Metropolitan Museum of Art renames Islamic exhibit, returns Mohammed images

An update on this 2010 post – Metropolitan Museum of Art pulls images of Mohammed. (Pic below not likely in the Met)

Muhammad Leads Muslims in a Massacre

via Mohammed returns to the Met –

The Met is no longer non-prophet.

After at least an eight-year absence, images of Mohammed will return to the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the renovated Islamic galleries reopen in November.

The controversial depictions have not been seen in years, and there was some doubt about whether they would resurface when a $50 million renovation of the gallery space is completed.

Conservative Muslims object to any images of the prophet, saying that their religion forbids showing renderings of Islam’s founder.

“Islamic Sharia law doesn’t allow his image,” said Chernor Sa’ad Jalloh, an assistant imam at the Islamic Cultural Center in Manhattan. “Even in Islamic museums they don’t allow this.”

But a Met spokesman said the display is a matter of art, not religion.

“We have tried to be up-front and frank about our plans with members of the Muslim-American community,” said Harold Holzer. “We have not asked for guidance.”

The museum invited New York Muslim groups on an advance tour of the new 19,000-square-foot space on the second floor, and reached out to dozens of Islamic art scholars during the renovation.

They didn’t ask for guidance but reached out to dozens of “Islamic art scholars” and invited NY Muslim groups on an advanced tour? For five images, only two of which will be shown at one time.

The Met is widely considered to have one of the world’s most important collections of Islamic art, spanning 13 centuries. The renovation has added 5,000 square feet of exhibition space and includes the recreation of a Moorish courtyard. Experts spent three years restoring a 16th-century rug that once belonged to Russian royalty.

Holzer refused to say whether the Met had made special security arrangements for the opening of the awkwardly named “Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia.” The name was changed from “Islamic Galleries.”

The Met has five images of the prophet in its 60,000-piece collection of Islamic art. Curators plan to display only two at a time because they are delicate and cannot be exposed to light for long.

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13 thoughts on “Metropolitan Museum of Art renames Islamic exhibit, returns Mohammed images

  1. Warlorders could not, can not display pictures of Mohamed since they have always been considered mug shots which would of given people warning that he and his thugs were coming.

  2. Quote: “We have tried to be up-front and frank about our plans with members of the Muslim-American community,” said Harold Holzer. “We have not asked for guidance.”
    WAY TO GO, HOLZER! Sharia not welcome at the Met.Mus.Art . . .is awesome news!!

  3. Art has always depicted historic events through the ages , muhammad will not be whitewashed in the scores , maybe hundreds of old materpieces that showed the rape and carnage of his invasions into western civilization..
    Truth is an affront to muslims..

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  5. I bet Dalia Mogahed had something to do with that …
    There are a large number of governmental agencies which are run by presidential appointees. These appointees must be approved of by congress. What happens when the Congress and the President are all on the same party line is that the vast bureaucratic ship of state turns towards a direction that looks a lot like a centralization of power and a primary dominion. These are things which the founders of America sought to avoid.

  6. zombie has a good expose on this bullcrap the HYPOCRITE LIAR Muslims are trying to sell us

    THEY are the people who created the pictures of Mohammed in most cases and Islamic countries and museums have displayed them as well.

    This is one more excuse to whine, bitch, cry victim- and perhaps make a fire or put a bomb in this fantastic amazing museum.

    Kudos to the MET- even if the art is not made by MUSLIMS. the rest of us have every right to display pictures we make of whom ever about whatever.The Muslims would consider a good deal of the Museum collection to be obscene and unislamic too- but they do not get to make the rules in NYC-

    fuck em and get lot of security-

    the image above shows the truth- Mohammed the murdering marauder, does not show their prophet as they would like to pretend to us he was- too late Muzzlies we already KNOW

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