Prosecutors allow Muslim who killed Army recruiter to plead guilty, avoid death sentence

Why would the prosecution, who supposedly wanted this case so badly, with numerous admissions of guilt in hand, allow this confessed Muslim terrorist to plead guilty in a death penalty case where state law forbids a guilty plea? via BBC News – Abdulhakim Muhammad given life for Arkansas shootings.

A man who confessed to shooting two soldiers outside a military recruiting facility in Arkansas has pleaded guilty and received a life sentence.

Abdulhakim Muhammad pleaded guilty to capital murder and attempted capital murder charges in the 2009 shooting.

He struck a plea deal with prosecutors on Monday to avoid the death penalty.

The 23-year-old shot and killed Army Private Williams Andrew Long and injured Pte Quiton Ezeagwula, who had recently completed basic training.

Pulaski County Judge Herbert Wright handed Muhammad a life sentence without parole for capital murder and additional charges.

Muhammad admitted that he drove to a military recruiting station in the Arkansas capital of Little Rock in 2009 and shot Long, 23, and Mr Ezeagwula, then 18, while they were smoking cigarettes outside the facility.

Both men had recently completed basic training and neither had been involved in any combat missions.

Muhammad fired an assault rifle at the pair, killing Long and wounding Ezeagwula.

He later told authorities he would have killed more soldiers if given the opportunity.

Muhammad, who changed his name from Carlos Bledsoe after converting to Islam during college, had previously pleaded guilty to capital murder during pre-trial proceedings. But Arkansas law prohibits defendants from a guilty plea in death penalty cases.

Its seems as if state and federal prosecutors are terrified of actually winning a death penalty case against a Muslim. Instead, he’ll get halal meals, a prayer mat, a Koran, and probably get to prayer with other like-minded Muslims. At taxpayer expense.

Prosecutors in Arizona took the death penalty off the table for the Muslim who intentionally killed daughter – because he’s Muslim.

13 thoughts on “Prosecutors allow Muslim who killed Army recruiter to plead guilty, avoid death sentence

  1. Please quote the law that says a capital murder case cannot result in a plea to life without parole. Both the death penalty and life without possibility of parole are potential sentences.

  2. Another sic JUDGE. Since this thug plead guilty then HANG THE BASTARD. Why should we give him FREE lodging with all the amenties of a good citizen. LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. outsource the prisoner to Mexico. We will save a lot of money. He won’t be able to convert our prisoners to Islam if he is not here.

  4. On the other side, the FRENCH GOVERNMENT awarded the Croix de la valeur to six American servicemen for service in Afghanistan. It was in the Defense News for 26 July.

  5. I thought that Sharia Law pushing Islam believing Muslims like this guy was supposed to be wanted to die to get their 72 Virgins after they killed some Infidels.
    Carlos Bledsoe should pay for the crime he freely committed against 2 innocent victims with his life. Carlos Bledsoe did not give his victims any choice when he killed them.

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