UK Muslims: We Will Conquer the White House, Obama Will Be on Knees, Queen Will Wear Niqab

At the current pace, he might be right. Read it all and watch the video via MEMRI TV.

“After [9/11]… Over 35,000 Americans Embraced Islam”

“For your information, after the September 11 bombings, when everybody thought there was going to be a backlash against the Muslim community, they said that within the first six months, over 35,000 Americans embraced Islam. That is a victory for us.”

Demonstrator: Say: “Allah Akbar!”

Crowds: “Allah Akbar!”


Abu Waleed: “We can see throughout history how Islam came to conquer every single country. In 1453, Muhammad Al-Fateh took Islam all the way to the Persian Empire [sic]. The Persian Empire fell because of the light of Islam. History, my dear brothers and sisters, always repeats itself.

“Pharaoh had a dream that Moses would rise up and overthrow him. Likewise, today, the MI5, the FBI, the British Police, the American government, and the British government are all having this dream that Moses has returned. Believe you me, this dream will turn into a living nightmare, because the flag of Islam will be over the U.S. embassy, it will be over Downing Street…”

Demonstrator: Say: “Allah Akbar!”

Crowds: “Allah Akbar!”

Abu Waleed: “It will be over every single embassy until every single embassy closes, and in fact, until all the borders are shut down, and we have only one flag. Look closely, my dear brothers, at that flag of Islam. That is the flag that they fear the most. That is the flag of the Prophet Muhammad – not the Saudi flag, not the American flag, not the British flag, not the Somali flag, not the Bangladeshi flag.


“Today, my dear brothers, victory is for Islam. Victory is for the Muslims. Our Prophet, our Messenger, informed us that Judgment Day will not come until a group of Muslims rise in this nation, and they will go to the White House.”

Demonstrator: Say: “Allah Akbar!”

Crowds: “Allah Akbar!”

“The Day Will Come When David Cameron and Barack Obama Will Be On Their Knees… [and]  Queen Elizabeth Will Wear the Niqab

Abu Waleed: “By Allah, we will conquer the White House, because Allah willing, we will see the day when the door of the White House is kicked in, and the Caliph walks in. The Muslims rise up, like Bilal rose up inside Mecca, and he called for prayers. What did Bilal say? What did Bilal say? It is what we, the Muslims, will say from the White House: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! I bear witness that there is no god but Allah. That is what the call will be, my dear brothers.

44 thoughts on “UK Muslims: We Will Conquer the White House, Obama Will Be on Knees, Queen Will Wear Niqab

  1. “Pharaoh had a dream that Moses would rise up and overthrow him. Likewise, today, the MI5, the FBI, the British Police, the American government, and the British government are all having this dream that Moses has returned. Believe you me, this dream will turn into a living nightmare, because the flag of Islam will be over the U.S. embassy, it will be over Downing Street…”

    Moses wasn’t a Muslim, you morons. Do Muslims have to try to steal EVERYTHING? Nice try, but no cigar.

    • Moses is how to be a not Muslim?? He is a messenger of Allah like Muhammad?? Allaah has mentioned this in the Qur’an a lot. Can you say that Muhammad also is a not Muslim??

        • Hahah What do you say?? Moses was preaching to the worship of Allah alone, the same preaching heralded by Mohammed, different name, but after that the Jews distorted the Torah, the Jewish religion, until they made false and disbelieve in Allah.
          All that and lot Mentioned in the quran.

          Also you can find in YouTube, there is a Jewish rabbi acknowledges that Islam is the religion of the future, and Christianity and Judaism will end soon, and that in the coming years, Islam will spread to 70% in the world. Search YouTube: Islam is the religion of the future. Will find it.

          • Moses was teaching the worship of the God of Israel alone, not of Allah the moon god.

            It was the God of Israel who was leading Moses and his people the jews through the desert to the land of Canaan which then became the land of Israel.

            Allah wasnt even invented by the Muslims yet.

            Islam wasn’t even invented until the 600’s A.D.

            No, the Jews didn’t distort the Torah. Go and look at the Dead Sea Scrolls which were discovered. They are 2000 years old and every single word still matches exactly what is in the Jewish Torah even today.

            Stop believing the lies your fellow moronic Muslims are teaching you and go read a real history book.

            What’s in the Koran are nothing but bits and pieces stolen from both the Jewish and Christian bibles, and then distorted, and then paganism was added to the Koran by the Muslims too.

            Really, you need to educate yourself because you sound really ignorant, as do all Muslims who spout the same stupidity – and this stupidity you say, by the way, was just invented by the Muslims in the last decade or so. No Muslims said such stupid things before Yassir Arafat and his morons invented them.

          • If there is a Jewish Rabbi who says that Islam is the religion of the future it is sure that he doesnt have a Jewish soul, but an Islamic soul and should go home to Islam where he belongs rather than stay with the Jewish people.

          • @Anonymous :

            . ALLAH more note from me and you and Moses, I have cursed the Jews in the Quran several times, and Moses is the prophet like all prophets sent by ALLAH to communicate his message. The Torah and the Bible has crafts Jews and Christians, and this is also mentioned in the Qur’an. If you are accused of false accusations that the Koran, it shows you are ignorant of the Koran and do not know what.

            Qur’an is the miracle of Muhammad, may ALLAH save it from corruption, and he said this in QURAN. The rabbi has told the truth known to many of the rabbis, monks and priests, but they hide it, see to the most famous priests and jews who have declared their Islam, have you seen a Muslim sheikh who converted to Judaism or Christianity?? This is also endorse what was said by ALLAH  in QURAN.

          • An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile. A representative from Israel began:

            ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath!’

            Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water.

            When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them!

            The Palestinian representative jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then.’

            The Israeli representative smiled and said, ‘And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech…’.

      • Well, now you now what you’re dealing with. Heh.Insanity has a problem with the truth. It just shrugs truth off ands stumbles on…fingers in ears, eyes closed…and mouth wide open, always.

  2. By definition Muslims all are seditionists first. Only under sharia. That makes them inadmissible legally, but politically correct lefts control our government.

  3. Allah akbar Allah akbar, I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. . Sincerity of Abu Walid, the fact that Muhammad said: that Islam will return as it began.
    You are very ignorant what is islam, and you talk only Without the knowledge.

    • All you are managing to do is bear witness that you are an idiot for following that evil cult. Nothing to be proud of, son.

      • Say what you want, I will not blame you, because you don’t know the true meaning of: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah. You Don’t know what the real islam.You don’t know any happiness experienced by Muslim in the worship of Allah alone with no partner or associate.

          • I forgive you your delusions but not any actions you take under the auspices of evil islam.
            Try actually reading the koran for yourself and remember that almost every peaceful verse has been abrogated. It is a book of war, war on anyone who will not submit to islam. The choices are convert, be subjugated or die. I choose none of the above, I choose the end of the evil cult of islam. It will come eventually. I await the day. Mark my words.

            And Islam leaves death & destruction wherever it goes. There is no “happiness” in islam. It’s history speaks for itself. You do not.

          • Uh Islamic man- we the JEWs are the people who preached ONE GOD way long before the Mohammed perverted the teachings and tried to replace JEWS with Muslims b/c he coveted what they were given -b/c youare related to ABRAHAM he gifted the sons of Ishmael with land and wealth but not the covenant- sorry too bad for you. NO matter how you try and change the story, the words the BOOK- you lose on that one

            read Romans- God does not go back on HIS word or promises to JEWS ever

  4. To Mr. WALEED, the only thing you will never see is the ISLAMIC FLAG OVER THE WHITE HOUSE is because the third hole in your head is not another eye to see with, but to drain out your BRAIN for the PIGS to lick up.

  5. “And, God be our witness, we will sent the followers of Mohammed to Hell, their corpses expelled from the intestines of pigs and dogs…”

    Muslims should remember that loose talk is noose talk.

  6. NOPE MOses was an Egyptian man who got commandments from the JEHOVAH JEW GOD and is not ALLAH the moon rock god of the Kabaa.
    If Jews distorted the TORAH why did Mohammed steal anything he knew from it? why did he get the stories wrong? Abraham was asked to sacrifice his SOPN ISSAC not the slave girl;s son Ishmael- Mohammed does not get to change the stories or lie about angels to justify his personal perversions- why does Koran have no stories? no chronological order?? why it does not make any sense without the JEWISH prophets? Jews stories match exactly the scrolls at Qumran and Koran does not- Muslims (Uthmar) burned copies that didn’t match or he didn’t like- if God gave the Koran why were all the copies different? and a GOAT ate part of your book- so it is also incomplete-Mohammed could not read or write- people tried to remember his words hundreds years after he died, and the two sides left strated to kill each other the day he died- sunni vs shia—So sad, once again JEWS have to teach you your own history

    I will tell my favorite joke now AGAIN
    The Quran is at a job interview. The boss asks-Do you have references?- Quran replies, -Torah and Bible, call them. – So the boss calls Torah, and Torah replies, -I have never heard of him. – Confused, the boss calls Bible and Bible says, – I know him; he is a liar and a thief and is actually from Satan, the devil, don’t believe him. -Pressed by the boss, Quran defends by saying – They are liars. -And the boss reasons – if they are liars, why do you use them for references unless you are insane?

    • Moses was not an Egyptian man. He was a Hebrew who was raised in the Egyptian court because he was rescued as an infant by Pharoah’s daughter. He was not an Egyptian, he was a Jew. Back then called Hebrews. Same people.

  7. As for history I supposed Waleed does not remember all the land including TURKEY was conquered by the ROMANS (Byzantine) and so by their own rules it is CHRISTIAN WAQF and should rightfully return to them LOL
    HAGIA SOFIA is occupied Christian land
    andif Muslims continue to aggress they will meet the same fate as their predecessors- pushed back to the sands – defeated by superior culture and civilizations

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      • It is always reassuring to see the childish bullying of the mohammudens, for those who constantly preach and preen are showing their worries to the world. The strong have no reason to gather and shout curses. They know that, at the right time, they will act, and that is all that is necessary.

        I hope that the meetings, the “demonstrations,” and the calls for pride for islam never stop. As long as they have to keep telling us they are strong….we know they are afraid of the infidel.

    • The time will come when the West will finally wake up, and decide to exterminate the Muslim Maggots- once and for all!
      The Allah Psychos are cowardly, loudmouth ZEROS who will plead for mercy when we come after them with a vengeance.
      Out of here, you Pieces of Shit!

      • There is action being taken behind the scenes that the mohammudans are not aware of. Let them chant and cry. It is already decided.

  9. @isahiah62
    Hahahahah this is nonsense!!! Was it at the time a Palestinian or an American or Australian?? The young man who was taking his clothes of the people of Pharaoh, whom ALLAH sent Moses to invite them to worship Him.

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  11. Zech 8:20-23

    20 “Thus says the LORD of hosts: Peoples shall yet come, even the inhabitants of many cities; 21 the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, ‘Let us go at once to entreat the favor of the LORD, and to seek the LORD of hosts; I am going.’ 22 Many peoples and strong nations shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem, and to entreat the favor of the LORD. 23 Thus says the LORD of hosts: In those days ten men from the nations of every tongue shall take hold of the robe of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.’”

    FACT: In these days, there aren’t many places in this world where there is much respect for Jews [even in “christian” USA?]! But, in those days, according to this scripture, most of the world [or, even all of the world?] will accept Jews as being “God’s ELECT”! What needs to happen for those days to become a reality? What needs to happen so many peoples and strong nations will accept the nation of Israel as being this world’s most important nation? (Don’t people of “this religion” and “that religion”, believe it is they who are “the elect” who will rule the world, even for a thousand years, with their Messiah?)

    Could peoples and nations, that despise Jews in these days, be expected to ever accept Jews as being the “elect”? What will it take for so many, even christians, to change their thinking about Jews?

    What peoples, of what nations, in those days, might be “swept into the sea”, instead of Jews being “swept into the sea”?

  12. Stop living in a fool paradise… See what Islam produce in Iran Irak Afghanistan and pakistan…. Syariah law means Jungle law

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  14. Yes, Praise God, that there shall be an uprising against islam and that billions of moslems will be destroyed and the Caliph will be removed from the White House. One day the black rock in Mecca will be but a molten puddle.

    Islam will be purged from America

    Praise the Lord.

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  16. Muslims are freakin braindead moronic sandmonkeys. The inbreeding and desert heat have screwed up their mind. We are tolerant of them for the time being..until the next 9 11. And then we will wipe these morons off the planet. Fool me once shame on you ..fool me twice..shame on me. The last time muslims really got out of hand..we overthrew 2 muslim governments. What do you think will happen next time? ( considering obama will not be presdent next time)

  17. try and throw down the PAKISTAN u fooollss.
    ignorant people.u call us pigs u worse than that you r going straight in the way of dont what it means to be a follower of MUHHAMMAD(pbuh).
    just wait and see what happens to u jews,cristians,hindus, etc..
    ALLAH will give u sever punishment for what u did.
    ALLAH is giving u the chance to beg for forgiveness.
    ALLAH is the most mercifull.
    and you muslim brothers dnt argue with them just wait and see what happens to them. follow the way which our Prophet teached us.

  18. Mohamed… only one miracle of flying a donkey at night. No witnesses. Jesus… the chosen one, over a dozen documented miracles. Thousands of witnesses. The bible was written in aramaic not hebrew. There you will find over 70 times God refer to is son Jesus. You will read over 30 times jesus speak to his father God. Ypu can read the apposals account of jesus and his relation to his father. Jesus is the chosen messiah in both the qoran and the bible.
    Mohameds wife aisha was a catholic
    .. she believed in jesus ,she was also his favorite. By having a favorite christian for a bride knowing the law of qoran he should have been punished… unless he wrote it and made himself idolized. He thought the sun sets in a pool of mud. To change this or any word from qoran is treasonous but scholars use tiqyya to get more believers especially the ones that will not or cannot read the qoran themselves. Muslims are not bad people but are mislead into dping bad. They are the ones being mislead for evil not for peace. No religion but this one endagers children,no religion but this one shames women says they are cattle,no religion but this one twists words to further for money and earthly items. St. Gabriel speaks very differently in the bible. Then in the quoran… ever notice? He goes to mary and tells her she will have the seed of God and give birth to a savior the son of God and he will do great things.Marys husband had a dream of st gabreil where he tells him to call him jesus and that he will do great things. … the quoran has no introduction of st gabriel and said st gabriel was scared away from a dog aisha had under her bed…. hence all dogs must die because they sence evil… wtf? Then it was NOT st gabriel that visited muhamed!!! If God made the saints and the animals where is the logic. That is just one of many things that tell you muhamed was fooled by something not spiritually from GOD but possibly from a jinn. Some evil spirits change to saints wven Gods to decieve. They lie to get what they want.Everyone knows dogs sence EVIL. What evil wants is to rule the world,distroy lives,get rid of religions. Open your hearts and minds and ask yourself if you are on the correct path because you are good and loved from birth not just by God but by his son who sacrificed himself for you AND never did he ask you to sacrifice anyone for HIM. Next time you close your eyes in postrate or when your eyes lay heavy as you fall to sleep, may the spirit which is the truth of all that is good along with the ancestors slain by mistake forgive you and your kind ,may he cut the cords and attatchment that have bound you and fill your hearts with love at a level that is undiscribable in words so you may feel that of which millions of others have refused to let go. 15000 have converted away from islam this month alone. Only those not willing to read, there for greed, or that are forced have converted follow this is initself a crime to any God to leave a legacy of ignorance greed and fear.its time for the awakening.

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