JihadJane Warfare Game? Seriously?

I honestly could not believe what I saw in my inbox.  An app for Android from a developer called “JIHADGAMES” that glorifies violent jihad.  Their only apparent website presence is on Facebook, but their app is downloadable from several sources, including the Android Market.

And a description of the JihadJane game?  Here ya go – just what you’d expect.

Join virtual jihad today – plant and defuse explosives on the go, around you – being a hero is optional.
Interact with bombs where you are or use unmanned drones to extend your reach to up to 20km. Inspect location based activity streams, display a list of bombs in your location and use drones to explore the map of your area.

Dive into JihadStore™ and get the best gear virtual money can buy – sophisticated explosives and bleeding-edge defusion tools.

Mobile warfare has arrived, have fun !

Fun?  Is that what this is?  There’s another word for it – disgusting. This game has a “low maturity rating” which means that it’s rated for kids.  Gee, I wonder why.

The U.S. Army could probably tell us.  In 2005, the Army launched a video game called “America’s Army.”  In an interview with the Washington Post, that game was described this way:

It is an online, multiplayer video game that they believe will lure teenagers into Army culture, hoping both to educate them about the military and to spark interest in volunteering to serve.

“We want kids to come into the Army and feel like they’ve already been there,” said Col. Casey Wardynski, who as director of the Army’s office of economic and manpower analysis came up with the idea. “A game is like a team effort, and the Army is very much a team effort. By playing an online, multiplayer game, you can get the feel of being in the Army.”

Hizbollah has also created video games to lure kids into the dark world of “jihad.”  Their games, rated for kids as young as 13, are just one more “gateway drug” to real-life jihad.  Right up there with YouTube.  Great.   And it’s no surprise that Android Market is owned by… Google/YouTube.  I’m sure they are applying the same Wizard of Oz filters to their Android apps that they use for the videos at YouTube.  God help us!

By the way, if you go to Android Market and search for the JihadJane-Mobile Warrior game you can flag it as offensive.  You know what to do!

10 thoughts on “JihadJane Warfare Game? Seriously?

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  2. I actually don’t think it’s that bad, it clearly makes muslims out to be the bad guys. Kids have been playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians for years, not to mention modern games like GTA….and kids are not dumb. We like to think they’re dumb because it gives idiots a cause to complain about. But my take on this is that it lets kids play “evil muslim” and that doesn’t mean they’ll convert to islam, or become terrorists, but acknowledge that being muslim is wrong/bad/immmoral and only something to pretend to do when you want to play the bad guy.

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