Hamas-linked CAIR asks 295 Wash. State school districts to promote Islam, Ramadan to all students

Straight from terror-linked CAIR’s Facebook page, via CAIR Asks Wash. State Educators to Accommodate Muslim Students | Facebook.

SEATTLE, WA, 8/26/2011) — The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA) recently sent a letter to superintendents of the state’s 295 school districts requesting accommodations for Muslim students who are fasting during Ramadan and who will mark the end of the religious observance with the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr (EED-al-FITTER), or “feast of the fast breaking,” at the end of August.

To read CAIR-WA’s letter, go to:


During the Eid ul-Fitr holiday, Muslims offer special prayers and exchange social visits. Many communities also hold multicultural bazaars and other family activities following the prayers. Eid ul-Fitr is the first of the two major Muslim holidays. The second holiday, Eid ul-Adha, comes at the end of the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca in November this year.

CAIR-WA asked that educators prepare for both holidays by not planning exams or important assignments for those days and by allowing Muslim students to make up class work before or after their absence.

“It is important that teachers and school administrators provide a positive learning environment for students of all faiths,” said CAIR-WA Civil Rights Coordinator Jennifer Gist. “We hope this letter will help educators maintain high academic standards and accommodate Muslim students’ constitutionally-protected religious rights.”

She urged schools to offer educational activities about Ramadan and Muslim holidays for all students.

Gist said CAIR offers a booklet, called “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” designed to help school officials provide a positive learning environment for Muslim students.

SEE: An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices


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How many school districts in Washington state will subject students to Hamas-linked CAIR propaganda?

81 thoughts on “Hamas-linked CAIR asks 295 Wash. State school districts to promote Islam, Ramadan to all students

  1. obama the deliberate history deficient speaker? This is ‘imported from the oic countries..there is a bill in congress by a republican that states that foreign law should not be in the united states. sharia

  2. Teaching Islam is not only about learning the basic duties such as praying. It is teaching the children manners, as well as cleanliness. A nursery shall provide an Islamic environment and will instil in them good morals, which will help them become good Muslims. A good Muslim is a good citizen, a gentle and caring member of society.
    Islam places huge emphasis on gaining knowledge. Education is also crucial to integration and social cohesion in a diverse multicultural and multi-faith society.

    Statistics show that while a third of British Muslims are under 16 and there are around 500,000 young Muslims currently at school or college, they are still significantly underachieving in comparison to their peers.

    The key educational issues concerning Muslim parents are the continuing poor academic results of Muslim children and the inadequacy of spiritual and moral education that schools provide. There are many reasons for this and a number of stakeholders have a vital role to play if things are to change any time soon.

    Bilingual Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental period. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. It will help them to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. It will help them to develop Islamic Identity, crucial for mental, emotinal and personality development.

    Bilingual Muslim children need to learn and be well versd in standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, they need to learn and be well versed in Araic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural roots and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He does not want to beome notoriously monolingual Brit.

    There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

    • Mr. Ahmad, your comment was obviously lifted from somewhere in Britain.

      In America, Catholics may choose to send their children to a Catholic school. They pay tuition and get no state funding. The parents still pay their property taxes, however, which goes to funding the public school system as well as fire and police departments.

      Muslims are free in the US to have their own schools at their own expense. It is highly inappropriate to use public schools to educate kids about religious observance for ONE religion and upset the whole school system for accomodations to muslim demands.

      • Thank you for your hate-free, rational argument against establishing religion in school. I am liberal, and I agree that it is inappropriate for one religion to ask for public school districts to arrange special accommodations for religious observance (this is not the same as asking for individual civil rights, like the right for an individual to wear a hat…) However, many of the comments on this blog make me think that too many people are distracted from the corruption in Washington by the elitist, million $ campaign against Sharia law, which will never be adopted here. That’s like a campaign against Kosher rules! Yes, there are Muslim criminals, but there are Christian and Jewish criminals, too. Can’t we all join together to fight terrorist extremism without getting into the wildly unregulated weeds of religion?

        • But Karen, the religion of islam is the “beard” they use to take advantage of our religious freedoms. Sharia begins when companies are forced to build prayer rooms and allow 5 prayer breaks a day (just for Muslims)…Females, AFTER being hired to work for American companies, demand that they be allowed to wear the hijab…Council on American Islamic Relations is in the business of suing organizations when they get a whiff of the slightest “offense” or “hurt feelings” of Muslims. The list is endless. It’s the soft jihad.

          See what is happening in Britain – Muslim enclaves, “no-go” zones where neither English citizens nor police can enter without endangering life and limb. And it’s come to this because of the
          mosques attracting more and more muslims to areas that become their “territory” with sharia courts, the parallel justice system. No country can survive under those circumstances, it’s a recipe for anarcy.

          • Thanks Anne…. and by the way…. Every knee will bow and Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord…. It’s just a matter of time. Until then, let’s just keep calm and pray for the Prince of Peace to have His way. God Bless you and God Bless America.

          • Well, I’m not sure why a conservative objects to a business doing whatever it wants for it’s employees, whether it’s a prayer room for Muslims or making employees work on Christmas and Yom Kipper. In the Tyson case, it was the employees in the union that asked for the holiday off, not the company. Don’t employees get to ask for what they want? Wouldn’t you support a bunch of Christian employees overturning working on Sunday, or something? I’m familiar with the Disney case of a young woman, a girl really, wanting to wear a head scarf and initially not being allowed to. She won that case, and what does it matter? I think you’re using really harmless examples of religious expression (hijabs, prayer rooms, work breaks), that are covered by the concept of liberty in THIS country as examples of a religious a plan to “take over” our culture and country. Maybe Muslims are just more vocal about bringing their religious rituals into the work world (I haven’t seen any of that in the many cities I’ve lived in). Maybe you should be more vocal about your religious rituals! Yes, I’ve heard that crazy Muslim cleric on Fox News saying that he wants our country for Allah. He’s nuts, and most Muslims think he is too. I’m sure he makes a lot of cash propping up right wing fantasies/scare tactics. I’ll ask my English relatives if there are really independent sovereign zones for Muslims in England–that just sounds like absolute propaganda (like when people were saying, “In England they can’t teach the Holocaust in schools anymore!” That was bull sh#$#$

        • Karen, I am glad that you understand how wrong this is but I would recommend that you look at the 50 different cases in 23 states that have already used Shariah law in US courts. The other commentors are correct… right now CAIR is trying to shake down Electrolux so that employees can pray on company time and have their own prayer room – would that accomodation be made for a Christian or Jew? No… it would not. No special treatment for Muslims then either! There are many instances where Shariah is being implemented. But it is all under the general public’s radar. That is why you don’t know.

          • And Karen – how do you think all the b@#@#sh@# started in England… little by little as it is doing here… small, legal concessions – the ones you don’t think are a big deal… just like a woman in an abusive relationship – it starts out small… and slow… until one day she gets the crap kicked out of her or killed. SAME CONCEPT!!

    • Shamedly, our schools are not teaching muslim children in the arts of sabotage and bomb making. The skills necessary for the true muslim to wage jihad

      • This is really to Karen–there wasn”t room for a reply..”If there really are zones just for muslims in England?” My goodness dear, but you really are dreadfully naiive and ill-informed!! There are, literally THOUSANDS of such muslim only zones, over the whole of Europe–hundreds in France alone; I don”t know how many in England–scores, at least. Several in Oslo, scores of them in Stockholm, many in Malmo. Sounds as though you might be American, wake up Karen, U.S.A. is full of these barbaric, lying, inbred filth; and yes, they DO intend to breed until they outnumber you and take over. Think Trojan Horse. Think Lebanon, think Kosovo. THINK!!! Peter76

        • If you insist on using highly questionable anecdotal “news” about neighborhood conversations where Christians are trying to convert Muslims and incredibly inauthentic looking websites where Muslims are supposedly ordering Sharia law everywhere (I couldn’t find anyone saying that, but even if they did that doesn’t make it law). I find lots of moderate Muslims complaining about overzealous radical ones; gee, that sounds a lot like Christians complaining about overzealous Christians. And I frankly see more pushing of Jesus than of Allah around the world; and, most important, in the last 30 years, at LEAST 30 muslims to U.S. citizens have been killed by their attacks, and our wars and sanctions. 30 to 1. No wonder some Muslims are VERY angry. Can we stop flaming the propaganda and stop warring now? Peace on earth, please. I’m sure I won’t persuade you to change your mind when you see Muslim Americans as “barbaric, lying, inbred filth; and yes, they DO intend to breed…” I just hope something or someone will one day help you see the bigger picture here. Meanwhile, we have the biggest guns, if that makes you feel better.

          • Karen, so you (in U.S.) have the biggest guns, eh? That”s also what the Serbs thought. Heard of the Serbs, have you? They saw that muslims who came across the border from Albania were breeding like rats and starting to outnumber the Serbs.in their own country. And guess what Karen? Those miserable Serbs had the temerity to want their own country for themselves! The rest is history–not YOUR strong point; the muslims, sensing victory, would not go, war erupted, with attrocities on BOTH sides, the West became involved, bombed hell out of the Serbs and handed over part of Serbia to YOUR nice friends the muslims. Think that was fair, do you Karen? They had earlier done the same thing in Lebanon, and are well on the way to doing the same thing in Sweden and Norway–of all places! I lived in Norway 1957-1960 there were NO muslims there then; now every 5th person in Oslo is a muslim. Nice people, they raped 43 Norwegian women in one month in Oslo last year–aided by the terminally stupid, peace-loving, left leaning Govt.–just like you Karen! I can just see you sitting around a campfire, holding hands, singing “Kum-baya” when they arrive to measure you for your burqa! Hopefully the two “ANNES” have got through to you, they”ve got it right. Peter76

    • Ahmad
      it is not the role of government schools to teach islam, or any other belief system…ever heard of separation of church and state?
      well of course not, because islam is a religious political belief system and is therefore DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to separation of church/mosque and state!

      ” Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He does not want to beome notoriously monolingual Brit.”

      those who don’t want to be a Brit, speak english and embrace the British way of life can bugger off back to the country they obviously look upon as home and better than the country they now infest.

      GO HOME, AHMAD,and stop trying to change the country you are in , into an islamic caliphate, and stop leeching off the tolerance and generosity of British people…..no religious schools should receive funding from the government, especially the hatefilled islam with its hate speech filled quran about killing jews, christians, homosexuals,polytheists and death sentence for apostates who leave islam..

      ” The key educational issues concerning Muslim parents are the continuing poor academic results of Muslim children and the inadequacy of SPIRITUAL AND MORAL
      education that schools provide.” ..
      well, excuse me while i roll on the floor laughing
      the spiritual side of islam is about cursing the infidel, and the moral side does not exist….it is not moral to hate all other people who are not of your hatefilled cult, it is not moral to teach killing of gays, christians, jews, apostates,,

      in fact, the quran should be put on trial, convicted as a terrorist manual, islamofascism seeking a world wide islamic caliphate..it should then be banned and all muslims who believe in its agenda should be stripped of all their belongings they siphoned off us dhimmis, and then be deported to their islamic paradises they so love and send jihad zakat to…
      but until you leave, the government should force a heavy tax on all you muslims ” until you feel yourselves subdued,” yes, the jizyah tax non muslims pay to not be persecuted in muslim countries, yes, you and your kind should pay to live in western countries where you have freedom non muslims DON;T have in your countries,,

      if the JIZYAH tax was applied to muslims you would soon want to leave, NO government benefits, NO free handouts, NO free medical…..yep, you would all LEAVE like rats deserting a sinking ship…

        • well hi Anne from USA…do you know the meaning of our name? Names are important…Anne means Grace..Gods Grace, and by Gods grace I intend to stand against this barbaric godless cult, expose its agenda, and call our government to account for PROMOTING islam in our schools and communities…they are actively PROMOTING all things islamic …!!!!!!
          and no one is challenging them, or asking WHY…prime minister julia gillard and obama had some cosy chats when he visited Indonesia, and BINGO! right after that julia handed over 500 million $$$ to Indonesia to build muslim madrassas, with another 500 million $$$$ promised for later….see a PATTERN here?
          just like obamas administration our labour government are rampant communists, promoting islam and denigrating our heritage…here we also have the multi-culti brigade, greenie climate change radical commies in bed with our government, and they all kowtow to islam, sharia banking, halal,apartheid building separate facilities for muslims, etc,,,and we have 2.5% of our population DICTATING halal products to 97.5% of the rest of the non muslim population…halal killing adds costs to our meat prices and about 70% of all our meat is halal slaughtered,, only muslims are employed in halal killing, thus ensuring work for minority muslims who kill 70% of our meat!! clever arent they? while our non muslim aussies can’t find jobs!
          well, i could go on and on and on and on….there are many evil unfair practices these muSlim minorities are getting away with,,,,and we have to ask WHY!!

          • Would you rather our government spend $500 million to EDUCATE Muslims? Or keep spending $ billions more killing them in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and where ever else we do it? I want to stop the wars–I would rather have that money here, in our schools, but we have to stop hating each other. Does your G-d hate Muslims? Mine does not.

          • Anne, I try to keep up with events in Australia. I used to read Australia Islam Monitor, they’re gone but I still have Sheikh Yer’mami at Winds of Jihad…Can you recommend any other Aussie sites?

            Thanks, Anne.

            And we do need God’s grace, because this battle is not just against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities.

          • Anne of USA, in answer to what other sites I can recommend, firstly Australian Islam Monitor is still alive and well, website is http://www.islammonitor.org , ..There is also a new organization called The Q Society, its been getting some coverage from the media, it addresses issues like halal, government printing of books promoting islam, sharia finance and islamic apartheid being put in place in the public domain..eg..separate swimming areas, washrooms, prayer spaces,and halal foods forced upon the majority of our public schools..and the list goes on….
            can you imagine if this was about race, like it was in South Africa? apartheid in any form is about one group being superior to another group, whether that is race or religion it is a vile and unequal practice and should not be tolerated by our governments.
            but our government is actually SUPPORTING apartheid, and the exclusive rights muslims demand , and PAID FOR with our tax dollars.
            WHERE are the special accommodations for sikhs, buddhists, hindus, jews, christians? we all just go about our business fitting in with society in general, not demanding special privileges, like islam does.
            but the squeaky wheel gets the oil it seems..

      • Anne, well said, and absolutely true. That particular muslim dirt-bag is to be found on all the web-sites, it seems he spends his whole day writing islamic lies from his home somewhere in England–paid for by the Brit. taxpayer of course. Perhaps the worst thing of all is that he and his kind are not personally censoring us,– it”s our own naiive, cowardly politicians, leaders and even the police. Do you realize most newspapers in Australia, Europe or here in Canada would print his letter, but would almost certainly NOT print yours!! And this situation is exactly what led to the Norwegian massacre last month. Peter76

        • karen, the $500 million Julia gave Indonesia is for muslims to teach radical infidel hating islam to indonesian kids in their madrassas, WAKE UP and smell the anti-western jihad being taught in all fundamental muslim schools in muslim countries!
          As for us being in muslim countries like Afghanistan, Iraq,Pakistan, I believe we should not be there at all!
          we need to spend those billions wasted on trying to democratize islamic countries, upon our own people, building up our hospitals , schools, and the welfare of our own communities.
          As far as I am concerned muslims can all go to hell in a handbasket, I am quite content to let them kill each other in their tribal conflicts, and sectarian violence as they have done for centuries, muslims have killed more muslims than our western troops ever have!
          And as for your ” Does your G-d hate Muslims? Mine does not.” question, well, I am not G-d, but I sure as hell believe he hates the persecution, beheading , torture, of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and all non muslims who are daily killed in the name of allah..

    • That bi-lingual student needs to learn English like every other immigrant has to/had to… and We do not fund religious education so take your kids and put them in a privately funded religious school like the Christians and Jews have to do.

        • well of course Ahmad, you make perfect sense.. I really enjoy using the latest ipods, computers, and brilliant innovations created by intelligent productive muslim countries who export their superior technology to every corner of the world,, NOT!!!
          lol, islam is still in the stone age along with its inventions which are NIL!!
          it must really annoy muslims that one of the smallest countries in the world, the JOOOS of hated Israel, have won more Nobel Prizes than any other people group..
          the JOOS who muhammad called the lowest of people are the very ones who prove islam is a racist cult,some of the most brilliant inventors ever have been and still are the JOOOOS.. you know!! those pigs and monkeys of the quran who must be killed wherever you find them so that even the stones will cry out ” o muslim, there is a JEW hiding behind me! Come and kill him!!”
          yes Ahmad, your lot are SOO intelligent, and your mindset comes straight from the backward , unintelligent quran and the ramblings of its psychopathic originator, muhammad..

        • Mind my language??? How about you kiss my kafir ass!!! We don’t live by your neges rules – we have freedom of expression so I don’t have to mind my language you son of a pig!

        • ha ha ha, western education gave me a more liberal outlook on life, unlike you muzzies, who are still living in 7th century. I will NOT mind my language. F**k prophet mohammed. Paedophile child molestor. Now in english so everybody understands.

    • You mussies make me ill. Physically ill. When I as a Jew, can practice my religion in Mecca without fear of stoning or beheading, then & only then can you ‘educate’ your kind on our soil with our dollars. The current Muslim in the White House will be out soon, God willing. And this lib “Karen” on this board has to get a grip. Wait until you have the choice to convert to Islam or beheaded. See how tolerant you are then. That’s their agenda. Now get in your Prius & go home.

  3. Just imagine what will happen once some areas of the country explode with high muslim populations…and it only takes about 10% of a given area to be Muslim for them to practically run the school system (as well as the politics, police departments, shariah banking, “halal” meat industry, etc.).

    That’s why obama is flooding the US with Somalis labeling them as “refugees” not “immigrants” so they don’t get a background check.

    Haven’t heard a word about Christian refugees from Egypt or Iraq being welcomed in…

    • 60,000 Somalis in Minnesota, 30,000 now on the terror watch list, you guess the Muslim load on welfare housing, medical, and all other social services.

      60,000 more Somalis will be heading to Tennessee under executive order so no senate or congress involvement, and no Somali pirate background check required. So 60,000 Muslims in each city should be population enough in 20 years to eliminate everything to do with the constitution, and us. The Islamic states of America?

      Thank Obama in the next election

      • Explains a lot about the demand for huge mega mosques, too. And in the heart of country music..There’s already one in Nashville, and I think they’re getting or expanding one in Murfreesboro.

        It used to be “The Russians are coming”. Now it’s “the muslims are coming” and it won’t be pretty.

          • Karen, either your understanding of the issues here is very shallow, or you are a tool. Everyone on this site recognizes that one of the tenets of Islam is the spread of the ideology until the Ummah covers the whole earth. No matter if the process involves genocide, or a very pleasant and tolerant looking school curriculum. The fact is that Islam is the most intolerant ideology on earth, has nothing to do with love of God or man, but everything to do with control of the masses and the annihilation of Christianity, Israel and Judaism, and every single other religion and non-Islamic government on earth.

          • well said Anne, we all know , but seemingly Karen does not, that Islam according to its quran, AND its imams , MUST be the dominant and ONLY religion in a world wide caliphate…Mohammads last words on his death bed were that muslims must kill all jews and that islam should rule the whole earth until there is NO OTHER RELIGION BUT THAT OF ALLAH..
            Karen chooses to tolerate the intolerant, to champion a cause whose followers are hostile and intolerant of all other faiths but worse still, not only intolerant but sworn to DESTROY and annihilate all non muslims from the face of the earth…
            Karen is abysmally ignorant of the quran,,,,,leave her to it,,
            ignore, ignore, ignore….just a waste of time,,

          • You can call me ignorant, naive, a tool (of who?), and, wait, a compliment! You called me tolerant of the intolerant. I would seriously like that on my tombstone because I’ve had anger issues my whole life. But I digress, I’m willing to look at facts. Just because the Quran may (or may not) advocate death to infidels doesn’t mean Muslims practice that worldwide. I’ve been to Turkey, they are 90% Muslim. Turks are just like us in everything they do, and they love Americans. You disagree and write off the opinions of anyone who doesn’t circle your conspiracies about Allah. If I find any evidence of Muslims conspiring to overthrow our laws and courts, I’ll be the first to speak up (I haven’t researched that yet). I don’t find any evidence that Muslims are getting legal “no-zones” in Europe, but I’ll get back to that. And in that report attacking the report on Anti-Islam attacks, the author suggested that the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t take foreign money. Of course it does! Transnational corporations keep many of their assets in foreign lands and the Supreme Court just allowed foreign companies to influence our elections. This makes me realize that not only is a small group of right-wing, warring fanatics producing all of the propaganda for you, but they are also using hate and fear as a shiny object to distract you from the elite and tax-evading, job exporting thieves in our own country.

          • Karen, being tolerant of the intolerant is not a virtue OR a compliment,dear…
            The world was tolerant of the intolerant Nazis prior to WW2, and millions were slaughtered!
            When muslims first went to the Indus Valley, known today as India/Pakistan the tolerant Hindus were accepting to the intolerant muslims until they were invaded and slaughtered and enslaved…
            Thus the necessity of a divided India into what is now muslim Pakistan forever at war with Hindu India!!
            wherever intolerant islam gets the majority it sets up its own autocratic state into a ” them” and “us” situation…
            you seem to be remarkably ignorant of world history…
            I suggest you google the meaning of ” hindu kush” mountains meaning “hindu slaughter” where millions of hindus perished on the way to meccan arab slave markets…
            do some research , there is no excuse for not knowing these facts, google histories of Sudan, New Guinea/Papua New Guinea,Nigeria,Ethiopia,Lebanon,Syria,Greece, Turkey, Serbia, in fact any place where islam has and is still waging jihad against local populations in Phillipines, parts of Asia..
            always the same modus operandi

          • And Karen, you talk about multi national corporations…do some investigation into Sharia Finance and you’ll find the huge multinationals are hand in glove with saudi arab banks and are a huge part of the International Monetary Fund, all corrupt , siphoning off the wealth of nations into their own pockets and to fund their world wide agenda…
            Remember this if nothing else….whoever controls the wealth controls the world..
            Sharia Finance is backed by powerful muslim countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, and its interesting that Obama had major funding from Saudi royals throughout his early years right up to his run for president, it is one huge cesspool and islam is right in the middle!

  4. And check out arabamericannews to see how they are infiltrating religious communities and the whole journalism/media industry.

    They use the term “Arab” instead of “Islamic” when there are in fact many Arab Christians. That’s why the Dearborn “Arab” Festival was so deceitful…Simply asking questions about Islam, (after attendees were invited to ask questions) brought down the wrath of the dhimmi officials of the city and Christians on the public sidewalk with Christian literature were arrested.

    “Allah is the best of deceivers” and his followers emulate his example perfectly.

    • Anne, you make very good points about the history of Muslim wars, and until the 19th C the U.K. (Christians) had dominated the world through the crusades and wars, including India! I agree that Saudi Arabia has too much influence, and I am not tolerant of war crimes (the Nazis) at all. I am not tolerant of racism, superiority, sexism, homophobia, and any kind of hate that is based on how someone was born, or how they practice religion (unless that inhibits mine). When I say I am tolerant of the intolerant, I mean, I’m tolerant of people with different ways of living (peacefully). I am tolerant of Islam because THE RELIGION is not a threat to us. Terrorists are. And I’m not tolerant of the WEALTHY exploiting labor, but that is a very good example of how every religion is represented there exploiting us. How can you just see Muslims as the agressor when it was Christians who illegally invaded Iraq?

      • ” When I say I am tolerant of the intolerant, I mean, I’m tolerant of people with different ways of living (peacefully). I am tolerant of Islam because THE RELIGION is not a threat to us. ”

        well Karen, tell that little fairy tale to the many minorities who live in muslim countries, persecuted, killed, raped, tortured, made homeless,imprisoned and on a DAILY basis,,,,

        these minorities were once the MAJORITY in these muslim countries which were invaded by islam…India/Pakistan where christian girls are abducted and raped and married to muslim men, this happens in all muslim countries, even your beloved Turkey! minorities are PERSECUTED because its written in the quran to do so! mohammad left his own example also in the Sunnah.

        do you want to see how islam operates in muslim countries, ? google truthtube.tv.com , but be prepared for shocking footage
        ISLAM IN ITS PUREST FORM is practiced in MUSLIM countries, where reside most of its 1.2 Billion adherents…THEY follow the quran, Sunnah, and Hadith TO THE LETTER!
        THAT IS THE TRUE ISLAM , Karen, but you in your ignorance say THE RELIGION is not a threat to us….
        truly you are unbelievably uninformed… ISLAM is a terrorist religion…1.2 billion muslims follow a terrorist prophet and imitate his actions..Even mohammad himself said ” I HAVE BEEN MADE VICTORIOUS WITH TERROR”

      • karen, you made this statement ” . I am not tolerant of racism, superiority, sexism, homophobia, and any kind of hate that is based on how someone was born, or how they practice religion (unless that inhibits mine).”
        SO WHY do you defend ISLAM , when it embraces ALL these vile qualities??

        (racism) muslims vilify Jews hundreds of times in quran, sunnah, hadith

        (superiority) muslims are the BEST of people and infidels must feel themselves subdued, they must pay jizyah (a heavy tax)

        (sexism) a womans testimony is worth half of a mans, she must have 4 male witnesses to a rape

        ( homophobia) homosexuals must be killed, thrown from a high place

        ( hate against religion other than islam) slay the unbelievers, lie in wait for them, smite them at the neck ( behead) smite all their fingers off them,
        Do not take as friends the Jews and Christians..

        what is your answer, and please don’t say this is not TRUE islam

          • Wrong!..this is what Karen said
            ” I am tolerant of Islam because THE RELIGION is not a threat to us. ”
            and I just pointed out to her that the very things she says she is not tolerant of…ARE ALL FOUNDATIONAL BELIEFS IN ISLAM..
            is not a threat to us, then you are just as deluded as she..

      • Karen, do our armed forces fight under the banner of Christianity? Do our soldiers scream Bible verses at Iraqis and rape, dismember, behead Iraqis in the name of God? Your statements are absurd. We went there to eliminate the scourge of Al-qaeda.

        Muslim armies have pillaged, burned, raped, killed, and conquered nations simply because they were “unislamic”. Do you know about the Barbary pirates and the US ships that were captured, their sailors enslaved and/or executed by the pirates demanding ransom? Do you know that Aghanistan was once a Hindu country, untill the Hindus were annihilated by the slaves of Allah? Do you know about Lepanto, Constantinople, Malta?

        Seems like you don’t know much. Read some history.

  5. teachers can’t even teach core subjects……now this is added to the curriculum??? where is the seperation of mosque and state????

  6. Hmmmm. How interesting. We cant say ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’ have a meditation for prayer or do ANYTHING CHRISTIAN JEWDEO in which the fabulous country was founded on yet its being presented to put Muslem faith in schools? I dont think so….. Christianity has been under attack to be removed from schools since the 1950’s and as a result people wonder why children have no moral conduct and why thousands and thousand of young adults and young children commit suide every year? GOD was removed from Schools in the 60’s and now muslems are trying to push their agenda’s on Americans? I dont think so…. As the lady said, if they want to expose their culture, put the kids in a muslim school and pay for that agenda.

  7. “The Muslim holiday of Id al Fitr commemorates the end of the month of Ramadan. But did you know the feast was originally instituted as a celebration of the supremacy of Islam over non-Muslims?”

  8. Teaching about and accommodating a religion is not the same as promoting that religion. Do we not take off school for Christian and Jewish holidays?

    I spent 6 years in a predominately Muslim nation and know from experience that, unlike Christianity, there is a prohibition against proselytizing.

    I understand that many on this site believe that Jesus is the 1 God, but the degree of hysteria here is indicative of people who are complaining about 1 religion taking over when they in fact wish to impose their religion on everyone else. I seriously doubt that this is what Jesus intended.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. Christians do no behead those who leave Christianity, nor do their clerics spew hate every day like the followers of Mohammed do. There may be a “small minority” of extremist Muslims, but they are not controlling the jihad. That is being funded by the Wahhabi billionaires in Saudi Arabia and the petrdollars from all over the Middle East.

      In world affairs today, there is no moderate Islam. There is only Islam.

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  10. What happened to seperation of Church & State? If this was a Christian or Jewish request there would be multiple lawsuites to stop it.

  11. @ Anne of Australia, Good comments yesterday and today! This post really generated some passionate responses!

    Thanks for the site names



  12. We are taking Randy Dorn to task on this and will be having a town hall meeting on this in about two weeks. The Republican leadership is being briefed on this and we will be contacting school boards and PTAs. We will video the town hall and post. There are a lot of pissed off people here and we are not going to take CAIRs crap anymore.

    • GOOD for you, Kelly..so where abouts in the USA do you hail from? don’t know about Randy Dorn, but I hope he’s another Alan West,….now theres a man who should be President, a REAL African American and a true patriot who recognizes Islam is a danger to our freedoms, and human rights..

      • Oh, man, I WISH!!! No Dorn is the Superintedent of Public Education in Washington State. He recently got a DUI in front of a school… so no, he’s not so great!! But we are still going to get a comment from him and we are going ahead with our Town Hall. Watch this explode once we expose it. We have reviewed the Washington State Text books and will show those at the town hall meeting as well as have some parents who come tell their stories… one parent told me her child was told to face Mecca and bow in the Muslim prayer position. She and 3 Catholic girls refused. And this is in a PUBLIC School!!

        • Oh my Gosh, karen,,,it almost seems like there is some world wide conspiracy to promote Islam!!!
          Our Australian government are printing books for the Education Department on building bridges to islam and the beauty and culture of islamic faith….actually PROMOTING A RELIGION!!!
          This is a violation of division between religion and state….
          this should not be happening…
          I am shocked that your kids are told to face mecca in the muslim prayer position….
          Obama is introducing islam by stealth…the same as OUR government who have always followed Americas lead.
          our Prime Minister Julia Gillard is an Obama clone, she is a radical communist just like him, and recently they met obviously discussing islam and multiculturalism, climate change, more taxes,,
          karen, our government agenda is the same as Obamas…promote islam and denigrate our heritage!!

  13. Peter76, thanks for mentioning the Serbs, I know Clinton handed them over on a platter to Muslim Kosovo, but i’m not really too well read about that whole region of the world. 1389 blog has a lot on the topic, the blog is named for the 1389 battle of Kosovo…More reading to do!

    LOL, Anne

    • The norwegian killer quoted extensively from many writings, some of them from the far left, as usual Karen, you only come to this forum with half baked opinions without doing extensive research….

    • The Guardian story is a piece of Swiss cheese, it has so many holes and irrelevant speculation…Odd, though, isn’t it that none of these same journalists who love to blame the EDL, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller et al for the Breivik massacre because he read their writings will apply the same reasoning to Muslim terror attacks…Hey guess what, these guys are reading the Quran! The same book Osama bin Laden read! The same book all the mullahs in the Middle East read!

      Gee, d’ya think there is something in that book that provokes murder and mayhem wherever its teachings are applied?

      Nah, couldn’t be. Place head back in sand.

    • Karen, as for muslim students , spare us the violins..the BBC made a documentary about muslims and their mosques, the series was called “Undercover Mosque”
      this is where ALL ages of muslims are taught islamic beliefs and values…
      why don’t you go on youtube and view the footage dear?

      One muslimah teacher is telling her class ” what do we do with homosexuals? one young lady volunteered the answer ” kill them? ”
      THATS RIGHT said the teacher ” WE KILL THEM”
      any other comments Karen?

  14. Cultural information and inclusion are not “promotion of a religion” it is merely acceptance of a different culture, which no one here tolerates in any degree or way. You all have waged war on Muslims, or accepted Osama bin Ladens invitation to it.

    • Wrong…..The honor killings,stoning of women , killing of gays, and apostates, second class status of women, christians, jews, these are all written in muslims quran, hadith, and sunna…….it is not about a culture but a religion that believes every word in the quran is directly from God to their prophet and is therefore immutable..
      as for us waging war on muslims as you claim, well, it is muslims waging war on our western values,laws,and freedoms…
      85 Sharia courts operating in the UK prove my point..and here in Australia Islamic councils are pushing the same agenda….ONE LAW FOR ALL I say..It is MUSLIMS who want exclusion, demanding separate swimming facilities, no Christmas in schools, prayer time, prayer rooms,special privileges no other religion demands…no its not cultural but religious bigotry to expect an entire nation to accommodate your demands…if they can’t assimilate like every other belief system has here, then they can feel free to LEAVE

  15. Town Hall Meeting
    Sept 13th
    7 pm
    Puyallup South Hill Library
    15420 Meridian East
    Puyallup WA

    Exposing CAIR and Islam in the textbooks.

  16. WOW! What an awesome Town Hall meeting on the CAIR and the teaching of Islam in our public schools we had – too bad the press screwed up the story so bad. Man, did we cause an UPROAR!! We are going to post the video of the meeting on the website http://www.piercecountyact.org

    CAIR showed up to our meeting and we took them on face to face! We were kind but FIRM and told them that any attempts they made to subvert our Constitution would be met with resistance.

    here is a short report from KOMO news: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/129781993.html

    Thank CS for the info so we can answer this… We will have more town halls in the future.

      • Thanks – I knew I read it somewhere! I have the video now – We are going to put the whole thing up on You Tube. I’ve gotta check to see if it is up yet.

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