Getting Non-Muslim Religious Leaders to Repeat Muslim Brotherhood’s Mantras

Politicians too. Another post via Point de Bascule: Interfaith Dialogue: Getting Non-Muslim Religious Leaders to Repeat Muslim Brotherhood’s Mantras.

On September 7, 2011, the Dalai Lama, Tariq Ramadan and other personalities are scheduled to speak at the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11. The conference is organized in Montreal with the active cooperation of McGill University and of the Université de Montréal. Interfaith dialogue is one of the most effective methods known to the Muslim Brotherhood for waging ideological jihad in the West.

In a section of his book Priorities of the Islamic Movement, Youssef Qaradawi, the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, mentioned various reasons for resorting to interfaith dialogue. Amongst them:

Improving the image of Islam;

Discouraging Christian leaders from supporting fellow Christians involved in conflict with Muslims. Qaradawi specifically mentioned the case of South Sudan where Christians have been persecuted for years. Instances of slavery have even been reported in this part of the world. South Sudan became an independent country on July 9, 2011. (The Religious Islamic-Christian Dialogue)

Shortly after we published this article, we came across a commentary by Youssef Qaradawi on GMBDR in which he mentions that interfaith dialogue with Christians should only be the first step that leads to other actions. (“We only carry out dialogue with (Christians) in order to find common grounds that serve as a basis for further action.”) Qaradawi mentions two such “further actions” that are not listed in his text Priorities:

Converting Christians (“Invite” them to Islam);

Rallying Christians against Israel (“We converse with (Christians) and ask them: ‘What is your stance on the cause of Palestine?’ … We try to rally the Christians with us to stand together, especially for the cause of Palestine … against Zionism and the Israeli arrogance and tyranny. There is no objection to that.”)

Tariq Ramadan endorses Qaradawi in two of his books in spite of Qaradawi’s justifications for the killing of apostates and homosexuals, his description of Hitler as an envoy of Allah who came to punish the Jews for their corruption, etc. As for Youssef Qaradawi, he publicly endorsed Ramadan’s understanding of Islam by asking him to preface a compendium of fatwas published in French in 2002. All the appropriate references linking Ramadan to Qaradawi are available at the beginning of the article Tariq Ramadan’s Understanding of Islam.

There is another reason why Muslim Brotherhood leaders engage in interfaith dialogue. They strive to make non-Muslim leaders repeat Muslim Brotherhood mantras to non-Muslim audiences. In an era where Muslim Brotherhood leaders such as Tariq Ramadan are viewed with an increasing suspicion in the West, it is much more effective to resort to non-Muslim religious leaders to communicate a deceitful message to non-Muslims who trust them.

We present you two examples of deceitful statements made by the Dalai Lama and Gregory Baum, two non-Muslim speakers who have accepted to join Tariq Ramadan next September in Montreal.

“Jihad Is Not a Medium of Attack but a Struggle to Do Good”
– The Dalai Lama

“Tariq Ramadan has no association whatever with the Muslim Brotherhood”
– Gregory Baum

Read it all.

10 thoughts on “Getting Non-Muslim Religious Leaders to Repeat Muslim Brotherhood’s Mantras

  1. It strikes me that Christians, or at least the mainstream leadership, is so, sooooooo desperate to live at peace with Muslims that they will grasp at anything that seems “nice” like interfaith dialogue, all the while forgetting to be “harmless as doves, but wise as serpents.” In addition , they are ignorant of Islamic theology and doctrine with regard to worldwide conquest and/or domination and “taqiyya” being a principle vehicle to achieve that goal. As the ol’ song asks: When will they ever learn?

  2. Dhimmitude – Total insanity from start to finish, warlorders are trying to get Christians to discourage other Christians from speaking against warlorderism. Pushing warlorderism and discouraging any discontent with it, is the main subversive non-violent side thrusting Global Islamic Theocracy on us all. Dhimmitude, passive compliance, ostrichism all play into the 7th century hell bound warlord’s hands.

    Fact – If any warlorder cleric opens his mouth a pro-7th century lie will come out. They will use the hate filled koran as their road map. They will say anything, any lie, any falsehood to further the goal of warlorderism. They are not to be trusted for a second in word or deed.

  3. Under threat of violence, or the man is an idiot; and the all-knowing Dali Lama could be clueless. Follow the money.

    “Jihad Is a Medium of violent and stealth Attack and a Struggle to eliminate Infidels which is required to get the 72 virgins in Heaven”

    – The Real Dalai Lama

  4. I don’t think you will find a responsible Roman Catholic speaking there. Remember, THEY were Christianity in the seventeenth century when moslemites were repulsed at Vienna. And more than thea, THEY were there BEFORE mohammad’s god allah started up islamism. If anyone knows this enemy, it’s them.

  5. Outrageous, but not surprising. I’m almost finished reading Muslim Mafia, an undercover expose of CAIR, and I highly recommend it. This proud infidel has been tweeting CAIR this morning, and boy did it feel good! Lol.

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