Manhattan Children’s Museum’s Taxpayer Funded ‘Muslim Worlds’ Exhibit

Following on the heels of the “Muslim Civilization” exhibit in LA comes Manhattan Children’s Museum Gets Funding for ‘Muslim Worlds’ Exhibit – WNYC Culture. h/t Bare Naked Islam

Whirling dervishes, mosaics and 1,001 tales will soon be coming to the Upper West Side, thanks to a $40,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan says its future exhibition new “Muslim Worlds” is the first show of its kind in the U.S. geared toward a family audience.

Striking at the future of America, very young and impressionable children.

“Muslim Worlds” will have hands-on exhibits, performances and other events geared toward getting children involved with the thousands of years of cultural heritage that has come from Muslim countries.

Hands on? A stoning pit? Halal slaughter? Violent protest area? Wife beating simulation? Or maybe just some plain old gender discriminating prayer rooms.

Though the museum promises to “bring to life the similarities and differences of Muslim cultures,” John Jay College Sociology Professor Mucahit Bilici said that exhibits like this operate on the assumption that Muslim people are separate from American society.

“I would say that the major problem with this project is that it treats Muslims as exclusively external people — as foreigners,” he said.

Who, Mr. Bilici, separates the world into Dar al Islam and Dar al Kufr?

Omitted: obligatory comment and Islamo-victimization whining from terror-linked CAIR.

There is plenty of time for debate and polemics between supporters and detractors of the exhibit. The tentative start date for the “Muslim Worlds” exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is 2014.

Let the debate begin. Don’t, however, expect any polemics regarding the Koran amongst Muslims. 

8 thoughts on “Manhattan Children’s Museum’s Taxpayer Funded ‘Muslim Worlds’ Exhibit

  1. Welcome to our Muslim World .. lets get started . . .
    Gee kids it’s the 21st century but we’ll ignore that and just pretend like it’s the 7th OK! By the way little girls the koran says that you can be raped and you’ll need 4 other rapists to be on your side to accuse your rapist of his crime. lots of luck with that one? If not you will be at fault and accused of adultery. LOL what fun? Hey guys, you little boy see what you have to look forward to? How does that vest fit, comfy huh? We’ll show you how to use it later. Our founder Mo was such a nice guy, he liked little kids for sure? Just think you could be married by now and you know what else he could do to you? Its OK if others don’t listen to us, why? They’ll just loose their heads? Now where did that head go, where did we put it? How silly? Honey how would you like wearing a black tent like this woman over here? Betcha can’t wait to grow up and wear one too? They are so nice in the summer too? Just think kids once you join us you’re in, if you ever decide to leave us, well just don’t.

  2. The buildings erected @ the Twin Tower site intentionally kept any inference to Muslims that KILLED OUR BREATHERN out of the word & structure! For ALL OF HISTORY, THERE IS NO MENTION THAT MUSLIM’S KILLED OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS ON 9/11 @ THIS MEMORIAL. Sickening.

    • Alkidya, I read about that. I also listened about it on Radio Jihad this week. Also heard about how the guest roster was white-washed to hide the identities of “certain attendees” during his Iftar dinner.

  3. Sounds like some people are expending one heck of a lot of energy trying to make a purse out of a sow’s ear. Islam & muslims have very little to offer anyone yet the lies and the puffing up continue with the intent to elevate islam to a place it has not earned or deserves. Of course children are very impressionable & will believe everything they are told, even blatant lies , right?

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