Ground Zero Mosque Developer Accused of Fraud by Allstate

At least the third insurance company to do so, via Insurance News – Allstate Accuses ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Developer of No-Fault Fraud Scheme.

Allstate has become the latest insurance company to accuse Hisham Elzanaty, one of the money men behind the so-called Ground Zero mosque development, of orchestrating a “highly developed and sophisticated kickback scheme” that allegedly reaped more than $5 million for Elzanaty and others. State Farm and Geico have also lodged similar allegations against Elzanaty.

According to Allstate’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Elzanaty and several others allegedly conspired with a licensed medical doctor to incorporate four professional service corporations and set up a scheme that took advantage of New York’s no-fault automobile insurance laws.

The complaint said the bills generated by the doctor, Jadwiga Pawlowski, were submitted to and paid by Allstate. However, Allstate argues the “lion’s share” of the funds collected were siphoned to a management company owned and controlled by Elzanaty.

The complaint also accuses Elzanaty of setting up a corporate entity that allowed him to open up several more medical professional service facilities and to “serve as the corporate veil behind which Elzanaty perpetrated the other aspects of his multimillion-dollar enterprise of fraud.

In addition to Elzanaty, the complaint names Pawlowski, and others and several of the medical services facilities. The complaint accuses Elzanaty and the rest of the defendants of violating federal laws covering interstate commerce, racketeering, unjust enrichment and mail fraud. The complaint also alleges the defendants violated New York’s common law fraud and no-fault laws.

Allstate is being represented by Robert Macchia and Mehmet Gokce.

According to federal court records, Elzanaty was hit with a similar suit filed by State Farm in September. That suit accused Elzanaty of billing State Farm for unnecessary tests related to automobile accidents. State Farm asked a federal judge issue judgment against Elzanaty and others for roughly $1.9 million.

And in March, Geico and several of its subsidiaries accused Elzanaty of bilking them out of $1.7 million in improper surgical procedures and anesthesiology services.

Last year, Elzanaty, an Egyptian-born businessman from Long Island, provided a large portion of the $4.8 million needed to buy the Burlington Coat Factory store that was set to be demolished to make way for a community center, which would also house a Muslim prayer space, several blocks from the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Was the building purchased through fraud? An engine from one of the planes landed in the Burlington Coat Factory building – so it is Ground Zero.

In better news, no federal funding for the victory mosque…yet, via Protestors rail against Park51 gov funding:

The group, which had applied for a $5 million Lower Manhattan Development Corporation grant last November, was denied funding last week. Though Park51 hasn’t confirmed it will re-apply for funds, opponents of the project fear that’s exactly what the nonprofit will do.

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10 thoughts on “Ground Zero Mosque Developer Accused of Fraud by Allstate

  1. Allstate and the other insurance companies just do not understand sharia finance yet. They will need more lessons from the muslim brother hoods. The aim is to bring America down by any means and finance is a good way

  2. Its because you are Islamophobic! BHO and his wife used an entire jet to bring their dog to them! No one said a word.

    Its just Sharia law. Get over it. At least they did not jihad Allstate.

  3. I see. Most doctors graduating today are Muslim, and won’t even treat Jews. This is how they make up for lost income. Fraud!

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  5. And I just saw a few stories done by the news orgs and they claim that this is a fine wonderful organization. It looked like they were reading prewritten canned BS press releases. I knew it was all BS since Feisal Abdul Rauf refuses to discuss the project’s finances. Hisham Elzanaty scams insurance to come up with much of the cash to buy the building that was damaged during the attacks on 11 Sep 2001 by people of the same beliefs as them. If they really were peaceful as they claim, they would move the mosque further away from were Ground Zero is. It is in bad taste to disrespect all of the people who lost their lives at the hands of their fellow 7th Century lifestyle people.

    Read more:

  6. Despite everything, the lies, the corruption and the manipulation will Gloomberg insist on continuing to support this monstrosity, this middle finger to America? If you let him , it’s your own fault.

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