Keith Ellison Protecting Islamic Halal Slaughter…in the Netherlands

Once again begging the question Who Does Keith Ellison Represent? Unemployment and deficits at record levels. Muslims from Minnesota supporting and joining Islamic terrorists in Somalia. Gang violence on the rise in Minnesota. Even the taxpayer funded Islamic school where Ellison sends his daughte with mostly immigrants is being shut down over legal issues. Yet, Keith Ellison has time to spare defending sharia slaughter in another country. via Ellison Rallies Against Ritual Slaughter Ban – Golden Valley, MN Patch.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) has joined Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) in urging the Netherlands upper house not to affirm a ban on ritual slaughter.

Ellison, who is a Muslim, and Engel, who is Jewish, say the bill being considered by the Dutch Senate would curtail religious freedom, according to Jewish news outlet JTA:

“This bill would have a direct impact on the one million Muslims and 50,000 Jews who live in The Netherlands,” said a letter the two congressmen sent Monday to Godefridus de Graaf, president of the Dutch Senate. “Both these communities stand to suffer significant hardship if this bill becomes law, and we agree with Dutch Jews and Muslims who say that such a law would curtail their religious freedoms.”

Under the bill being considered by the Senate, animals are required to be stunned before slaughter. Both Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter must be performed while the animal is fully conscious.

The bill was put forward by the Animal Rights Party, which claims that stunning before slaughter causes less pain to the animal. The Jewish and Muslim communities have a year to prove otherwise or the law goes into effect, JTA reports.

Meanwhile, Ellison Says Iowa Is A ‘Homogeneous State’. In other words, it’s too white and too Christian.

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7 thoughts on “Keith Ellison Protecting Islamic Halal Slaughter…in the Netherlands

  1. This one needs to go…. Vote like the country depended on it, and it does!

    His goal is replacing the US constitution with sharia, or he is not a Muslim.

  2. So barbaric, so barbaric. Their G*d requires innocent animals to suffer or the meat from them is offensive to Him? What kind of a deity is this? Stop and think.
    I’m vegan, but it’s OK with me if people eat meat attained in a humane way, if they can tolerate eating it. So when you combine female genital mutilation – to prevent any pleasure from intercourse – with the necessity for terrifying, painful slaughter to acquire meat, what kind of culture do you have? Sadistic wretches.

  3. A couple of years ago I was driving through a Muslim dominated and as common, run down area of my local city.

    Both sides of the main arterial road are dominated by the usual Pakistani businesses, travel agents, tatty cyber ‘cafes’, fake educational establishments, money forwarding centres, the usual detritus of a people constantly flitting back and forth, never settling or making any attempt at integration.

    In addition are the ‘continental’ food marts and of course, butchers, all spilling out on dusty, dirty and often rain bedraggled streets with not much of a nod towards hygiene or the food standards we’d be forced by law into compliance if non Muslim.

    Stopped at the interminable traffic jams these places endure I glanced down a side street with a halal butcher’s on the corner.

    A rusting van, unmarked, dented, fenders hanging off and covered in grime was parked and out of the cab emerged two swarthy unshaved men who unlocked the back and proceeded to drag a whole lamb carcase off the bloody floor.

    The lamb then dropped onto the ground and was dragged down the litter strewn pavement, not lifted mind, down to the entrance on the main road and then taken in.

    That’s halal, I thought. So particular. So rigid. So hypocritical.

    They insist on the bleeding to death of an animal to remove impure or rapidly decaying elements within the blood and then drag this supposedly cleansed product through dog shit, discarded food and it’s wrappers and all the filth and junk which covers inner city sidewalks.

    The whole thing is a ridiculous sham. Then again doesn’t that apply to the whole shebang?

  4. as with most things Mohammed bastardized/tried to steal from JUDAISM- halal is the f**cked up version of KOSHER slaughter- the quickest, humane way to kill animals (which Netherlands has now outlawed)- the idea of kosher is quick death (kinder to animal and healthier to eat as no adrenaline released to meat) – and kosher specifies no blood be left before cooking- however under kosher rules the animalis not bled while still alive-
    As with most EU nations_-jew hate & persecution increases while excuses and acceptance of their perverse cult increases for Muslims.
    Even Geert Wilders voted against KOSHER.

    • Halal requires that the animal not suffer before death. This animal party (much like this website) is full of anti-Muslim bigots. I hope all of you end up like your hero Andrew brevlik. The irony is from the Jewish poster who can’t set aside his visceral hatred of Muslims even though the animals of the animal party have banned kosher too!

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