Muslim in road rage attack on U.S. Marines linked to Seattle terror plotters (updated)

Road jihad?

via Attack on Marines Linked to Seattle Terror Plot :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

In what may be a new development in a June South Seattle terror plot, state prosecutors filed charges Tuesday against a longtime criminal in Washington state who attempted to run two Marines off the road, and who allegedly had contact with one of the terrorism suspects.

According to the charges, Michael D. McCright, who also goes by Mikhial Jihad, swerved at a government-owned sedan on July 12 after noticing the uniform of the Marine staff sergeant driving the car.

“His eyes widened and he appeared to become angry,” the staff sergeant reported to the police.

McCright then quickly pulled in front of the sedan and jammed on his brakes in an effort to cause a collision. The second Marine in the car, a noncommissioned gunnery sergeant, managed to report McCright’s license plate to the Washington State Patrol. Both Marines were uninjured in the incident.

The charges assert that McCright initially denied any involvement in the incident and avoided detectives until he was tracked down and arrested on Sept. 8 in Seattle.

Adding to the potential significance of the crime is evidence entered by prosecutors showing that McCright had been in contact with Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, who is one of the two defendants charged with plotting to attack the South Seattle military processing station in June.

“Investigators have confirmed that the cell phone used by the defendant … was used on at least three occasions to contact Abdul-Latif prior to Latif’s arrest by federal authorities,” King County prosecutor Gary Ernsdorff said in court papers. “The FBI is continuing to investigate defendant McCright’s possible connection to domestic terrorism.”

The charges only assert that McCright’s cell phone was used to contact Abdul-Latif, but the nature of their relationship has yet to be determined.

Abdul-Latif was arrested along with Los Angeles resident, Walli Mujahidh, several weeks before McCright’s attempted attack on the Marines for allegedly plotting a suicide operation against a military induction and processing center. The two suspects planned to use automatic weapons and grenades to target recruits and Department of Defense employees working there. Both men are now in Federal custody and face life in prison if convicted.

McCright, charged with second-degree assault, also faces life in prison if convicted as a repeat “three strike” violent offender. He is expected to be arraigned on Sept. 27.

Mugshot and more via NotMyProphet.

He pled not guilty.

Charged with second-degree assault, McCright remains jailed on $2 million bail. He is expected to return to court on Oct. 12. McCright, a repeat violent felon, could face life in prison as a “three-strikes” offender if convicted. He was sentenced to a nearly 6-year prison term following a 2006 robbery and was most recently released from prison in November 2009.

15 thoughts on “Muslim in road rage attack on U.S. Marines linked to Seattle terror plotters (updated)

  1. This is a clear example of a non-Muslim being converted by Imam’s in Mosques and Prisons. When are we going to wake up to this threat! Mosques are military command centers. The Imams and raising armies to eventually wage war against us. Reports indicate that there are 11 active Islamic military training compounds in the United States. The last time I checked, sedition was a crime.

    • good point…prisons are the most fertile recruiting grounds for the imams allowed in the prisons, and of course thats insane , Islam is an insidious political fascist dogma, calling for the overthrow of western non muslim civilizations,to install a world wide Caliphate. Why the hell are the prisons allowing islam, which should be named AS a political threat to the west!! and naturally its violent way of dealing with those who oppose it, appeals to the worst criminal minds in the prisons, ESPECIALLY murderers and violent thugs, because thats what Mo was in the Quran..and Hadiths…
      I just hope this revert/convert is put in isolation away from other prisoners so he can;t spread his vile doctrine to others…ALL muslims in the prison system should be isolated similar to what they do in hospitals for infectious diseases..ISOLATE so it doesn;t spread!

  2. It’s probably not sedition when the President of the US is one of them.Remember Ft. Hood? The guy jumped on a table and yelled Allahu Akbaqr and Hussein Obama said not to jump to conclusions. As long as Obama is in office, Muslims will be coddled and they will be facilitated with their obscene jihad by the US Government. IMO Er must vote him out of office and make him take that bunch of thugs in the White House with him.

  3. All the more reason to stop recognising islam as a religion. It is not. It is as LTC Allan West described it, a socio-theo-political construct. Islam is nothing more than a seditious ideology that is out to destroy our Constitution and replace it with sharia law, and an apparthied system where muslims are the ruling class. Islam must be stripped of all 1st and 4th Amendment protections because it fully intends to destroy those very Amendments. It is sheer suicidal lunacy to allow it’s existance here.

  4. Another one of Seattle’s “finest” citizens.

    Both Portland and Seattle have become “Jihad Central” for the west coast.

    Why am I not surprised?

    • Yes, we have had a rash of these animals. We are trying to root it out. Lots of people in denial up here in this area… Buncha stupid hippies! But people are waking up!! We had a Town Hall meeting about Islam in the public schools and 120 people showed up! (including CAIR!! – which I confronted that liar during the meeting and after)

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  6. Not hard to pick the radical fundamentalist islamofascists..they all have that mark on their foreheads ( mark of the beast?) caused when their neanderthal foreheads hit their prayer rugs 5 times a day to the moon god and Mo…..dead giveaway!!!

  7. I’m trying to find out the Imam in Walla Walla Pen. The case setting for this POS is Oct 12 at 1 pm. I will be there and report back what’s going on.

  8. This scumbag has not gone to trial yet… he keeps getting continuances. Next date is Feb 22nd. I think that is the case setting. I’ll be there and let you know what is happening.

    I plan on being at the court sentencing of his other two butt buddies from Walla Walla Pen who tried to blow up MEPS too.

      • I am one of them. I got a bill ready to go and the rep that was going to introduce it chickened out… then the other one that was going to introduce it was re-districted out.

        On another note – Michael McCright plead guilty to assault II and this never went to trial. He got 3.5 years…

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