YouTube Smackdown

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

This post is a big hello from the YouTube Smackdown Crew, for whom I have the honor of posting here for a couple weeks at the request of your favorite blogger, Creeping Sharia.

For those of you who are not aware of what we do, it is our mission to expose the many ways that YouTube is used by terrorists and terrorist recruiters to further their agenda – which is, of course, to destroy you and me and all the rest of the infidels in this world.  Their goal is total domination, and this website does an amazing job at noting the way it is creeping in at every turn.

The motivations of our team range all over the place:  my personal motivation stems from the fact that I have a brother in the military and I am unabashedly and unapologetically patriotic.  I love this country, and I do not wish to see our blessings squandered at the hands of evildoers.  I shared a story at Un:Dhimmi the other day which my cohorts are requesting that I share here as well.  It sort of feels like cheating to re-post my own post, but here it is:

A few weeks ago, I took a class in making silver jewelry from precious metal clay.  I was on my way to the studio to finish up some rings that I had made for my daughters and I and had to detour a bit because there was a 3-alarm fire in a shop at the opposite end of the shopping center from the studio.  No big deal, right?  So as I was sitting there working on my rings, I heard a lady who was in the shop say that she just didn’t want to go outside.  I told her that it was alright because the fire was quite a distance away from us and it was completely under control.

She looked at me with haunted eyes and said “I was in Tower One on September 11th.”

Wow.  You could have heard a pin drop and I just stammered and told her I was so sorry.  I asked a few questions, and in the process I learned that she was on the 51st floor and walked down in high heels after Rick Rescorla got them moving.  She walked home across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It took fifteen hours in high heels.  She said that she got home, and the next morning, got up, packed her car and said she was heading to her mother’s home where people were normal.  Her husband followed later that week and they got transfers from their jobs and moved.

The reason she hadn’t wanted to walk outside is that the smell of burning things makes her physically ill.  She lifted her foot to show me a pair of nice running shoes.  She wears them every day.  No more heels.  She said that she knows it will happen again and she has to be ready to run.  She can’t sit down in the seats and enjoy the baseball game with her husband and sons – she has to stand up behind the stands.  She doesn’t go to malls.  She doesn’t ride public transportation.  She lost a cousin in the World Trade Center.  And she is always ready to run.

Those kinds of stories are why I and the entire Smackdown Crew do what we do.  We need to never forget and never surrender — even in the little ways that this evil seeks to creep in.  And that includes YouTube.

Some will say that YouTube is a waste of time and a losing battle.  It may look that way at times, but there have been multiple arrests of terrorist wannabes who have started out by posting at YouTube.  “Jihad Jane” Colleen LaRose, Zachary Chesser and the latest on the list, Jubair Ahmad to name a few.  We have connected the dots from terrorist forums to YouTube multiple times to show how the free video hosting services of YouTube are being used on terrorist websites.  And we have spent a lot of time building lists of videos to be flagged for promoting terrorism.

If you’re interested in joining us, there are several options.  Our main website is Quoth The Raven, maintained by Andrea here.  IfUCMeUWontLikeMe maintains a YouTube Hall Of Shame that has lists of videos for flagging.  And at jihadi SMACKDOWN of the day you can sign up to have the link for one video to be sent to your email box every day.  And our two international partners, FlippinTheRaya and Un:dhimmi keep up with other related things as well.  We’d appreciate all the help we can get stopping the creep that’s happening!

11 thoughts on “YouTube Smackdown

  1. Wow…Great article! I receive “creeping sharia” via e-mail and I constantly share the articles, videos, etc. to my facebook friends and twitter. I will most definitly be sharing this article and joining up with some of the other great links that you provided. Thanks for all you do!

  2. The YouTube Smackdown Crew are an extremely valuable and vital resource in the counterjihad. They’re also great bunch of folks.

    They’re the conscience that the gazillionaires of Mountain View simply don’t have, whatever their hollow exhortations to ‘do no evil’.

    They may not personally, but their amorality, greed and inaction ensure evil is done in their name regardless.

  3. And the asshole president and New York mayor want us to ‘make nice’ with these 7th century tribesmen who worship violence mohammad named allah.

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  5. Thanks for all your good & hard work. I’ve been a member of jihadi smackdown for a while now and I must say it’s gives me great deal of satisfaction to flag those a-holes on a daily basis..

  6. Brilliant and vital post! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Also, When I have googled Israeli children traumatised by arab terrorists, they have made the search algorithm to search for ARAB children, implying they are the ones suffering. Google/youtube have become slaves to pisslam, it is diabolical!! I have screenshots of these searches and I could not find one referring to israeli children until the 4th page.

  7. to find pro_Israel vids it is difficult b/c so much Muslim hate stuff shows up- try to search for SDEROT or fogel murders
    This city has been rocketed constantly under all supposed ceasefires- In most cases you will not find sensationalized photos of bloodied bodies- Jews do not parade their dead for publicity
    -the Fogel murders were and exception and the family authorized the use- although all of them saveon teenager not home was slaughtered-
    here are a few vids I saved:

    and in one popular youtube video a photo of a dead Jewish baby is used by Fakestinians claiming as Israel warcrimes

    Pallywood often usues fakery and deception- one famous case Al Dura was proved in French court to be a fakery- a fictional movie reported as child killing by Israel. Other lies like ambulance bombings show the ambulance was rusted and shot up years before the supposed ISrael shooting. Proof of HAMAS using ambulance to shuttle bombers and attackers does exist.
    False charges of phosphorus burns also proved to be fakery and lies. In fact phosphorus is approved for use as smokescreen to protect forces and it was, Gazans picked up unexploded shells and used them on ISRAEL towns>>> the opposite of what media reported.

    certainly do not trust everything you read about Israel

  8. Got a new folder in the bookmarks bar with all the links. Thanks for your determination and diligence! Be seeing you around the sites.

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