FEC Unanimously Votes to Allow Foreign-Born Muslim U.S. Presidential Bid

An update on this post as the stealth jihad moves forward. Why would the FEC even consider these questions for someone they acknowledge is not even eligible to run for president of the United States? Unless they wanted the challenge to go forward with their blessing? via FEC Allows Presidential Campaign for Foreign-Born Man : Roll Call News.

The Federal Election Commission ruled Friday that a Guyana-born American citizen could file papers and raise money to run for president of the United States. But the agency also told the prospective candidate, Abdul Hassan, that his campaign may not receive federal matching funds because he was not born in America.

The FEC’s unanimous vote allows Hassan — who born in the South American country in 1974 — to be a candidate, solicit funds and requires him to file disclosure reports for a presidential bid. However, the agency’s decision stopped short of addressing the constitutional issue of whether someone born outside the United States can be president.

Instead, the agency told Hassan he may not receive any presidential primary matching funds by quoting the Constitution, stating “[n]o Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

Hassan’s request appeared to put the FEC in the rare role of deciding a large constitutional issue that has only a few intersections with campaign finance law. The two commonly held constitutional requirements to run for president are that the candidate be 35 years of age or older and be a “natural born citizen.”

But FEC commissioners said repeatedly that their decision to define Hassan as a candidate had nothing to do with his birth country. They said that current federal election law allows for someone to be a candidate, regardless of whether they can legally hold the office they seek and that the FEC is not charged with deciding presidential criteria including one’s natural-born citizenship.

“This does not mean that he can go and say ‘look the FEC has said that I am a candidate, give me money, I’m official,’” said Republican Commissioner Donald McGahn. “That is not what we do here; we don’t certify you as a candidate. That’s what the states do.”

During Thursday’s meeting, commissioners said they had trepidation about voting for Hassan’s candidacy because of how it might be perceived.

“By saying that it is okay — it does give the impression that we don’t see a problem,” said Democratic Commissioner Steven Walther. “I think that we really need to be cognizant of how this could be misconstrued.”

The FEC’s decision to allow Hassan to go through the initial steps to run for president took place outside of its normal publicly attended open meetings and instead was approved by a tally vote as commissioners tried to reach a consensus.

One of the final sections added to approved opinion states: “Notwithstanding this conclusion, the Commission expresses no opinion on Mr. Hassan’s potential liability arising out of his proposed activities under any other Federal or State law, including any laws concerning fraudulent misrepresentation. Any such issues are outside the Commission’s jurisdiction.”

“For us this is really all about what we are empowered to decide and what we are not empowered to decide,” said Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub. “Nobody is saying that it is fine and nobody is saying it’s okay for this guy to be going out and raising funds.’”

If it wasn’t fine or okay, why did the FEC unanimously vote in Hasan’s favor? See FEC committee members and their bio’s here.

Shortly after Hassan made the request, the FEC signaled that it would decide the technicalities of filing requirements while leaving the broader issue of who can run for president to the judicial branch. In an email to Hassan on July 18, the FEC stated that he understood “that although the Commission can respond to the questions asked in [his] advisory opinion, the Commission cannot make any determination as to whether [Hassan] can, as a naturalized citizen, serve as President.”

The issue was made more contentious by comments and Internet postings by citizens, Tea Party advocates and “birthers,” who continue to press long-refuted claims that President Barack Obama was not born in America. About a dozen of these individuals wrote letters to the FEC stating that Hassan should not be allowed to run for president.

Unfortunately, the Constitutional issue has never been refuted. Hasan seems to be targeting the natural born citizen clause – which was targeted for amendment at least eight times from 2003-2008.

In the face of this opposition, Hassan said before the vote that he believed that the FEC was making the decision in good faith based on the facts. But he added that it would be hard for commissioners not to be “influenced by the political sensitivity of the issue.”

Hassan told Roll Call that his candidacy is not a stunt but rather an effort by a “political junkie” with various legislative interests. “I follow politics closely, but I have never held elected office,” he said. “I would admit that I am not well-known, and I would admit that my chances of winning are not as good as other candidates. That’s obvious.”

The folks at Ironic Surrealism provide a link to a very telling document, commentary included:

Hassan has not a snow balls chance in hell on winning the presidential election. And he knows it.

His goal is to wipe out the ‘natural born’ citizen clause permanently, thus opening the door for ‘others:

I kindly urge this Court to break from the tradition of Dredd Scott, Plessy and Hirabayashi by rejecting the invidious discrimination challenged in this case, grant Plaintiff the declaration he seeks, and declare the natural born provision to be trumped, mooted, abrogated and implicitly repealed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, together with the costs of this action and such other, further and different relief as the Court deems just and proper.

Link: http://www.abdulhassanforpresident.com/second_circuit/reply_brief.pdf

It’s interesting that the Fourteenth Amendment is mentioned because Section 3 seems to apply to several currently serving elected officials:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

The Founding Fathers foresaw the threat from foreigners and traitors alike. They included provisions to protect America. Unfortunately, many, possibly most, of our elected officials are all too unfamiliar with our own Constitution.

Update: Washington reinterprets constitutional eligibility FEC rules naturalized citizens are same as ‘natural born’ in presidential votes

30 thoughts on “FEC Unanimously Votes to Allow Foreign-Born Muslim U.S. Presidential Bid

  1. the straw that broke the camel’s back.This is APPEASEMENT AT IT’S FINEST;the whole thing is an attempt;pre-planned to appease and invigorate the ISLAMIC SPRING;A DEAL WAS MADE LONG AGO TO AMALGAMATE THE WORLD’S CULTURES ;CLASSES AND RELIGIONS INTO A WORKABLE AND CONSTANTLY TWEEKED WORLD ORDER called Babylon.The economic crisis is pre-planned in order to terat down the old and invoke the new Islamic fascist eco-system.These people have pushed the envelope;NOW ;it’s my turn……….You movers AND shakers are in deep shit………time for a whole lot of shakin goin on………..if I have to hear that nutcase from Iran one more time with his boasting horn calling to prayer I am goin to apply snuff.


  3. This is high crimes and treason against the United States. Time to Lock, Load and force all of these thugs to resign and move them to Saudi Arabia, they are traitors and do not deserve to live in the US>

    They have ignored the U.S. Constitution entirely and this is not acceptable.

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    • The FEC does not hold Constitutional power to determine US Constitutional law. This can be remedied by taking the FEC to court on Constitutional grounds. Obama should have been impeached long ago and has more impeachable offenses than that fool Clinton, or even Nixon for that matter. I thought Americans assassinated Presidents as a matter of course just to prove a point of who really does have the power: The people or the President. Could I be wrong? Wasn’t Lincoln assassinated for the same excesses as that of Obama? You Americans have funny ways.

  5. We are being manipulated into 2 class system=rulers and the ruled So many laws being made to control people—Romans 13:8. Lawers will have us ruled on community service. Where are jobs. Just union jobs?

  6. I thought this story was about Barack Hussein Obama until I actually read it.
    This Islam coddling by the current Muslim-in-Chief is out-of-control.

  7. This suit is about continuating the task of subverting America and weakening it by Islam’s other form of Jihad – LAWFARE.
    Warfare is obviously under way, now the other fronts in this Global Jihad are at work.

    Seriously – the Western World needs to call a mandatory meeting of the leaders of ALL Islamic states – and lay it out – RECALL YOUR AGENTS/IMMIGRANTS and STOP ATTACKING WESTERN ENTITIES. If not – then what?

    We enforce draconian sanctions – an immediate bombing campaign targeting either Mecca or Medina – they can choose.

    If they embargo oil, we wage a TOTAL WAR of destruction.

    It’s enevitable anyway, let’s set the parameters.

  8. The FEC is in violation of Constitutional Law and they need removed from office NOW. I can already hear the story on the National News, Today Abdul Hassan a foreign born muslim running for President of the United States was shot and killed at his first campaign speech blah blah blah. It is againt Constitutional Law for a foreign born person the run for the office of President, it is very clear. The FEC needs to go. If this is allowed how long until China, Russia, Cuba, Iran or Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez decide to come here to run for President? This can not be allowed, period……………

  9. This is a test to begin the breakdown of the US constitution. The next step in sharia will be the US citizen part. Muslims are NOT under the constitution they are under sharia law. These are people above infidels.

    The FEC is guilty of sedition. Until Erik Holder is gone with his Kenyan president we will be subjected to all kinds of vile acts.

    Vote wisely

  10. This is their way of pushing us to be violent. The purpose is to implement Martial Law. We have all noticed them sticking us in the eye with a stick from every direction.
    The real problem behind all of this is the Globalist New World Order, Agenda 21 Plan. The Sustainable Communities they intend to put any survivors in is already under plan in every State and many Communities. They know we have figured it all out now and are scared that the grassroots TP types will divulge the plan to the public and they will become educated about all of this.
    Short version is: they intend to house the people in small communities as slaves, not free to come and go and genocide the masses to bring down the population by 90%. So they can bring in the NWO,which our Government is all a part of , except TP people.
    A non government group named ECLIE is working in every Community trying to lie their way in under false pretenses. It is with the UN, NEA, UNIONS, EPA, etc. The Communists have infiltrated our Government and intend to take Ameria down, Economicly, Socialy, Military wise. All that is great about America must be destroyed. They are deeply inbedded and for 50 years have been workong piece by piece to get this far. We ae all in great danger and need God with us all for what is about to happen . Please, prepare in every way to protect your family and don’t let go of your guns under any circumstances.
    The communist groups intend to start a lot of protests in Sept. & Oct. at WallStreet and the White House. It is all backed by Moveon.org, Unions, ACORN and our White House itself. Funded by George Soro’s and all the Big money Globalist’s behind the Communist masks. The.Arab Spring around the World is what they intend here in Washington, to bring our Government down. Theyuse pretty words for their evil plan of violence.They are wanting to confuse people to think it is the Tea Party, but it’s not. They plan to lie about the TP and then they plan to kill the leaders nd followers, because they are ruining their plan. They said 30 years ago that if American’s resist that they intend to kill them in the mass’s.
    If they can’t take us down economicly they may not make it. They need us to cry out for help to the Government. Don’t do it, we must come together and take care of eachother, so that the Country will see who is realy behind this. Clinton’s, Obama’s, George Soro’s and all the self appointed ego-maniac Narcassists are paying them with our tax dollars to take us out and implement martial law. Which stripes every person of every right. Then they will bring in a new leader, like a Muslin and the muslimbrotherhood will take over America. Sharia Law and mass slaughter. I know it sounds insane, but I have been researching this for a long time and I know for sure what I have found. This Agenda 21 Sustainable housing is also buried in the ObamaCare Bill. May God help us all to join in a UNITED front against this evil. We can be strong if we are hand in hand as Americans, no matter what color. We are all God’s children and meant to live together as free human beings and to love one another. We can stop this race batting that they do and show them we are United as American’s. We must.

  11. The FEC is playing with fire – and I think they know it. Virtually ALL Regressives want to tear down anything that prevents foreigners from gaining control over the USA – and that includes the US Constitution, which Ovomit says includes too many “negative rights!” Also, most Regressives think the Constitution, if it’s to remain “viable,” must be “flexible,” “breathing” and “living” – all not-so-veiled code for maleable and, ultimately, dispensible. That pesky Constitution is the only defense We the People have against these dark forces of evil and subjugation, so it’s a prime target that the hard Left & commies won’t abandon anytime soon…

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  13. The statement about Congress did not say which disability that Congress could overrule, but it does not say that the FEC has the right to make any ruling over eligibility of disability. The Executive government has no such ability to make decisions of a Constitutional nature and needs to be reined in. Executive governments and the courts in the west have far too much Constitutional power and they are not Constitutionally legalized to hold that power.

  14. What socialist legal rubbish to say that a candidate who cannot legally or Constitutionally hold office be permitted candidacy to run for office he cannot hold. What kind of well-educated morons fill the halls of the FEC? Could you imagine Obama holding a job in the FEC? My God, does not that scare you half to death?

  15. Can someone tell me when the US Constitution stopped being the law of the land?

    I think somebody must have lied on their resume when they said they were educated to the level required for the job they are getting paid to do.

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