Lieberman: Obama’s Fear of Offending Muslims Paralyzes Policy (video)

via Lieberman: Obama’s Fear of Offending Muslims Paralyzes Policy.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman blasted President Barack Obama’s counterterrorism policies in a speech Thursday, charging that he’s so worried about offending Muslims it is hurting the U.S. war on terror.

Speaking at a National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism conference at the National Press Club, Lieberman said the strategy to stop terror that the president unveiled in June “was ultimately a big disappointment.”

Lieberman said Obama’s plan successfully diagnosed the gravity of domestic radicalization, but failed to lay out a cohesive plan to counter it.

One of Lieberman’s biggest criticisms, according to a report in, was that the administration clings to the term “violent extremism” to define the threat to America, rather than identifying it as “violent Islamist extremism.”

“The administration still refuses to call our enemy in this war by its proper name: violent Islamist extremism,” said Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with Democrats. “To call our enemy ‘violent extremism’ is so general and vague that it ultimately has no meaning.”

Lieberman, the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, announced in January that he would retire, and will not be seeking another term in Congress.

Those policies pre-date Obama, but have gotten significantly worse under Obama. Unfortunately, Lieberman does the same thing and refuses to identify the source of the jihad, but occasionally raises valid points:


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20 thoughts on “Lieberman: Obama’s Fear of Offending Muslims Paralyzes Policy (video)

  1. Of course. If Obama should include the word “Islam” in the description of terrorism, he would be accusing himself because he is a Muslim.

  2. Is anybody listening?

    Oh, sure, certain ones of us know what Lieberman is saying is true.

    Obama has accomplished the following in the Middle East:

    1. Egypt becomes the property of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    2. Libya becomes the property of Al Qaeda.

    And just you watch….Obama will give funds to these nations via executive order (if he hasn’t already).

  3. This is a total misunderstanding of Obama. He is not fearful of offending. He is deliberate in all he does. He deliberately supports muslims at every turn. Christians and Jews take second place as he reorders the historic America to seem like a mini caliphate.

    • You are all blind to terrorism, in the face of over 100 shot dead or bombed by a Christian in Oslo this summer! Believing your propaganda and acting violently to start the war you want!! Obama and the FBI have effectively prevented attacks, but are you at all thankful for that and even more our EMT’s and city police and vigilant hard working Americans that protect us every day from terrorists, even from nuts like you!!

      • @ANONYMOUS: I can hardly blame you for logging on as Anonymous. I too would be ashamed to affix a proper logon handle to such a patently absurd statement as yours. F*****g moron!

      • “Anonymous”??!!! Hey is that you Barry?! The nutjob in Oslo was not a practising Christian. He had lost his mind in the belief (which is mostly true) that the f-stick muzzies were taking over his country. What he did was so wrong, but he doesn’t uphold a cult that worships a pediphile. Obama has prevented the U.S. from becoming a truly secure country. You are really misguided and have clearly been seriously brainwashed by mainstream media. Wake up you fool! Norwegians aren’t out to destroy your way of life! Duh.

    • Dear Dr. Garrow,
      I hate to put it this way but what planet are you living on? Can I assume you are a liberal Obama loving Democrat? I bet you watch NBC, ABC, CBS. and MSNBC? I bet you don’t watch FOX NEWS. On my goodness Dr. Garrow.

      • @DREDTOST: Please re-read Dr. Garrow’s comment. He’s isn’t supporting Obama, he is taking him to task for supporting his fellow muslims in their goal of subverting the sovereign will of the people, and the American Constitution in order to replace it with sharia. In other words, he’s rightly calling out Obama as a seditious traitor and an enemy of the people. Thank you.

  4. We can expect nothing less from our Muslim President. He has admitted this relationship many times. If only the media would follow up and report this to our gullible populace. Perhaps the Republican Party and the Tea Party can emphasize how our Muslim President is destroying the United States. The election next November is critical to the survival of the United States.

  5. Joe is still in denial. He can’t fathom what Obummah does. He cannot fathom that Obummah is a muslim and never left that faith.

    But good start, good start.

    • I could not watch the whole video. What an absolutely idiotic person. But this is the type that believes in Obama and will vote for him yet again because they want to remain slaves.

  6. Tell poor grey hair inept Liberman to resign because he is very wrong in making excuses for Obama.

    Obama knows exactly what he is doing and all those who make excuses are enablers!

    Sick career political animals have so messed up our country and force us to live in their pool of disgusting socialastic changes.

  7. While B.O. may-or-may-not be a ‘closet Muslim,’ he’s hardly the first dhimmi President. Jimmy Carter and especially Ronald Reagan gave material and financial aid to an Islamist insurgency (the Mujahedin-cum-Taliban) in Afghanistan–something endorsed by the conservative media (National Review, etc.) of the day. Bushes I-II protected Salafist theocratic kindoms in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and finally deposed their secular, Ba’athist enemies in Iraq. Dubya, Bill Clinton, and conservative fellow-travellers like Newt Gingrich and John McCain supported the sale of a U.S. seaport to Dubai World Ports (a MASSIVE security risk, ironically opposed by Obama and HILLARY Clinton). Every U.S. President since the founding of Israel stood with that country in steadfastly refusing to deal with the SECULAR, Arab-nationalist PLO/Fatah, in the process leaving the road open for the infinately worse Hamas to take the lead. After the mass murder of 3,000 on U.S. soil by pious Muslims, Duby kicked his shoes off at a mosque, read from the Qur’an, plead for tolerance, and embark on a ‘diversity’ hiring spree of double-agent FBI translators and nice Muslims like Nidal Hasan. And, of course, the current and all former living presidents support the dubious military aid for what is increasingly becoming an Islamist insurgency in the Arab world.

    In other words, there are plenty of stones to go around.

  8. The usurper -in-chief doesn’t seem to have a problem offending his fellow Americans(the ones who pay for his & his brood’s keep) on a daily basis. Why are they less important than the “precious” muslims? Think about it.

  9. Truth is, he is planning to do something about free speech. Erik Holder the atty general has been busy in this area trying to increase hate crime coverage against whites.They want to make criticism of Islam a hate crime, and shut us up about this.

    Under sharia, you may not speak the truth if it offends. That, buddy is us on web sites like this he is shooting at. Unfortunately for him there are senators who cannot understand him. They are telling him he does not know the law. Thank God for these legislators shutting him down. Sen Gohmert was an actual judge. Watch Holder squirm.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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