Texas: Hyatt of Richardson Enforces a Muslim-only Policy

We warned told you about the ICNA’s sharia tour a few weeks ago in Muslims to defend sharia law in NY, NJ, Texas. Some folks in Texas found out first hand how sharia is starting to creep in America. via Hyatt of Richardson Enforces a Muslim-only Policy « North Texas Tea Party.

A couple of us decided to drop in to observe from afar (NOT to attend) a Sharia awareness event tonight at the Hyatt of Richardson.  Jim Bright sent this report in:

This evening, Wednesday, July 27, 2011, Dr. Tariq Ramadan (previously banned from the U.S – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tariq_Ramadan), the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founding father of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke at the Hyatt – North Dallas in Richardson, Texas.

The topic:  Dinners to Support Religious Freedom & Sharia Awareness
Certainly the title of his “Dinner” conflicted with his former expulsion from the US, but curious, I decided to at least come out and observe what I can observe.  Arriving at the Hyatt at about 6:10, it was easy to spot the ballroom for the venue, and, seeing very few people in attendance, I took up a seat in the hallway some distance from the ballroom where I felt I could observe the event from a safe, and polite distance.

As I sat, and waited, and minded my own business, a few Muslims began to trickle in. Some in full traditional Muslim clothing, others appearing more Westernized.  Roughly eight or so other Richardson police officers also arrived (apparently this peace loving group was anticipating trouble).

As a few more minutes passed, I noticed an older gentleman with a US Marine Corps Veteran hat in the hall.  As my father was an Air Force Veteran, I struck up a conversation with him and his wife to help pass the time.

We spoke, quietly, and respectfully, about what we were seeing.  At this point I noticed two non-Arabic men, with tickets, entering the event.  No more than a few more moments had passed when a representative of the Hyatt came up to us and asked us to move to the lobby, away from the “party”.  He was rude, and firm.  Not in the way one would expect to be handled by staff at a world-class hotel.  Sadly, I did not get his name.  We asked why, and were told it was a private event (mind you, the private event was inside the ballroom, and we were quite some distance from it).  Surprised, we protested, but accomodated.  Obviously, we had been singled out for being white and not wearing Muslim clothing.

Once in the lobby, we saw the two men with tickets being escorted out.  They had been expelled from the “Dinner to Support Religious Freedom & Sharia Awareness” for being non-Muslim.  At this point, hotel management asked us to leave the property altogether.  Understanding that this is private property and they are well within their rights, I acknowledged that I would, but asked to speak to the hotel manager to voice my complaint.

Her name is Camerron Jackson (I may have her first name misspelled, but this is how I recall her spelling it).

She supported her staff and asked me to leave, at which point I asked for the name of the regional or district manager.  At this point, a Jim Smith intercepted me and told me they could take my contact info, which I gave him, and he promised that person would get back to me.  They then had the police come over to escort us out of the building.
What does this group have to fear from a small handful of non-Muslims standing around, having a private conversation, several doors down from their party?  We had no protest signs, we were in no way disruptive, and we complied with all of their requests, yet the Hyatt, or the Muslims, felt the need to have the police escort us from the lobby?

I guess the Hyatt in Richardson tonight was a “Muslim Only Zone”

[Mike O]

Last night, I’d spoken strongly to discourage any sort of protest of this event at a meeting of concerned conservatives and helped convinced them not to do so.  And I let them know that I would go to catch up with any stragglers that did show up to persuade them against anything confrontational that could prove to be counter-productive.  I have a history for playing the ‘peacemaker’ role at rallies.

The sin I committed tonight- from where I was seated across the lobby- was have Jim stop by long enough to tell me he had been booted.  That got me booted as well.  The police were polite about it,  but the hotel staff said nothing to me at all.

If you weren’t Muslim – or specifically had a room for the night, you were not welcome in the Hyatt of Richardson tonight, even well away from the area of the private event.  It sure put a damper on my desire to go have a drink at the bar and maybe dinner at the hotel after the event was well under way.

My only question was whether the hotel staff had had to pray 5 times to the east today to work their shifts.

The greatest irony is in the name of the event: Dinner to Support Religious Freedom & Sharia Awareness  (Uhh, aren’t Muslims already AWARE of Sharia??)

In case any of you want to comment on this with the hotel (though there might be better response from district manager types), here is the hotel’s web site. PLEASE be polite if you do contact them.

UPDATE: Another piece of irony: we had been concerned people might show up with inflammatory signs and the like.  If people HAD insisted on sign-waving outside the hotel, we had brought a couple for them to use. They said: “Here to Support the Freedoms of Expression, Religion, and Assembly: As Granted Under AMERICAN Law, NOT Sharia.

The same Texas group published an update with video of the event in a post titled, What Non-Muslims Were Not Supposed to See. We haven’t had the opportunity to watch it so check it out for yourselves.

29 thoughts on “Texas: Hyatt of Richardson Enforces a Muslim-only Policy

  1. Outrageous, especially when one considers the event’s billing of Religious freedom. Islam recognizes no other religion as having a right to exist. Even today a women sits condemned to death in Pakistan for expressing belief in Jesus Christ.

    • Keith,

      we need to take a page out of the book of liberal biggots and scream to the high heavens and get the recognition the same way they do.call Al Sharpton,and Jesse Jackson.they will be sure to rally behind this issue.we need the equivolent of these 2 bozos. we need to portray these companies in true light. this sounds like total discrimination against white non muslims. full page adds need to be put out there and see if a dent gets put into hyatts business.you might be surprised.
      pitching a bitch here is ok,but all on here are of similar thought.we need to start making waves with these companies and voicing our opinions and thoughts to all.
      it is our nature as law abiding citizens to obey,but when the abuses become this blatant,its time to make a stand and start demonstrating .

      think TEA party!!!!

      • Totaly agree, the squeeky wheel gets the grease! We can’t have prayer rallys but we must allow and provide places for the Muslims to do their “Prayer Thing” where ever they demand it.

  2. all i want to know is why didn’t you go ahead with a protest outside of the hotel, and why do you feel like you should be a “peacemaker”??

    sorry to say this, but you got what you deserved!!

  3. Boycott, boycott, boycott..

    Personally I don’t like traitors or companies who sell out for money. Way to go Jim Bright, if you hadn’t dropped in we would not know this hotel’s “policy”.

    • 2008 Minn./St.Paul peace rally at capital during LaborDay weekend I wore Uncle Sam hat and red t-shirt with black lettering on front jihad profiler? on duty . On back remember 9 11. The reason aathe ? was becaUSeer at the time I had shirt made up: news channel was talking about profiling being racist or not. I now wear red t with black let

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  5. Which is more absurd…that such things happen or that the nitwit media ignore them? Imagine if two Jewish persons were asked to leave a building and were told they were not welcome just because of their religion: wouldn’t that be blatant discrimination? So what else is this but discrimination.

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  7. “Last night, I’d spoken strongly to discourage any sort of protest of this event at a meeting of concerned conservatives and helped convinced them not to do so. And I let them know that I would go to catch up with any stragglers that did show up to persuade them against anything confrontational that could prove to be counter-productive. I have a history for playing the ‘peacemaker’ role at rallies.”

    So, this guy is an enabler of creeping Sharia then. Too bad, that’s really sad.

  8. What I also found interesting is that the writer felt he was singled out because he was white (besides being non-Muslim). I’ve noticed here in the South a lot of blacks are converting to Islam, and that includes inside jails and prisons. Then they get out and bring it back to the ghettos. This is obviously not good.

    I know of Arab Muslims who even today look down their noses at blacks, even black Muslims, as being inferior and don’t want anything to do with them. They believe that blacks are basically animals and should be in their rightful place as slaves to the Arab Muslims – and many blacks ARE slaves to Arab Muslims all over the Middle East.

    It’s too bad blacks in the US aren’t aware of this because I think it would keep many of them from converting to Islam. More needs to be done to bring awareness of this inside the black communities.

  9. I wrote a letter to the Hyatt pointing out the obvious. It was a polite letter in which I also said I would not be booking with the Hyatt in the future. I received a polite letter back saying they tried to be respectful of all races, religions and persuasions and they understood my position and hoped that I would reconsider staying with them in the future but that this was their policy.

    Probably sooner than later, we are all going to have to take a stance, popular or not. The US acceptance of Islam and Sharia law is soooo dangerous. It is our government that MUST realize that Sharia is not just a part of religion but an element of Islam government. The voices that declare “separation of church and state” for christians MUST maintain the same position with Islam. Islam controls, through Sharia, every aspect of day to day life for Muslims as LAW. What they do in their mosques is up to them, but forcing non-muslims to listen to prayer calls through loud speakers 5 times a day, forcing Amaericans to provide places for them to pray, places for them to wash their feet, allowing demonstrations advocating violence to non-muslims and demanding to be allowed to “punish” offenders for non-compliance (sometimes through death) here in the US is against our constitution and, of course, certainly is not separation of church and state.

    It is hard for Americans to take a hard stance and speak out, but we had better get our boots on and man up before we lose out, becoming like England and Europe.

  10. Would be instructive to discover how many Hyatt employees are MUSLIMITES, including management. Does Hyatt actively solicit ISLAMIST business? Are there prayer rooms on Hyatt properties? Is halal served on request? Does Hyatt have a presence in Indonesia, the playground for moslemic pedophiles and homosexuals?

  11. Actually it is not the mistake of hyatt. It was a private property, and they are withing their rights to refuse entry to anybody from a “private party”.
    But the muslims were at fault to kick out non-muslims (or tell hyatt staff to do so) specially when the meeting was about religious freedom . Arent these muslims hypocrites? What kind of religious freedom when they kick out non-muslims?

    • I have to agree- a private business has to right to eject or admit whom it wills. This is the reason for the signs that say “we reserve the right to refuse service” I fault the Muslims since they billed the event as being about religious freedom and when it backfired they began ejecting people. I suggest women dressed in Islamic clothing attend events like this and tape if possible.

        • I read a book a few years ago by an Iraqi woman who was Jewish. She was of course fluent in Arabic and could understand and translate the hateful rhetoric (she wore a hidden recording device on some occasions) I wish I could remember the name of the book since she does not use her name.

      • Great idea!!!!! Disgusting whats being allowed in our country-wheres our freedom from their propagandist lies. The enemy is being given “white glove service”. When are people going to wake up to reality?

  12. One more corporation to add to the list of enablers of jihad and to avoid like the plague. This particular plague has much in common with swine flu.

  13. There was a tea party assembly in collin county and this Republican Muslim from the House of Reps I believe .. called them a subculture. He also stated that he was more American than they were

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