Hamas-Tied CAIR Demands Islamic Training In Florida Public Schools (video added)

via Atlas Shrugs, Hamas-Tied CAIR Demands Islamic Training In Florida Public Schools (RedBroward)

Here again we see Islamic supremacists demanding access to our children to propagandize dawah under the guise of “victimhood” (tell that to hundreds of thousands of murder of victims of jihad.) The buffoons in political office will turn themselves inside out to accommodate the sharia – that’s what this is. YOU have to fight back – you have to fight for the separation of mosque and state. How to fight – here’s your action plan.

And write to schoolboard@browardschools.com and politely enlighten them.

CAIR Wants Islamic Training In Broward County Schools posted by Red Broward

Appearing before the Broward County School Board, Nezar Hamze, the executive director of CAIR in South Florida, made a tearful plea for Islamic training for Broward teachers, principals and students.

Hamze recounted moments of “intolerance” at Broward Schools:

-teachers mocking Islamic students at prayer

-students throwing paper airplanes at Muslim students saying “that’s for 9/11.”

-During Ramadan, a principal forced a Muslim student to sit in the lunch room; the same principal said it was not healthy for a student to fast.

-Muslim students were not allowed to pray together.

Hamze said “education is best deterrent” to intolerant behavior.

The board members do not comment on these public statements, but Nora Rupert thanked Hamze for his courage.

Hamze has been a constant critic of Congressman Allen West and other local Republicans. West recently responded to a Hamze request with a one word answer–”Nuts!”


Hamze before Broward County School Board


I call beheading people “intolerant behavior.”
I call gender apartheid “intolerant behavior.”
I call ethnic non cleansing of non-Muslims “intolerant behavior.”
I call Islamic supremacism “intolerant behavior.”
I called Hamas-tied CAIR’s Islamic supremacist demands “intolerant behavior.”
I call clitorectomies “intolerant behavior”
I call Islamic Jew hatred “intolerant behavior.”

Contact your elected officials in Florida too.

14 thoughts on “Hamas-Tied CAIR Demands Islamic Training In Florida Public Schools (video added)

  1. Only way to stop Islamic Jihadism is to fight and resist further inroads. If we succumb, then result is obvious taking over by them and decline and end of Western civilization, which is their ultimate goal as clearly enunciated in Koran. Western liberalism is a death-knell of our civilization, if we do not wake up and resisit. It is easy now,but not when their popuation will swell to over 20% for which they are striving.

  2. Man, these Muslim men are big PUSSIES!!! What a bunch of freakin cry babies! boo freakin hoo! kids tease kids over everything! Quit being such babies! I mean really, first the fake and overacting skills of Keith Ellison and now this! Well, let’s just say that this guy ain’t gonna be gettin no Oscar anytime soon! We should all send CAIR a jar of NUTS!!

  3. They need to keep their religion at home and assimilate into America, as everyone else does. Christians and Jews have been told they cannot pray in school, neither should they be allowed. If they can not accept this, home school them or send them to a Muslim school. We have had to deny our faith and not allow for it in school, they should abide by the same rules.

  4. What about discrimination against CHRISTIANS in government schools? That’s been happening a whole lot longer than muslims have been “victimized” there. Why should muslims get special privileges and treatment in school that Christians do NOT get? Christian kids get teased, picked on, and persecuted, too. There’s a lot of INTOLERANCE toward faiths other than islam. If there’s ANY special teacher training, it should be to treat ALL students of ALL faiths with respect.

  5. Let’s all inform the Broward County school board of our outrage at this phoney plea for Islamic training ( make that indoctrination) in our public schools. When Christmas carols can’t even be sung in schools we’re going to have Islamic sensitivity training……wow is this country going off the track.

  6. These Muslims would only want the “peace and tolerance” lie of Islam to be taught in our schools, with the hope of converting weak minded innocent lemmings. If teachers taught a true representation of Islam Muslims would demand imams be brought into schools for a “true” teaching (indoctrination). the sad thing is simple minded “educated” teachers would approve of this because it’s easier to allow someone else to teach the children than educating yourself on a tuff subject.

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