Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims

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According to an article of the Greek newspaper “Eleftherotypia”, under the scope of reforms in the Greek Family Law, the Shariah will be abolished for Greek Muslims.

This Muslim law establishes among others the right of polygamy and gives only to men the right to divorce their wives which constitutes a problem for the women in Thraki, Northern Greece. Even in Turkey, this law was abolished in 1926.

In addition, this law does not comply with the Greek constitution which establishes the equality of Greeks regarding the application of the laws and the equality of men and women. The National Committee on the Human Rights considers that the Shariah does not protect minorities but abuses the rights and values of all the Greek Muslims.

It is also announced that the family and hereditary relations of all Greek citizens will be regulated by Greek Laws. Thus, the Mufti will only be religious leader of Greek Muslims and will no longer have judicial authorities.

H/T to the Volokh Conspiracy who sought comment on the news from a professor familiar with the Greek practice. It’s brief and worth a click to read it all, but here are two excerpts:

(Note that the old Greek regime didn’t just enforce religious arbitration agreements entered by the parties. Rather, it specifically routed Muslim family law questions to Sharia courts, regardless of whether the parties had agreed to this.) Here’s Prof. Wilson’s comment:

On August 21st, Greek Newspapers reported that new Family Law reforms jettison the practice of allowing Sharía Law to govern family matters for a Muslim enclave of over 110,000 living in Western Thrace. This is a good thing…because women in systems of religious deference frequently get a raw deal.

While some U.S. academics are a lot less concerned about the risks to women and children than I am, I believe states should weigh carefully the risks to vulnerable groups before ceding jurisdiction over family matters to bodies that may be unwilling or unable to vindicate their rights. The movement to introduce religious fundamentalism into the family can have dire consequences for women and children who are deserving of the State’s protection, as Greece recognized this week.

Meanwhile, over at New York Law School, “scholars” and sharia advocates spent the last two days selling the prospects of Islamic sharia law in the U.S.

8 thoughts on “Shariah Abolished for Greek Muslims

    • In other words, Lalita, you discard civilized behaviour in favor of a pedophile moon-goddess worshiping, camel driver, so-called prophet who only taught beheading and misogyny? How about sexual mutilation of little girls? Polygamy? Slavery? No wonder the Greeks have rejected this sub-human political system.

  1. Sharia is not a “legal system” of a country. Therefore, it cannot supercede or “carve out” a separate jurisdiction within a nation in violation of that nation’s laws. This should be a no brainer for the West. Tolerance of intolerance nullifies it. If you’re a liberal who tolerates rights violations, you are no liberal at all.

  2. Good to see the Greeks finally do something positive to limit Sharia Law. Hopefully other countries will follow and make laws banning Sharia Law. England, France, Germany, Canada, and the United States come to mind for my top 5 I would like to see wake up to the threat Sharia Law poses to their free society.

  3. In todays paper: Sharia loans and banking in the USA. All of these new schemes where one borrows without interest are Sharia. of course if you borrow $100. you only get $80 and have to pay back $100 but it is halal.

    !st step to save America is to delicense all foreign radio and tv stations.

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