Prostitution Muslim style…halal (video)

via Winds of Jihad and 1389

France 24 TV goes undercover in Indonesia to explore a bizarre trend in the country’s sex tourism industry. A growing number of Saudi Arabian men are temporarily marrying Indonesian prostitutes to have sex with so that they don’t technically engage in non-marital sex. Therefore, in their opinion, their sexual relations with a prostitute are religiously lawful.

Pssstttt…. Muslim “Pleasure Marriages” Quietly Practiced in America!

17 thoughts on “Prostitution Muslim style…halal (video)

  1. The book “Challenges of the Progressive Muslim” exposes a lot of these little “conveniences” of maintaining piety hidden under the umbrella of Shar’ia Law.

  2. Yes-sir-ree, those Muslims are certainly inventive when it comes to sex. Now if only they could invent a way to not kill themselves, along with us kuffars, wouldn’t that be hunky dory? Oh well, the ol’ sex drive is the mother of invention — mutah marriage, why of course! Muhammad would be proud of his “spiritual” descendents.

  3. In this video, the women seem not to be minors. However, in places like Iran, young girls are used in these temporary “marriages” to bring in money for the family.

    This is terribly tragic and unjust for these girls, and the parents that allow it should be jailed for child abuse and child prostitution. Although it’s probably a significant source of income for a struggling family, they have no right to steal their daughter’s childhood and marriage prospects. This is criminal and tragic.

    People should be spreading this information around. It, like so many other things in Islam — supposedly a superior religion by Islam’s account — is deplorable.

    Readers here should be taking information to liberal websites like Care2 Causes, which are propaganda mouthpieces for the Left’s and Islam’s agendas. Their strategy is to promote promiscuity, fulminate against Christianity and Christians, and tell us how wonderful Islam is and that Muslims are “victims.” And of course, whatever the ills of Muslims and Islam is, it’s never their fault or responsibility, rather it is all attributable to non-Muslims.

    Please go there and get into the discussions (although today they don’t have a piece). There are usually pieces that target Christians, Christianity, Israel, Republicans, and subtly try to influence the tearing down of any restraints on free sex.

    This constant pounding away of these issues slowly turns the readers into the Left-wing, pro-Islam morons. They are largely ignorant of what Islam is about, and many of them reflexively defend it.

    This is the type of front that needs to be fought on.

    Thank you, Creeping Sharia, for keeping us informed about what’s going on with this political/religious ideology that is trying to foist its violent, cruel, repressive and retrograde values off onto us.

    • islam is NOT a religion, it is a POLITICAL AGENDA. We MUST stop calling it a religion, this only feeds further into the lies and deception!

  4. This is medieval. Where are all the voices of Muslim outrage about this practice? Quit worrying about what the US is doing and address actual injustice and abuse.

  5. muslims are such hypocrites….they say the west is decadent and immoral and that may be true as we are a FREE society,, but muttah marriage is just sharia legalized prostitution, eg RELIGIOUSLY sanctioned adultery and whoredom, it is also the exploitation of women , something that is banned in Christianity and its teachings,, so proof positive that islam is a filthy cult with filthy morals,I mean just look at their version of paradise, a huge whore house with 72 perpetual self healing virginal vaginas for mens reward as martyrs!! what a gutter minded belief system where nothing matters but sex sex sex ,,,such PURE people those muslims are !!!!!

    • I’m an Indian guy and I’ve been taught tolerance for all religions.. but what you wrote below is just exactly how I felt after reading about halal prostitution.. Brilliantly expressed..

      In case you’re not aware, the Muslim priest is allowed to act legally as a pimp in one of the “holiest” places in Iran.

  6. one can only conclude that Muslims think ALLAH is STUPID. And that HEis easy to fool.

    Do they really think they can fool a supreme being with fake “marriages” ?

    do they think ALLAH is stupid enough to see that they DO indeed pay interest on loans, they just name it differently, and call it sharia compliant?

  7. Like I said before islam has a fix, an excuse for everything. It follows in the footsteps of it’s leader who had a convenient revelation that solved any of his problems. Lying hypocrites.

  8. Islam is good religeon that gaide all the muslim in this world any body that follow law sharia of mulslim such person share not be perish

    • Keep telling yourself that… And keep hoping that you’ll someday in some twisted version of paradise (more of a whorehouse) get your 72 virgins..

      Tell me something.. why dont these Islamic terrorist regards just “grow” 72 virgins.. I’m pretty sure the costs would be “significantly lesser” than arms and other people’s lives.. + you’ll get the virgins when you’re alive!!!!

  9. It is just typical of Moslems (to behave that way) like many brown people (after given so much aids by the West to improve their lifes, becoming some sort of leaders, taking away all the welfare aids and well paid jobs in the West), looked down on Westerners or us nonbelievers who are downtrodden.

  10. U all ppl are lol who think they are Muslim and this kind of thing Islam says .. No never this is totally haram to marry with intention to leave later . and just for sex..

    They are shia (Not Muslim) they do this kind of thing…

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