Obama admin takes lead on criminalizing speech against Islam

via The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’ By Nina Shea

An unprecedented collaboration between the Obama administration and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC, formerly called the Organization of the Islamic Conference) to combat “Islamophobia” may soon result in the delegitimization of freedom of expression as a human right.

The administration is taking the lead in an international effort to “implement” a U.N. resolution against religious “stereotyping,” specifically as applied to Islam. To be sure, it argues that the effort should not result in free-speech curbs. However, its partners in the collaboration, the 56 member states of the OIC, have no such qualms. Many of them police private speech through Islamic blasphemy laws and the OIC has long worked to see such codes applied universally. Under Muslim pressure, Western Europe now has laws against religious hate speech that serve as proxies for Islamic blasphemy codes.

Last March, U.S. diplomats maneuvered the adoption of Resolution 16/18 within the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC). Non-binding, this resolution, inter alia, expresses concern about religious “stereotyping” and “negative profiling” but does not limit free speech. It was intended to — and did — replace the OIC’s decidedly dangerous resolution against “defamation of religions,” which protected religious institutions instead of individual freedoms.

But thanks to a puzzling U.S. diplomatic initiative that was unveiled in July, Resolution 16/18 is poised to become a springboard for a greatly reinvigorated international effort to criminalize speech against Islam, the very thing it was designed to quash.

Citing a need to “move to implementation” of Resolution 16/18, the Obama administration has inexplicably decided to launch a major international effort against Islamophobia in partnership with the Saudi-based OIC. This is being voluntarily assumed at American expense, outside the U.N. framework, and is not required by the resolution itself.

The OIC’s understanding of the upcoming meetings is that they will “aim at developing a legal basis for the U.N. Human Rights Council’s resolution which [will] help in enacting domestic laws for the countries involved in the issue, as well as formulating international laws preventing inciting hatred resulting from the continued defamation of religions.”

In an August 17 op-ed on the initiative, OIC secretary general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was enthusiastic. He expressed concern that “anti-Islam and anti-Muslim attitudes and activities, known as Islamophobia, are increasingly finding place in the agenda of ultra-right wing political parties and civil societies in the West in their anti-immigrant and anti-multiculturalism policies,” and that “their views are being promoted under the banner of freedom of expression.” This parallels the old Soviet-bloc attack on the First Amendment as an official sanctioning of racism.

This initiative is shaping up to be one-sided. As Akram said, “The Resolution 16/18 was driven more by the kind of discrimination in Europe and the West in general against Muslims.” He added: “I don’t think any country in the Muslim world is deliberately discriminating against minorities.” Ihsanoglu took a similar tack, writing that “the Islamic faith is based on tolerance and acceptance of other religions. It does not condone discrimination of human beings on the basis of caste, creed, color, or faith.” (In his op-ed, Ihsanoglu also declared that “the OIC has never sought to limit freedom of expression.”)

Having won the latest round in the ideological contest for individual rights and freedoms at the United Nations this past March, the administration is now gratuitously establishing a new “transnational” forum to essentially re-litigate the matter with a body that is openly hostile to such freedoms. This forum’s agenda is to be structured so that freedom of expression will be put on trial and inevitably condemned by most forum participants as, itself, a human-rights violation. In raising OIC expectations that “anti-Islam and anti-Muslim attitudes” will be dealt with under soon-to-be-drafted “implementation” procedures, the administration is riding a tiger.

In his 2009 Cairo speech, President Obama said, “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whenever they appear.” There are a number of problems with this statement: One is that it encourages the diplomatic folly that is this conference.

An aside: The U.S. pays 22 percent of the UN’s regular operations budget and is assessed 27 percent of the peacekeeping budget. What does the OIC pay?

63 thoughts on “Obama admin takes lead on criminalizing speech against Islam

  1. This should scare the living $hit out of ALL American!!!!

    Wake up you stupid MORONS! Your entire family’s future is about to hit the circular drain.

    • Kind of like the Jews in Europe who tried to warn the other Jews in the 1930s and early 40s about what was coming – there comes a time when it’s time to draw the line, stop warning, and get out to save yourself and your family. Because there will always be those who refuse to accept what’s happening under their very noses, and won’t heed the warning.

      I think we are rapidly approaching that line.

    • It is absolutely CHILLING!! I just totally HATE what is going on in our country…………….This insanity is the end result of the cancer that is known as Political Correctness…..and those behind it are TOTAL hypocrites and TOTALLY “intolerant” against any FREE SPEECH that doesn’t agree with THEM!!! All I know is that this world/society is not one that I want to be a part of in any way…..


  2. Point one – If you have a rogue elephant in a room and cannot state that the animal is indeed dangerous, does it change the fact that it could kill you?
    Point two – No matter what the rogue elephant says, it’s still a rogue elephant even when it lies.
    Point three – You know that the rogue elephant can provide you with a huge pile before it kills you.


  4. Will the OIC and Obama also push for the elimination of texts in the Koran and Sunna that reflect negatively on Judaism and Christianity? Will Saudi Arabia move to allow the open expression of these religions within its borders? Let’s expose the hypocrisy in all this.

    • yes, it IS total hypocrisy and I suggest western nations draw up a Bill similar to the nonsensical Islamophobia Bill,,,call it the Infidelphobia or Kuffarphobia Bill and ask for all islamic countries to be censured about the hatespeech in their quran, hadith, and sunna regarding the vilification of all non muslims…

    • Absolutely right , sir. First saudi arabia should allow synagogues, (the most hated religious community in saudi -jews) then talk of reciprocity in the west.

  5. It is DISGRACEFUL & DANGEROUS that CONGRESS has NO B*LLS to IMPEACH THIS MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT!!! They impeached Clinton for a little slap and tickle, but when a TROJAN HORSE is BLATANTLY circumventing all of our laws and the Constitution, and stripping the American people of their freedoms, they whistle past the graveyard!
    THIS is what the lame stream media should be printing on their front pages!!!!

      • Sarah, that’s why it’s so disturbing that people like George Soros and Mayor Dhimmiberg of NY, who have access to the media and the public, aren’t making a peep. Bloomberg is too busy making money off the Dubai shariah banks, Soros is busy ushering in the new world order.

        The Jewish people should be backing freedom fighters like David Horowitz, Pamela Geller, Daniel Greenfield, and all who speak and write in defense of Israel.

  6. Obama wants to take Freedom of Speech out of the Constitution. I wonder if he’s going to wrap up his career in the US and head for the Mideast when he’s done.

  7. can we still say “THE SON OF A BITCH SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT !!!” ? or do we get arrested for wishful thinking? That would be Hope and Change!!

    • I dont think its a very good idea to say that sort of thing anymore, really. Times are changing rapidly, and since Homeland Security it takes next to nothing to get charged as a terrorist and taken away. Thank Bush for that bit of Constitutional shreddage, and thank Obama for continuing it.

  8. Can you imagine what would happen, if this comes through as a law in the USA? Unbelievable!!! What is even more unbelievable is that one man and his administration, along with his supporters which surely must be in the minority, population wise, cannot be stopped by the majority. Furthermore, if my info is correct, and the leading in-the-polls Republican, Rick Perry, is elected in 2012, the future seems bleak indeed. He, too, has connections to the Muslims. You Americans are in a pickle to be sure. And those of us who are outside the borders of the USA will have to run for cover, too! If America falls to Islam, we all fall. Its just a matter of time.

    • spot on , Steve, if America goes so does freedom in Australia, Europe is under seige, only a matter of time for her,,drastic measures are called for yet people seem to be dumbed down, and not aware of the danger,,
      most of all I hold the complicit media accountable for not doing its job…investigative journalism..that is their duty to the masses,but they are now the mouthpiece and tools of government.

      • Australia should be standing up for itself, shaking off its Muslim fleas into the ocean, sending them back where they came from. Waiting around for the US to do something is suicide by Caliphate for other countries.

  9. Shalom to all! My name is Dennis Avi Lipkin and I drew a 3-year jail sentence in Switzerland after speaking up against Islam during the 2009 Minaret Initiative. Praise God! On November 29th, the Swiss people voted by 57% to 43% against the minarets in Switzerland. But the Moslems are relentless and are now working toward “Minaret Initiative #2” to overturn the Swiss ban on minarets.

    Obama and Hillary are now bringing this crazy law to America as well. God help us.

    Shabbat Shalom from Avi Lipkin, presently in Kansas City, Kansas on lecture circuit (Until Obama shuts me down here as well!) I return to Israel God-willing next week!

    • Shabbat shalom- IN USA only a few of us know the hypocrisy and madness enveloping EU nations- We know of Geert Wilders and Sabaditch wolfe-who like your self prosecuted and persecuted for telling the truth- for being anti RACIST or anti unequality Anti ISLAMIC takeover – however we NEVER hear about the dozens more like you who are being hounded by the PC brigades- the brownshirts in league with the devil’s spawn- I pray tht USA will not ever surrender freedom of speech or compromise it so badly that we will be under insane laws that make truth illegal to say. This insane Orwellian backwards world has accepted it in Canada as well- Obama himslef with Egypt sponsored this same idea to be made into INTERNATIONAL LAW- globalism- law to supercede US and other national laws- to be administered by the majorityof UN whioch is human rights violators, totalitarian and/or Muslims. Of course only white people are prosecuted for “hate speech” while the actual hate speech is blaring from mosques everywhere and those haters go unpunished and unremarked. These haters try to hide behind racism- Islam is not a race.
      Truth tellers and people who made fun of ISlam are dead- others threatened- thought and speech have become ‘thought crimes” while the true hate spews forth unmolested, unchallenged, dressed up and passedoff as benign religion. I never dreamed in my lifetime I would live in such crazyness- God bless you for trying to prevent the ISALMOFASCISTS, today’s Nazis, the jew and woman haters homo killers stonethrowing mobs of Muslims from taking over Switzerland-
      May you find a good life in Israel, Am Israel Chai.
      Shabbat Shalom
      l’dor va D’or
      trust no man- only Hashem

      thank you for sharing your truth- welcome to the resisitance

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  11. The Thought police are on their way.It started with hate crimes. A crime is a crime treat it as such. The Left wingers who have control of the executive branch need to be voted out.

  12. Too all the muslims, Truth hurts don’t it. You do not want the truth to get out about what islam is. That is why you try to stop freedon of speech and freedom of expression. You don’t want us to know that islam is Satan’s religion. You condone Pedifilia, you beat your women into submission, you murder those who will not convert to islam and you violate human rights. islam is not even close to being a religion of peace and tolerance. It’s more a religion of hate and murder and sexual deviance. Pretty funny how muslims can talk shit and Christians and Jews, but we can’t talk shit about you muslims and islam. Carefull who you screw with, you just might regret it.

  13. Two sentences in this text stand out because they are blatantly lies.

    The first is “I don’t think any country in the Muslim world is deliberately discriminating against minorities”. Either the author never read the Koran or is practicing Tekilla–the art of lying.

    The second statement, “….the Islamic faith is based on tolerance and acceptance of other religions”. More Tekilla or a man who is not from this world.

    The word Islam means SUBMISSION. The Muslim objective is to replace every nation on this earth and every non-Muslim religion with the Islam that is spelled out in the Koran and in the Sharia.

    Resolution 16/18 is further proof that we have a Muslim President who is trying to Islamicize the United States.

  14. What Obama and the libtards keep forgetting is that it is almost impossible to change the Constitution. It has only been done 27 times. And what they keep forgetting is that US Law supersedes the UN.

    For the record this keeps us free:

    Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Until the libtards can reverse this, the Muslims can’t win!

    • I absolutely agree, but remember that local laws can hinder the Constitution in effect. Of course, such laws are unconstitutional, but this has happened. For example, Jim Crow laws. They were eventually rooted out and eliminated, and rightly so. But an abhorrent unconstitutional law can be legislated and ratified (Legislative & Executive branches) and imposed on the people…until a ruling by the Judicial branch causes it to be thrown out.
      And with some of the left of left of left justices on the bench today, such a scenario is not so far flung. An unconstitutional speech-gagging law could remain on the books for a long time in today’s situation, were such a law to be passed.
      The whole concept of “hate crime” is a ridiculous unconstitutionality in that it rules against a person’s presumed opinion at the time of the commission of a felony, and makes it in fact a crime to hold certain opinions.
      While any sane person realizes that racism is ludicrous, any patriot should also realize that to take away a person’s right to hold a ludicrous opinion is unconstitutional.
      Criticism of religion – if done in a civil, nonthreatening way – should never be up for classification as a crime. Open debate over such matters is one of the hallmarks of a free, tolerant civilization. The right to such discussions should not be abridged just because one group is a bunch of irrational, close-minded bullies. To outlaw criticism of Islam is tantamount to legislating Islamic supremacy. Just saying.

  15. Look at this! Great stuff for the election campaigns against Obama.




    They are working hard on these Muslim Supremacy issues. WE are not equal.To them, we are beneath contempt.

    Obama can’t get anything past the senate without using executive order.

    The republicans wont go for this! If he does, we can call our elected after 2012 and get it fixed back to normal.

  16. I am re-posting this with permission :

    Auntie Izlam says:
    September 2, 2011 at 9:06 pm
    We are already forced to ignore the enemy who has declared war on us. We are not allowed to name it. If you can’t name it you can’t fight it. Now if we are not allowed to “defame” islam and by defame I mean speak the truth about it , it will win. The only weapon we have left to protect us from the onslaught of this political ideology is the truth and that may be taken away from you by the liar-in chief and the traitors in the White House.
    How much will you tolerate? Are you willing to submit? Are you willing to see your female descendants forced into polygamous, inbred, child marriages? Are you looking forward to seeing them peering out from slits in their slave sacks? This and many, many more horror stories brought to you courtesy of the unnamed enemy, the enemy that has already breached our defenses is waiting for you right around the corner.
    Your & your children’s freedoms are at stake. You’ll have to decide if that is important to you or not, but remember this, once you have submitted, there is no going back.

  17. If Herman Cain becomes president this will not fly! He’s the only one that I’ve heard fearlessly speaking out about the CREEPING SHARIA in this country and how he will not be PC in dealing with Muslims.

    This administration is an obama-nation!
    This is outrageously ludicrous!


    • AOW, I am one of your Conservative Christian friends who understands Islam and Sharia.. Both are “creeping” so to speak (maybe even running now).

      Jesus Christ died for the Arabs before there was such a thing as a Muslim… and today Jesus’ offer for salvation still stands for them and the whole world.
      (John 3:16)

      Until then sharia will creep and Muslims will kill and maim in the name of their “god.”

      In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  18. QUOTE: “In his 2009 Cairo speech, President Obama said, “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam whenever they appear.”

    NOOOO… As a full fledged, practicing muslim he does what he does in DEFENDING and EMBRACING islamic ideologies and practices… AND trying to FORCE America to our knees… bowing to the east.

  19. Since we can all share our views here I thought I would share mine.
    I am muslim, I am practising Islam.
    I wont deny that there are muslim terrorist but not everyone with the muslim faith is a terrorist.
    I do not hate Israel nor do I hate Judaism, I do not hate any religion that is not mine.
    I’m just saying

  20. Quote, “enacting domestic laws for the countries involved in the issue, as well as formulating international laws preventing inciting hatred resulting from the continued defamation of religions.” Unquote

    These muzzies OPENLY defame my religion because we are polytheists and idolators, (anathema to muslims) and they actually expect me not to return favour? Yo, muzzies, go take a hike.
    Prophet mohammed was a paedophile child molestor, now, I blasphemed islam, do what you can do.

  21. I generally think most Americans are smart people. However, I can not understand for the life of me why the people that back BO do not understand BO is purposely trying to destroy the United States. Why else would he be friends with George Sorros? He was raised by radicals who despised this country. BO wants a America modeled after Europe…. We see how Europe is going. So then, why is this administration bent on help Islamic countries out? It is a shame after 9-11 this country has really bent over backwards trying to appease Muslims and Muslim countries at the expense of Americas principles.

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  24. The most incredible BS I have ever seen on the Internet.

    These people kill infidels and burn their churches!

    He added: “I don’t think any country in the Muslim world is deliberately discriminating against minorities.” Ihsanoglu took a similar tack, writing that “the Islamic faith is based on tolerance and acceptance of other religions. It does not condone discrimination of human beings on the basis of caste, creed, color, or faith.” (In his op-ed, Ihsanoglu also declared that “the OIC has never sought to limit freedom of expression.”)

  25. I have to really laugh at all of you that are so scared of this. Not even the President can avoid the Constitution. They (UN) tried to push this on the US years ago and was slapped down. There is a reason that Free Speach is the #1 (and original) amendment.
    And just so you know, Bush took away more of your freedoms than any President to date.
    No one in the US would let anyone take away our freedom to bitch about the world. I enjoy it everyday when I show people the f**cked up things that Christians do in the US to take away peoples freedoms.
    All of your fair-tale religions are the same. Christians, Jews, Muslims… you ALL preach hate of others and all want to restrict people from show your religion to be a lie. You guys just seem to only say something when the other religions want to take control of the sheeple.
    This is a joke. And if you truly cared about freedom and the Constitution you would actually READ it and follow it in turn (such as getting all of your “god” BS out of politics and government.)
    Until then, you are just as bad as them.

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