Federal Judge Cuts al Qaeda Financiers Sentence By Six Years

It is the golden age to be a Muslim terrorist. With Muslim killers exempt from the death penalty apparently and sentences being cut, does anyone smell a Holder nearby? via The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report » Federal Judge Cuts Alamoudi Sentence By Six Years.

The Investigative Project is reporting that a federal judge has reduced the prison sentence for Abdurahman Alamoudi by six years. According to the report:

A federal judge has reduced the prison sentence for Abdurahman Alamoudi, who once was one of the nation’s most prominent political activists until he was found engaging in illegal transactions with Libya and implicated in a plot to kill a Saudi prince. Last week, U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton ordered Alamoudi’s 23-year sentence reduced by 79 months. The briefs explaining why Alamoudi deserved a shorter sentence remain under seal.

U.S. media had reported earlier that federal prosecutors were asking for a judge to reduce Alamoudi’s term. Alamoudi had been convicted for his role in a Libyan plot to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. As an AP report explained:

Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to cut the 23-year prison term being served by an American Muslim activist who admitted participation in a Libyan plot to assassinate King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Fifty-nine-year-old Abdurahman Alamoudi of Falls Church has been in jail since his arrest in September 2003. He pleaded guilty to illegal business dealings with Libya and admitted receiving more than $500,000 in cash from Libyan officials as part of an assassination plot. According to court records, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi wanted then-Prince Abdullah killed after a 2003 Arab League summit where Gadhafi felt he had been insulted. The documents explaining why prosecutors want to cut Alamoudi’s sentence are under seal, but such reductions are allowed only when a defendant provides substantial assistance to the government.”

Despite the AP characterization of Mr. Alamoudi as a “Muslim activist”, a Hudson insitute report identifies him as a leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and explains how a 1988 U.S. Brotherhood document included him as one of the heads of its committees:

The same spreadsheet identifies a number of committees, focusing on such issues as finance, politics, social issues, curricula, security, and Palestine. Those identified as heads of committees may include individuals mentioned throughout this report: Mohamed Hanooti, Jamal Badawi, Bassam Othman, Abdurahman Alamoudi, and Hammad Zaki.The spreadsheet also identifies several organizations as being part of the U.S. MB. These groups were AMSS, AMSE, IMA, ISNA, MAYA, MSA, MISQ, and NAIT.

The Hudson report goes on to explain how Alamoudi played a role in important U.S. Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as the Muslim Student Association (MAS) and  Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) before going on to form the American Muslim Council (AMC) which would play a leading role in U.S. Brotherhood affairs:

ISNA announced in November 1987 that it had formed is own PAC (ISNA-PAC), with Abdurahman Alamoudi as the “leading force” of the ISNA-PAC. Alamoudi had been the ISNA regional representative for the Washington, DC, metropolitan area (and was previously president of MSA and executive assistant to the president of SAAR). He would later go on to form the American Muslim Council (AMC) with Elkadi’s father-in-law Abu-Saud in July 1990. The AMC was designed to encourage Muslims to become involved in politics and other civic activities. Alamoudi immediately began serving as the group’s director.

The AMC largely disappeared after Alamoudi’s conviction.

Alamoudi had 31 counts against him dropped in his plea deal – that keeps getting sweeter. More background here.

8 thoughts on “Federal Judge Cuts al Qaeda Financiers Sentence By Six Years

  1. I am surprised he will serve a sentence at all. These are Homo-Superiors and who are Infidels to judge Satan’s chosen?

    The briefs explaining why Alamoudi deserved a shorter sentence remain under seal. Otherwise the judges name may be named as an accomplice. Follow the money.

    Call King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He should call Eric Holder directly and remind him no one will forget Holders actions. The judge could lose his Islamic faith. Let him know who the judge is. They can try the judge over there for crimes against the royal family. Boy wouldn’t that suck for the PC Liberal judge?

    I am sure rat breath the muslim ratted out his own kind for the reduction. Imams would fatwa and take revenge against Abdurahman Alamoudi.

    I am sure holder wanted him to go free but an election is coming up for no-bama

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  4. Since poser installed let-em-go (do I really need to name them literally?) there has been a whole lot of hooey under their watch. We can only hope there will be retribution in their lifetimes. Eternally, the die is cast.

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