Obama wishes Muslims a blessed month of jihad, ignored Easter (video)

Obama skipped Good Friday and Easter messages to Christians but he has a well-planned video for 1% of the U.S. population that celebrate the Month of Jihad and victory – also known as Ramadan. h/t Bare Naked Islam

Demographically speaking it doesn’t add up. From the Pew Forum via Wikipedia:

29 thoughts on “Obama wishes Muslims a blessed month of jihad, ignored Easter (video)

    • Very true, we are in such a war. We are cowardly in that more than anything else we fear being called racists or bigots, even when such apprehension leads to our fostering the downfall of our own civilization.
      Pathetic isn’t it? One hundred (or fewer) years from now, when mosques cover the land and niqabi cover the women, our great-grandchildren will be able to say (in Arabic), “Well, at least our ancestors were NICE and OPEN MINDED. At least they weren’t intolerant of other cultures.”
      Won’t that be a warm, snuggly feeling?

  1. True Muslims around the world don’t support this murderer of Muslims, and supporter of Sodomites. If he really believes in the holiness of Ramadan, he should repent from his apostasy, support for murder of Muslims and support of Sodomites due to his obsession with the worldly life which will soon end.

    • I have raad your so called “holy book the Koran” and found it to be the most discusting book I have ever read. If there is a personification of Evil (SATAN) then he wrote this book.

  2. Muhammad, you’re not thinking as clearly as your friends in the Muslim Brotherhood. They despise Obama as much as you do, but they know how to use him, and how to play the game–the game that ends with an America destroyed and cast back into the barbarism and ignorance of the 7th century.

  3. All of us have a duty to first educate our families and e,tended families to the dangers of Islam as promulgated in the Koran. Next see to it that every member of your family is aware that the Second Amendment guarantees all the others.They must then educate others as to what the Western world will face in the near future. Our enemy is vicious and unrelenting.

  4. Its remarkable that so much compassion understanding
    mercy humility humanity concern caring teaching loving
    put into such a few minutes where much kindness given.

    Of course such is BARACK his experience comes from
    many lives where he has strived in bringing a more just
    world / offering hope /he a beacon of light for humanity.

    It matters little his position in life. /In being Pharaoh with
    vast riches & power / unto he a common poor individual
    his inner nature shines through giving all / new hope /in
    inspiring the greatest effort / strength / courage / ability.

    • WW you must be one of those Obotic trolls paid for by Obama campaign who learned the “craft” in the summer indoctrination camps, err I mean the free job training for community organizers, promoted by Obot campaign staff.

      Our nation has very few MUSLIMS, so why make a point to empahasize Ramadan and ignore the majority faith which he is supposedly part of ? Christians

      Obama is a liar, a pretender, a man who cannot fix his own identiy issues, a half white man who denies that part of him and pretends to be American black, a man who says heis pro USA and yet does all he can to disrespect it

      • and PS WW- please get a new nickname ..you disgrace the true William Wallace, a hero- and rebel- a noble warrior who FOUGHT real wars not a pacifist meditiating on his navel wishin’ and a hopin’ the world was not what it is– when faced with an enemy, please as your choice, sit quietly and let him saw your fool head off- but don’t dare prescribe the same for us.

        …….A man who hasn’t found something he is willing to die for is not fit to live.
        ………….quote from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


    • you got you head up your ass, not to see what he’s doing. He’s telling us he’s a MUSLIME, if you cant see that, you must be one of the village morons who voted for him!

    • Um, Jennifer, are you paying attention? Lucky you that you have not been directly damaged by them. Not so lucky Christians in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places. Be aware that Muslims are not operating from a Judeo-Christian perspective. We Christians (and Jews as well) tend to expect all religions to have a basis in love, kindness, compassion, generosity, mercy and the fruits of the spirit. We view God as having a personal interest in each of us. What we fail to realize is that while Judaism/Christianity are based on such virtues,
      Islam is not. Please consider reading the Koran to learn more about the bigotry, zealotry and duplicitousness of this politico-religious cult.

  6. Obama has now even given up the pretence of being a Christian and is now openly siding with his real faith: islam.

    America, don’t vote him back to office.
    Choose a better president in 2012.

  7. While the UN dallies and Obama dithers, the violence against the people of Syria by their own dictator escalates. This is how Obama handled Iran in 2009 and we should expect nothing less than that for Syria, Pakistan, and any other islamic state/terror supporting state.
    Wiki-Leaks strengthens the reasonable fears and concerns that I have with Iran, that we should all have.
    MSMIgnoresIt on Blogger

    • Don’t care about the syrians. Don’t care
      About any muzzies. We need secular dictators to keep the radical Muj in line. These dictators are being replaced by jihadi Muslim brotherhood which is very bad. Don’t be fooled, Islam and democracy are non compatible… Because sharia doesn’t allow for it.

  8. obama wlll not admit to beimg a muslim openly and technically, he may not be…irrelevant islam is where his heart and sympathies lie. For so many reasons, he must be stopped. He is destroying America.

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