mohammad let women pray in the main hall of his mosque without forcing them behind any partition. During the other pray-ins, mosque officials called D.C. and Fairfax County (Va.) police and threw us out, charging us with trespassing. This time, we got to pray, but we had to hear shouts and insults.

As much of the world cheers the rise of democracy in the public square of the Middle East, it’s time that we see the Arab Spring bloom somewhere equally important: mosques. We should start with mosques in the U.S., and the government should help promote democracy in places of worship by denying non-profit tax-exempt status — called 501(c)3 designation — to places of worship that practice gender inequity, just as they can deny tax-exempt status to places of worship that engage in political activity.

The Feds are busy forcing cities to accept mosques that not only discriminate against Muslim women, but against all non-Muslims. The Feds should be shutting mosques that advocate Islamic sharia law or jihad, not promoting them.

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23 thoughts on “Muslim women want Feds to end gender segregation in U.S. mosques

  1. Please read: If one looks at the Middle East conflict as a cultural war everything makes sense. If it was about land, rights or settlements it would have been solved long ago, is not it is Cultural War.
    Professor Philip Salzman from McGill University book Culture and Conflict.
    In short their Middle East horizontal culture is in conflict with our vertical culture. This book must be read ASAP by everyone and discussed. A Cultural War is complex, those invading and those invaded do not realize what happening until it is to late.

  2. The first legal question; is a mosque similar to a church which is protected by law, or is a mosque a community center where the law may prevail. It would take the Supreme court to decide this. And anyway, if the decision is community center, do you think for one minute the muslimites will obey? Who will enforce this? The police leadership are not going to risk their officers’ lives. Sahdes of Little Rock.

  3. Lets just declare ISLAM the ENEMY OF THE U S A, and REMOVE ALL THERE MOSQUES of HATE and kick these thugs out of OUR COUNTRY back to where they came from. Quite EVEDENT they HATE THE U S A so why let anymore come here. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. I was going to send this story along to some friends , however the unnecessary, moronic and childish profanity of mojoma prevents that. I simply will not spread such hate and filth to others.

    • I totally understand, KL. Comments like that sometimes prevent me from sharing, what is otherwise a great site here, as well. But then again, sometimes, I think people like mojoma know that, too.

    • don’t know how to copy/paste?
      you can send an article without the comments

      the admin here does not censor comments by either side

      adults who have discernment can tell the difference between the articles posted and the comments

  5. Nothing is going to change until some court, somewhere, or some other official body does some fact-finding and concludes that a mosque is NOT equivalent to a church or temple because of the presence a wholesale political dimension within Islam itself.

    For the moment the charade continues that mosques are places of religious worship.

  6. Perhaps they should consider leaving Islam and joining a christian or evangelist church. There they wouldn’t be descriminated against. Once again Muslims prove just how dumb they are. Islam and the Quran put women at the back of the bus.

    Lets hope this becomes a larger issue as it would help to shed light on just one of the evils of Islam. Women of the free world should be screaming out against Islam as they would suffer most under sharia law..

    • Absolutely right. I’m not a feminist, I’m a Christian patriot who values “the American way.” I could talk to my sisters, girlfriends, etc. until I’m blue in the face and they still don’t get it….”nothing’s going on, you’re just paranoid, only a small percentage of muzzies are bad.” It is astonishing to me how naive Americans can be; it is also astonishing to me how many feminists can continually scream for the right to be “equal” but have kept totally silent when it comes to Islam, the ultimate form of sexism and discrimination.

  7. When they care as much about democracy,freedom of speech and complete loyalty to the country that sustains them I’ll support them but until then they chose their beds so they can lie in them or get out. I’m not here to try & make islam easier for anyone. I just want it gone.

  8. Sorry, but no level of government has any business dictating seat assignments in a house of worship or leadership roles in a religious congregation. These ladies can either start their own reform mosques that abide by their beliefs, or they can convert to a faith that actually believes in the dignity and equality of women.

    And like it or not, the DC cops had it right when they removed the women who were causing a disruption at the mosque — just as they would be in removing women from a Catholic cathedral if they caused a disruption by trying to force a bishop to ordain them along with the men who are candidates for ordination.

    • I agree with you. The government has not right to interfere with anything that (legally) happens inside a house of worship. If these women do not like the fact that they are segregated then they should attend another masjid or pray at home, etc.

      If this would go to court and they won, would that mean that Orthodox synagogues would then be forced to allow women and men to sit together? While I don’t see the need for segregation in either a masjid or a synagogue I do see that it is each religion’s right to do so.

      As far as the police getting involved…well, this is private property and the leaders are legally within their right to force the women to leave on trespassing charges. I find it disturbing that they act this way toward women but they are within their legal right to do so.

  9. The whole sharia law talk is just a waste of time. All of us know the constitution protects us against laws that supersede it. I am a republican who believes in the constitution, why are we wasting time with this fear mongering. Let get onto the real issues!

  10. Not leaving Islam? Here is your 7th century future.

    Rights? Ridiculous. As a woman in Islam, you are property. You have NO RIGHTS! 4 male witnesses are required for a rape. You are property, beneath the value of animals. Know your place.

    When he wants a new wife he can accuse you of infidelity thoughts and have you stoned.

    What were you thinking? You should be under the toilet.

    You are guilty of trying to change Islam. Guess what the penalty is? Minimum a good burkha beating.

    What kind of a self image would be needed to want be in such a retarded system? Disgusting.

  11. The US grabbermint (and the local police) need to stay outta this one – EXCEPT for one thing: It is time to deport all Muslim immigrants – including US citizens – back to the lands of their origin, and let ONLY those who are willing to publicly apostatize from Islam to remain here. So if they want equal treatment, they can get it by quitting Islam.

  12. islam promotes open discrimination against non muslims,women & anything that bares resemblances to a free thinking democracy. When will western countries obtain the guts to denounce this demoralising & oppressive cult? Western democracies do not support oppression of women and do not support mandatory laws that allow only one religion.So Why is it so difficult for western countries to stand up to this cult “islam” and tell them that in a democratic country in which these muslims NOW Live; barbaric,oppressive & primitive ideals will not be tolerated. Every other country through out the world enforces its own laws,culture & religious beliefs except the west. Islamic codes & ideals are slowly creeping into every western country throughout the world & the violence & problems are going to become enormous. Time to wake up otherwise the UK, America & good old Aus will become middle eastern ghettos full of violent fanatical nutters.

  13. This is the stupidsist site i have ever been to all u americans are dumb although i my self am an american +MUSLIM respect other cultrz we dont want u ppl to join it but just stop making up dumb stories do we muslims talk shit about ur bible or church NO so just stop diss crap

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