North Carolina Muslims surveilled USMC base for jihad plot

That, according to a Muslim informant. via NC trial focuses on plot to kill service personnel – Houston Chronicle.

NEW BERN, N.C. (AP) — Federal prosecutors played tapes on Wednesday of a North Carolina man describing his plans to organize a terrorist attack on the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Va.

The tape of Daniel Patrick Boyd, who pleaded guilty to federal terrorism charges in February, was played during the trial of three men accused of plotting terrorist attacks with him.

Boyd could be heard on the recording bragging about how easy it would be for him and a team to gain access to the Marine base and kidnap or kill service members and their families.

“My father was an officer,” Boyd, who converted to Islam as a teenager, says on the tapes. “What will they say, their hero’s son cutting their head off?”

What Boyd didn’t know was that the man he was speaking to, Abdullah Eddarkoui, was a paid informant for the FBI who was wearing a wire.

The secret recording Eddarkoui made of the conversation outside Boyd’s house near Raleigh was so clear frogs could be heard croaking in the background.

Eddarkoui was a key witness Wednesday as prosecutors began building their case against three men alleged to have plotted with Boyd and his sons to attack the Marine base and targets overseas.

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan, Ziyad Yaghi and Hysen Sherifi have pleaded not guilty. A fourth defendant, Anes Subasic, has declined to have an attorney represent him and will be tried following the conclusion of the trial for the others.

FBI Agent Paul Minella, who recruited Eddarkoui to work for the government, testified that a multiyear surveillance effort used subpoenas and paid informants to collect a trove of evidence about the group, including bank records, emails, Facebook posts and audio tapes.

Boyd pleaded guilty in February to charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists and conspiracy to murder, kidnap and injure persons in a foreign country. Now the man who liked to call himself “Safallah,” the Arabic word for “Sword of God,” is expected to testify for the prosecution.

Two of Boyd’s sons, Dylan and Zakariya Boyd, have also pleaded guilty.

Eddarkoui, a Moroccan living in the United States illegally, was working in a Durham beauty supply store in 2005 when Minella recruited him to infiltrate a Raleigh mosque and befriend Boyd, according to testimony. His FBI code name was “Jawbreaker.”

In one of the tapes made by the informant, Boyd describes a reconnaissance visit to Quantico and being surprised at how easily he could drive along streets where Marine officers lived. The fact the Virginia base is built around a town, he said, made it a better target than a more secure facility, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

“The generals’ wives, they’re jogging,” he said of Quantico. “Their children are playing.”

Boyd said it would be easy to enter the home of a general and hold him hostage.

“I’ll kick in his door and take him from his bed,” he said.

One of the defendants on trial Wednesday, Hysen Sherifi, was present for some of the taped conversations. Boyd assured the informant Sherifi would participate in an attack.

“Hysen … he will do it,” Boyd told Eddarkoui. “He won’t question anything.”

Attorneys for Hassan, Yaghi and Sherfi said in their opening arguments that the men are innocent and knew nothing of Boyd’s plans. They also worked to undermine Eddarkoui’s credibility, pointing out that he got a green card making him a legal United States resident after working with the FBI.

He was also paid nearly $111,000 by the FBI over five years and given another $55,000 for expenses that included buying a car and paying rent for a Raleigh apartment wired with secret microphones.

In a taped conversation, Boyd expressed admiration for terrorist leaders that included Osama bin Laden and said the orders he heard from jihadist leaders with recordings on the Internet were clear: “Hit everything you can that hurt America and the Jew.”

After prosecutors say he was foiled in a 2007 plot to commit terrorist attacks in Israel, Boyd turned his attention to the possibility of committing a terrorist attack at home. As an example, he gave the 1994 bombing of the World Trade Center carried out by a group of men from New Jersey.

Though Boyd feared he was under surveillance, he told Eddarkoui that the United States was still a good place to plot and execute a terrorist attack.

“Before you had to be smart,” Boyd told the government informant wearing a concealed microphone. “Now you have to be really smart.”

More via FBI informant says Triangle terrorist cell leader intent on jihad ::

In audio recordings of conversations between Boyd and Jawbreaker that were played in court, Boyd talked about his intentions to attack Quantico. He spoke of how easy it would be to get on the base because it’s also a city.

“I did some preliminary reconnaissance, and what I saw was amazing. I saw the residences of all their commanding officers,” Boyd said in one recording, adding that Sherifi was in on the plan.

Jawbreaker said Boyd was intensely loyal to Afghanistan, where he traveled in 1989 to join the fight against Soviet occupation. Boyd always wanted to fight non-Muslims, the informant said.

“Every single day, it was about jihad and fighting,” Jawbreaker testified.

An FBI search of Boyd’s Willow Spring home in 2009 turned up about two dozen guns and more than 27,000 rounds of ammunition.

A seventh defendant, Anes Subasic, is representing himself and will be tried after the case against Hassan, Yaghi and Sherifi is finished. Their trial is expected to last five weeks.

Authorities believe another man charged in the case, Jude Kenan Mohammad, 22, is in Pakistan. A ninth member of the group, Bajram Asllani, 30, was arrested in Kosovo last year, but the U.S. doesn’t have an extradition treaty with that country.

Jude Kenan Mohammad was the name used to stir up fear, and trample liberties, this past 9/11.

More on the implications of social media on this case here.

15 thoughts on “North Carolina Muslims surveilled USMC base for jihad plot

  1. 1400 yrs still west and civilized has not understood. ISlam is like oil and we as water will never mix. Its time all muslims who ask for sharia to be deported right away and no more immigration to save this great country from future terror attacks from inside.

  2. It is time we amended our Constiturion to include thoughts that were omitted or not considered during its creation.

    We are presently confronted buy an organized effort to replace the United States using the First Amendment, the right of Free Speech of expression, against us.

    Such an amendment should be restictive and should recognize sedition and treason. It should restrict immigration to only those who swear allegiance to the United States and who speak the English language.

  3. You got to be kidding. The religion of peace would never allow anyone in it’s mosque to do this..Yea right, just like obama will serve a second term. More and more people finally realizing that most muslims are terrorist or support terrorist. Peace to all non-muslims.

  4. …wow;how easy it would be to take down a terrorist training camp and impale the insurgents.with video and surround sound……….HOWEVER;;this action though deserved by the insurgents or home terrorists does not speak well of us realistically;HOWEVER taking down a terror trsaining camp and sending them to the rock pile does……….Most of these home grown groups are disturbed individuals who must act out their agressions against the authority figures they deem guilty or most powerful;it is no different than sex fact;sex has everything to do with it……….crimes of passion crimes of fear;beware of those who shoot at deer.

    • Please do not use the excuse that these are disturbed individuals. You are completely ignorant to the realities of Islam! The Saudi financed Mosques in America and England are staffed with Wahabbi trained Imam’s who preach that it is the duty of Muslims to wage war against non-believers. In effect, the Mosques here are military outposts that recruit, organize, and train soldier for war against us. Consequently, these soldier’s of Allah having been indoctrinated at their Mosques, were planning a military assault well within their rights as Muslims as stipulated in the Koran.

  5. Nuke all Muzzie countries and get it over with. It must happen sooner or later anyway.

    Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

  6. So why don’t “we” make up table top exersises of where all Mosqes are here in the US and how EASY it would to obliterate them..hypothetically speaking of course…..wouldn’t want to seem like a “terrorist” to the terrorists now would I????

  7. As much as I want these scumbags to be punished to the furthest extent that the law allows, I think that isn’t the best solution. Our country club correctional facilities where inmates have more rights than law abiding citizens, and don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from like many Americans now do, are not going to help them. Mess with a U.S Marines family and that punishment is likely to be much worse than anything our pathetic justice system would do

  8. Should have let him go get a general. Any of those guys are likely to blow his greasy face off with a bedside handgun. Or they would kill with their bare hands. Yes really simple to go get a marine.

    Of course, the leaders of our nation would not be able to figure out why he did it, for the hundredth time. Must come out of the white house, this incredible “we will never be at war with Islam” crap.
    Get O to tell the muslims that.

    Love to put that up on youtube, but they only allow muslim terrorist against america videos.

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  10. Hi Tom,Yes I totally agree that I don\’t know how is one of the top esxcues people use to keep themselves stuck or from starting. And it\’s phony! Why? Because everyone has to start somewhere. You are where you are and there is ALWAYS something you can do with what you have, with what you already know. And you can always learn what you need, especially these days with so many online resources.Well, that got me started on a rant, hehehe. But this is so critical. There is NO reason to allow I don\’t know how to stop you when there are sooooo many possibilities for you. If you\’re going to assume anything, why not assume it\’s gonna work???Thanks Tom! I appreciate your perspectives NancyNancy Boyd recently posted..

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