Former Muslim Challenges the Koran (video)

New Episode of Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Former Muslim Challenges the Koran

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9 thoughts on “Former Muslim Challenges the Koran (video)

  1. Nothing as good as being exposed by those living under the evil slavery of Islam, who have converted to Christianity.

    This is excellent Creeping Sharia. You get 5 stars for this one.


  2. Only real muslims are in saudi arebia all other one billion plus are converts to islam This is 21 century we are all free and we have rights to go back to our roots and live as our for fathers wanted us to live. Islam is nothing but slavery and no progress live like a 7 th century period.Time have changed we all need to unite and bring back these lost souls to give them the freedom but we can do only so much .They should feel like getting freedom too.

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  4. There is hope for the downtrodden and enslaved by Islam. This man is a living example. Mohammed was a moon-goddess worshipping pedophile, murderer, and misogynist. The word needs to be spread. that Islam, contrary to our President who, IMO, is one himself, is not a “Religion of Peace.” It is a bloodthirsty political system. It isn’t even a religion at all.

  5. Terrific video, but then, of course it would be Mr. Stakelbeck is amazing.
    Mr. Al Fadi is a phenomenal speaker. I am going to buy this book. Always important to be informed.

  6. My father was from Syria. He came here as a boy but he was a Catholic. I started reading the Koran 4 years before 9/11. I got 80 pages in and put it down. After 9/11, I picked it back up. What Al Fadi is saying is so true.

    I hope more Christians will read the Koran. Learn about your enemy.

  7. this is the reason ISLAM has so many rules about not allowing ANY other relgious information to reach the people. If it does, obviously anyone could see ISLAM is the corrupted/mixed up/bastardized version of Judaism and Chrstianity which it is based upon. It simultaneously embraces and rejects Torah and Bible.

    Without the previous books Koran has no context or history- once you read the originals you can see Koran changed the stories. Is it likely the orignial is wrong or the bad copy? Mohammed could not even read.

    This man was able to see that the anti USA and hate Christian-Jew he was taught was all lies- and what is his own families reaction? KILL HIM!!!
    know them by their fruits- he met people who lived true faith- kindness inclusive, knowledgeable, moral, sharing.

    We have faiths that can stand up to doubt and scrutiny- no one of us will jail you or kill you for asking or doubting- in fact you’re encouraged to ask about your doubts- we encourage free thinking and free will- no need to enforce faith by totalitarian means- we prefer people come willingly.
    Quran cannot withstand scrutiny so it was made a crime to question it.

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