Tampa Police CSI tech admits “fear of Muslim reprisal” in Muslim woman’s ‘honor’ killing coverup

An update on the Tampa police honor killing cover up, h/t Jihad Watch

It appears that some officials feared Muslim reprisal, feared media attention if the case became public and therefore decided to promptly call this violent death an accident without any further investigation beyond the incident date.

Florida Family Association (FFA) now has direct evidence that officials with the Tampa Police Department are intimidated by the possible involvement of religious creed in the death of the Palestinian woman named Fatima Abdallah.

The Tampa Police Department claims that Fatima Abdallah killed herself by repeatedly beating her head against a coffee table.   FFA and numerous other organizations call that assertion preposterous.  Florida Family Association contends that Fatima Abdallah died as the result of an honor killing and not an accident.  Florida Family Association’s full report on the mishandling of the death of Fatimah Abdallah is posted here at Floridafamily.org

Tampa Police Crime Scene Technician Shelby Garman called Florida Family Association’s private investigator on July 26, 2011 to request that her name be removed from the Tampa Police Department GO report posted at Floridafamily.org because of “fear of Muslim reprisal.”  Click here to read our private investigator’s report.

Florida Family Association wanted more documentation to support our private investigator’s report so we sent an email to Shelby Garman.  When Florida Family Association asked Shelby Garman by email to confirm her request she did.  Click here to read her reply and email property validation information that documents she sent the email from the Tampa Police Department.

This Crime Scene Technician’s statement and request verifies what Florida Family Association has alleged all along that the Tampa Police Department and/or the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner Office were intimidated by the possible involvement of religious creed in the death of Fatimah Abdallah.  It appears that some officials feared Muslim reprisal, feared media attention if the case became public and therefore decided to promptly call this violent death an accident without any further investigation beyond the incident date.

If law enforcement agencies are unwilling to properly investigate and bring charges in violent crimes that may have been perpetuated by religious creeds it will undermine our public safety and severely change our value system.

Florida Family Association sent this letter asking Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to investigate the  mishandling of this death investigation by the Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Medical Examiner.

We have prepared an email for you to send to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi asking her to investigate this case.  Your email is very important in helping her to know how crucial this public safety issue is to us all.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button.  You may change the wording in the subject line or message.

Please click here to send your email to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her Chief of Staff Carlos Muniz. 

Please forward this article to friends who you know would be interested in this issue.

Please click here to send your email to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi calling for her office to investigate Tampa Police Dept.

More via Florida Family Association.

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22 Responses

  1. murder is murder if a man wants to kill his wife or any female convert to islam do it and call it a honor killing.

  2. it is physically impossible for someone to kill themselvees like that…she would have passed out or gone unconcious after the 3rd or 4th hit

  3. Suicide by coffee table – that must be a first!

  4. This is sick and insane. Are we in America? Is Tampa, FL in the USA? How can any woman be sold out like this, with no justice, on US soil? Thank you so much to CS for doing this.

  5. Suspected honor killings should be investigated by the FBI and treated as hate crimes. At the state level, an honor killing should be prosecuted as murder in the first degree, even when there is no obvious pre-meditation. We do this with line-of-duty police officer killings, so why not protect these unfortunate women with a similar law? To hell with muticulturaliysm and political correctness. People, not Prophets!


    • Cowardly Cops…who would have thunk?! You are f… armed and you are afraid of a bunch of Moslem Maggots?
      Turn in your badges, and go hide somewhere, you Yellow Bastards!

  7. The operating factor is FEAR! FEAR of moslemites and what they are permitted to do to non-muslimites, fear that should there be an act of revenge the police cannot protect the innocent from the most awful practices the islamists practice. When will the FEAR stop? When we have an American president who will FEARLESSLY lead the NATIVES against the COLONISTS who still think they are in a clan dominated country.

    • exactly. FEAR is the operating factor. USA is going same way like India, always living in fear of muslim reprisals. The entire governmental machinery actually bends in fear of muslim retaliation. Atleast you have second amendment, you got guns.

  8. GOD please give Law enforcement courage to get at truth and have courage to prosecute. The FAN ISSUE mag. July 25,2011 pg.73 has ad=====In TIMES OF CRISES, SOME RUN TO THE FIGHT=Navy Ad. Fight peacefully I hope. Muslim with 2 wives spends $1000 on food in Royersford.

  9. Even the police department is in fear of the large number of potentialy violent islamists who would think nothing of attacking the policemens family as in other islamic cultures. I also believe that islam is using the stock market to enrich those in power. Imagine a coded phone call to take advantage of a huge decline or advance in a stock. Then consider the position of the Blackrock group of companies that are in a position to do that.. Shame on the corrupt people in our government selling America for personal wealth.

  10. We knew when we saw the Comedy Channel keep South Park from showing mo (2nd time; 1st time, Parker and Stone refused) — just so we won’t have “unnecessary problems” it was coming.

    We knew when everyone up to and including obammy begged Pastor Jones not to burn the koran, because after all, we wouldn’t want innocent muslim blood on our hands, if they rioted, would we?

    We knew then and definitely now, that we have to stop this BS fear sutff RIGHT NOW. Stop the damn mosques any old place, regardless of zoning; stop the pressure to agree with UN blasphemy laws, stop obammy’s prayers and thoughts for only the MUSLIMS who died on 9-11 during his stupid dinner the other night.

    What can we do other than send the messages and spread the word? (And stay educated). God, this world today is starting to make me sick! Who the hell took my country and world? Why the hell are we cowering in front of camel jockeys in bathrobes?

  11. As Cobain said, “All apologies.” (Sorry for duplicate post.)

  12. We are going to need the military at some point. The losses will be less now, and greater as we go on.

    Like in Britain,
    It will be beyond the police to deal with such large numbers, and the cities cannot continue to pay the welfare for these people.

    Visualize camps for these people. We had them for the Japanese for those who don’t believe it can happen.

    Stay to the small towns. Don’t move to the city.

  13. it will hit the fan when people have had enough of them and take the law into their own hands . . . of lack there of

  14. I’m not certain I understand this. Honor killings are wrong because they are murder. Murder is a crime. Punish the crime. Period. Allowing some sort of special standing because it is a religious event (good or bad) lends credence to the “religion” perpetuating the activity. Call it what is : MURDER. Why all this debate? Muslims kill each other for some pseudo-religious reason? It is still murder.

  15. Muslims just look for any reason to revolt and either kill or intimidate. Islam is not conpatable with American customs or way of life and since it is an Ideology instead of a religion it should be outlawed in America. If a religion wants the protection of our constitution it should not be trying to overthrow or replace our government and setup theirs. Sharia law needed to be banned also..What other religion is trying to do that to the American government? Peace to all non-muslims.

  16. Lets change the name to Tampon Bay Police Dept cause they are a bunch of pussies.

  17. […] sharia-advocating Muslims and Muslim groups waging jihad, teaching Islam in public schools, police covering up Islamic honor killings. being strong-armed by Islamic groups, and […]

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