Russia: Bombing bikini-clad women to enforce sharia dress codes

Terror Attacks Escalate Against Women in Bikinis in Russia’s Dagestan – The Daily Beast.

The beach is crowded with men these days. Powerful, muscled Dagestani men, who practice martial arts and wrestle on the littered sand of the Caspian Sea shore in the capital city of Makhachkala. Some sit around, enjoying boiled ears of corn with butter and salt; others play soccer or ride on their buddies’ shoulders in the waves, competing to see who can last longest without collapsing into the water. Rare groups of shy women in long flannel dresses enter the sea holding children by the hand; their long skirts and colorful hijabs immediately soak up salty water, like sponges. Bikinis? There are almost none. The social change here has been fast and radical: just two summers ago, only a smattering of women swam in their long dresses and scarves on Russia’s Caspian Sea beaches. This year, public opinion in the region—the place with the highest level of terrorist attacks in Russia—decided to put an end to the “sinful” display of women’s bodies. The appearance of a rare tourist in a modern swimsuit elicits frowns, and a grumpy comment in the local language. One word is always clear: haram or “forbidden.”

To make life easier for both women who want to swim yet have no bathing robes (nicknamed burkinis), and for men keen on playing on the beach without violating the dictates of Islam, the state opened the first Sharia-compliant beach in Russia this month. Named “Mountain Woman Beach,” it’s a gated community, open to women, girls and boys younger than 6 years of age. Visitors can rest in comfortable wooden shelters to escape the heat or swim in the ocean without the burden of burkinis. The beach is proof enough, if any were needed, of the rise of Islam in Russia. It’s also a security measure to protect women from a recent, gruesome spate of bombings at the Caspian shore.

On a clear morning last July, at around 6 a.m., schoolteacher Yelena Abduzhalimova met her colleagues on the central city beach for a round of volleyball. As the ladies changed into their swimsuits, a group of young boys began to warm up for wrestling exercises before their morning classes, right by the volleyball court. Other than the children, the beach was still fairly empty at that hour. Abduzhalimova walked onto the court with her friends and she stepped forward to serve the ball. Instantly, a powerful explosion threw her into the air, flying 10 feet above the ground. She had stepped on a mine hidden in the sand. It was the third explosion on the public beach that season, and one that cost Abduzhalimova her leg above the knee. The bomb was meant as punishment for women wearing swimsuits, she says. Now, she says she wished the Sharia beach had been open back then. “If only the guarded beach for women existed a year ago, I would have my leg now,” Abduzhalimova said, adding it was a lucky chance that she stepped on the mine before a child did.

A Muslim woman at the beach with her son., Hatem Moussa / AP Photo

Not all women are so positive about the Sharia beach. “First, they make deadly threats for wearing a bikini; next they will want us to stop wearing our shorts and jeans, then ban us from going to restaurants and universities,” says Bakanai Huseinova, a manager of a financial company in Dagestan. Huseinova fears that the increasing terror attacks will eventually start to pressure and control all spheres of a woman’s life—social, familial, spiritual. Terror attacks have been escalating not only against bikini-clad women, but against all symbols of secular Dagestani society. Just this year, there have been over 200 terror attacks on Dagestan’s food stores, cafés, and saunas that sell liquor, as well as on religious centers and law enforcement. The attacks have killed hundreds of social workers, local deputies, police, high-ranking army officers, even imams. In addition, two school principals who spoke out against schoolgirls wearing the hijab were killed this year in Dagestan.

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29 thoughts on “Russia: Bombing bikini-clad women to enforce sharia dress codes


  1. MORE:

    The Islamist movement: the threat remains

    By Wes Vernon October 3, 2011

    Under Sharia law:

    There is no freedom of speech.

    There is no freedom of religion.

    There is no freedom of thought.

    There is no freedom of artistic expression

    There is no equality of peoples — a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim.

    There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people.

    Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.

    There are no equal rights for women.

    Women can be beaten.

    A non-Muslim cannot bear arms.

    There is no democracy, since democracy would mean that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim.

    Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance — ahiliyah that must submit to Sharia.

    Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens.

    All governments must be ruled by Sharia law.

    Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed.

    There is no Golden Rule.


  2. Bring the full force of the Russian Military down on all muslims there and eradicate them like cockroaches and them put a total ban on sharia and islam.

    • Please anem on candidate R or D or L, one party, or person advocating govt by ONE retglion in USA- examples please!!!

      bet you can’t and won;t b/c none do ask that- nope even the rightest wing tea partiers want the CONSTITUTION as it is ALREADY WRIT changed to allow a theocratic system – saying there will be NO ESTABLISHMENT OF OFFICIAL RELIGION IN USA – and freedom of relgiion means people are free to pursue or not pursue those Noahide laws you mention on a personal VOLUNTARY level – the laws we have are by civil agreement, with representation by people you vote for-

  3. Stop thiis stupide, racist,machist and nazist sharia all over the world!The muslin people like this one must come back to his country! REXLION BRASIL

  4. Simple solution. Russians outlaw sharia. Bring back Stalin’s purges at
    night. Have trials like before. Tear down all mosques as anti Russian.
    Teach Muslims about real terror.

    Execute them as WRECKERS.

    In 10 years, they are all gone, down to the last burkha pusher.

  5. every time a MUSLIM lies and tells you SHAIRA law is only for MUSLIMS remember this story

    they are persecuting and attacking NON MUSLIMS for not doing as they demand

  6. Oh, how can it be stopped like Nazism was? I see it grow in my area too; small steps so far. Stanley Park through to Vancouver did have its black-clad walking tents in the celebration of light fireworks crowds…
    Just streets away from my bus route through a few smaller areas are a bismillah grocery, a masjid, a muslim association, islamic center, and since my neighbourhood got connected with the bigger city, there were muslims and now there are a few muslim teens not far from my home. Interfaith outreach at school, too. Even when muslim terrorists get killed my twitter feed has english/canadian gripes in the range of ‘oh wasn’t a real muslim but had the right intention’. Some 16-year-old “revert” is so happy about islam and found some guy in mecca to help her get there one day, and another sighed about spain’s coroba mosque on that supposed bright period when islam was there.

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  9. Hy brothers,
    I just want to clearify to you what islam order us and what is sharia.
    I request you to be neutral for a few minutes.
    First of all, Islam order us to treat all the humans same,not as Muslims and non muslims,here are quotes and testifies.

    1. Our holy book Quran says to us that those who killed a single human is same like that you killed the whole humanity and those who saved one precious human is like he saved the whole humanity.(think here,we are not ordered to save muslim etc,we are told about humans and to tell us that how much human life is precious.)

    2.Once a jew stealed the iron clothe (i dont know the particular name in english,but the iron clothe used by people in wars to save themselves from enemies in past like a bullet proof jacket) from our fourth Caliph (ruler) Hazrat Ali (r.a).
    He got know about it and went to court and asked the judge for decision.(although he was ruler and could got that by force but he didnt done that)
    The judge asked both parties and then asked hazrat ali (r.a) to provide any evidence.he said that my servent know that the iron clothe is mine.the judge told him that in Islam,the testification of servents,relatives etc is not acceptable,bring some one who dont belong to you,there was no third person,so the judge gived his decision in the favour of the jew.The jew got so impressed that if accepted Islam.(that shows how Islam treats Humans.not muslims and non-muslims)

    another point which i want to clearify is that you people call us terrorists.Now let see how we are terrorists?

    If killing our people our self is terrorism,then we are terrorists.

    If we are blasting bombs in our Mosques (churches in your case) our self then we are terrorists.

    If changing our great happiness days EIDS (christmas in your case) into great sorrows by killing our innocent childrens,students,womens and oldones our self,then we are terrorist?

    If we are terrorists,then are we mad to kill our own people?
    Have you hear of such great bomb blasts like a bomb in a truck,a car full loaded of bomb that has been blasted in a non muslim country? Offcourse no.but that occurs here.

    Now something about sharia.
    In muslims countries,sharia is in practice,partially or fully.
    Now let see who gives more security to womens?
    International stats shows that a rape case occurs every 20 second in america.
    Where there is no sharia.
    In muslims countries,a rape case very very rarely occurs,and the culprit is given severe punishment.its sharia which secures womens.
    We have been ordered by our prophet to keep servents for your wife as its not her duty to do your house work.we have been ordered to pay our wives if they feed the baby by their milk.
    Does any other religion gives such status to woman?
    We are allowed to beat our wives but not like a donkey but just by a light slap which doesnot cause redness.
    You know well that how much pain will it cause if you are so lightly slapped that you didnt even get red.

    Now about truthness of Islam.
    Its the nature of humans,that they tends towards reality.And as islam is true thats why its followers are increasing with the highest speed than any other religion.
    We are always peace lovers,check our neutral histors (not that ones written by those who have only criticsed us).
    Even non-muslims scholars keep Our Prophet (s.a.w.w) at the top of list of best people in the the web.
    At last i request the admin not to delete this freedom of speach is for every one.
    If you wana criticize me , you are most wellcome.i am not a scholar but i may clear you of my openion by mail (

    and in last,i am sorry if i hurt you.

    • @ Pakilover

      we KNOW KORAN too – better study your ARABIC- those Arab Muslims think you brown Pakistanis pervert their ISLAM- yup they are racists too LOL- according the them you are an apostate!

      – here is Muslims version of “brotherhood”

      Koran 5:51 warns Muslims against “taking the Jews and Christians as friends and allies … whoever among you takes them for friends and allies, he is surely one of them,” i.e., he becomes a non-believing “infidel,” the worst thing in Islam. According to authoritative Muslim exegete, al-Tabari, Koran 5:51 means that the Muslim who “allies with them [non-Muslims] and enables them against the believers, that same one is a member of their faith and community.” Similar scriptures include Koran 3:28, 4:89, 4:144, 5:54, 6:40, 9:23, and 58:22; the latter simply states that true Muslims do not befriend non-Muslims — “even if they be their fathers, sons, brothers, or kin.” Conversely, according to Muhammad, “A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him…. All things of a Muslim are inviolable for his brother in faith: his blood, his wealth, and his honor” — precisely those three things Islamic law singles out as not being vouchsafed to free infidels.

    • Your so called religion is a man made cult and the fact that you’ve used the word “Reality”??? Religion is the opposite of reality and I’d like to ask you how you became a Muslim? I’m assuming that you were born one and spoon fed your beliefs by your ignorant Muslim parents!!

      You are the only man made religion who feels the need to force your beliefs down the throats of others in the way that you feel the need to state that Islam is truth, knowing full well that many people who have posted on this do not believe in your fake god, still, you feel the need to use your posting as a platform to spout off about your Islamic beliefs, because of course you are right, while we are all so very wrong????

      Arrogance defined!!!

      Your religion destroys and murders other religions simply because they are not Islamic and while I believe all religious people to be seriously ill and in need of help, yours is the only who goes around trying to own everything and everyone who doesn’t follow or support it. THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!

      Don’t even get me started on the way women and children are treated as I don’t have enough space.

      You and your murderous religion of Islam disgusts me and the fact that Westerners have to tolerate what they do??

      We offend you for drawing cartoons of your fake god do we? You offend me for simply being alive and stuffing your mindless poison down the throats of others who are forced to be tolerant! Not to mention the poor minds of innocent children who then grow up to be adults in denial, like yourself!!

      Don’t shove it down my throat anymore, because I won’t allow it and I am to the point where I actually want nothing to do with Muslims anymore, because I am sick and tired of their excuses and blaming others for the sake of your sadistic cult!!!

      You are not accountable for anything and when people attack your religion they are accused of being racist?? Islam isn’t a race, nor are Muslims a race, therefore, it has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with religion.

      “All” Muslims believe in the same god and 98% of terrorist attacks are carried out my Muslims in the name of Islam, the very same Islam that you have used this post to preach about.

      Go back to your war torn countries where Islam is practiced by the mainstream and non Muslims are murdered!!!

      Seriously look at the state of the countries where Islam is practiced by the masses and you want to pretend that that is a peaceful religion??


  10. @Pakistan Lover
    1.stolen from Babylonian TALMUD- the JEWS Mohammed learned from while they were exiled from JUDEA by Roman conquests- Mohammed liked them in Mecca- later in Medina not so much- Mohammed the illiterate never had an orignial thought in his head- he schemed to sell his new “faith” to make MONEY, he took and older woman as wife to USE her money.

    2.nice little stories told by Muslims – I suppose you also think the JEWESS he “married” loved him too- after watching her family slaughtered before her eyes and being raped by Mo the same night- I guess you forgot to tell the part of your BOOK that says to kill all the JEWS who hide behind rocks and trees- or the many expulsions of JEWS from your nations after stealing their money and lands- or maybe you think we don;t know the meaning of KHAIBAR KHAIBAR? maybe you forgot MUMBAI where PAKIS tortured and killed the CHABAD Jews? only the maid and one baby got away/

    3. Terrorists- yup that would be you two faced Pakistani- taking BIG MONEY from USA while hiding Bin Ladin, supporting Taliban and blowing up the woman candidate who dared speak against them (Bhutto) and yes you are right you do kill each other and export your terrorists.

    4. lets talk about rape and women- why is it countries that had virtually NO rapes all of a sudden rape skyrocketed with Muslim immigration??(SWEDEN, Norway) Of course it’s not like Muslim nations have no raping going on- there is plenty of RAPE -it just goes unreported–why would any woman report it if she will be punished for saying so? The woman pays with flogging, or dishonor or her LIFE!!!!!

    Muslims allow rape in marriage (legal under shit-ria and encouraged) Child molestation is to be admired as Mohammed did so, and that is your hero and the man you are supposed to copy- littel AISHA still played with dolls when Mo thighed her at age 6 and then fucked her at age 9. Muslims women suffer gential mutilations- clitoris sut off and some times vagina sewn shut!! WHY? tomake sure they dont fool around on you and get death penalty for adultery while the men have 2 hour fake marriatges to fool allah – sothey can fuck whores- Paksitan has highest download rate for PORN, a good deal of it is CHILD PORN. That exploits women and children used in these sex industries. Thatr you think slappingis OK if it is light proves your DISRESPECT of women- who the FUCK do you think put you in charge of discipline women??

    EID- the holiday you celebrate over a lie- that denies veracity of the BIBLE story- a slap inthe face to any Christian or JEW ===Abraham asked to sacrifice ISSAC –ISHMAEL is not in the story- Mohammed Lied again- Ishmael and HAGAR were already sent back to EGYPT by that time of the story – you Muslims are not even descendants of ISHAMAEL- another lie

    we have seen your ideas on peace- yup- right through them- by example and history a proven lie as well- peace in ISLAM is when no more other religions or people exist except MUSLIMS- and you admire VIOLENT JIHAD as the way to get there-

    So save your propaganda, your dawa spam- WE KNOW YOU
    by your actions, we know your words mean the opposite to what you say

    Lastly – we in USA dont give a crap about your religion- many people believe stupid things and we have no issues with them- but those do not seek domination by political strife, endless warfare and lawfare and forced conversions – and that is why we despise you- HURT US? nope you are like swarm of bees, one sting here and there will NEVER crush us, at any time we wish YOU will be the ones going down.

    BROTHER?? yeah you are like our brother- our DEADLY jealous brother, CAIN, a sick murderer who thought ki8lling his better brother would buy him the LOVE of his FATHER and God

  11. PS the ONLY way your fake religion is growing, is by BIRTH RATE not conversion- actually Christians have higher conversion rates

    Takfiri scholar, Abu Basir, wrote in 2001 that “jihad and immigration go together…the one cannot be achieved without the other.”

    We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion. We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem.
    Yasser Arafat

    . Former Algerian President, Houari Boumedienne, said this in a speech at the UN …

    “One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go to the northern hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

    .from Turkey the “moderate Muslims” ..”thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you. Thanks to our Islamic laws we will conquer you.”

  12. @isahiah you hav
    e replied my posted on with a very little and one sided knowledge.It will be not wrong if i say that your post is offencive.

    First of all i wana discuss the marriage of our Holy one Our Lovely Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W.
    He was proposed by his wife due to his honesty and truthfullness.
    The people of Quresh were traders.Those who were rich used to sell their goods through third persons in other countries.
    Before the marriage,the wife of Holy Prophet S.A.W.W Called him to sell her goods abroad.
    When he returned , he gived her doubble profit.The slaves of his wife also told their master that how much honest and truthfull he was.
    She was so impressed by his honesty that she sent a proposal for him.
    When he married her,HIS wife handed over all her wealth to him.And he distributed it among the poors and needy peoples.He even left not a single cent for himself.
    Your sayings about this marriage is just a mass of lie which your scholars,your media and your offencive peoples have stuffed in your mind.
    Refering to the friendship between Muslims and non-muslims,we are forbidden from becoming a close friend of non-muslim against a Muslim.Because such friendship is never fruitfull.ALLAH knows well that whats better and what wrong.
    If you have doubt then check the universal charter for humanity by united nations organization and then check the last speech of our Holy Prophet S.A.W.W.
    You will find no difference,thats show how we want and how our Religion wants the world to be peacefull.
    Regarding jihad,so its a very necessity when our muslim brothers are in trouble by non-muslims.
    Now a days,jihad is compulsery on all Muslims against all powers killing innocent Muslims in Palestine,IRAQ,afghanistan etc.
    Jihad is not a fight to be fought for no reason.what about jews? Have you studied their holy books? Their is written that hate and kill christians,have you ever criticized that? While they are ordered to do so for no reason.

    You are thinking that we are a bee sting,good joke.
    If you all are considering us a bee sting then why you all are afraid of Muslims? What a bee sting can do with you?
    I havent heard in history that a number of nations had united for killing bees. :-)

    And one thing i want to mention,that you cant judge a religion by its single beliver.
    Its same that you buy a brand new car and drive it through a bad driver and then say that the car is bad.

    In order to know that how good the car is,you have to conduct a car rally of some hundreds drivers and then justify the whole results.Also you have to check all the aspects of that car.

    Similarly if you check the whole religion belivers, you will find Muslims as ummah as the most pious,the most noble,the most peacefull nation.
    We as an ummah hate wine, we hate lies,we have sever punishments for those who cause disturbence in society, we have to provide protection even to animals, we prefer peace over war, we have no history like changez khan, we have no jails like gwantanamobay, our history is full of miracles.
    And one thing more,that when a person lies , his words will not touch your heart (you may not express it here but you may have experienced it in your church).
    AS our Quran is words of Allah,so inspite of the facts that we dont understand arabia,when we read our Quran,we get our heart light,we feel no troubles in our mind , we forget all of our worries.
    And there are million of evidences that Quran is true.
    Our God has promised that He will keep our Book free of all mistakes forever .and thats still true that after 1400+ years begini past,our Holy Book is still free of all mistakes.
    Moreover it is still a challenge for all world to say just a single meaningfull worse like QURAN.
    Islam is a revolutionery religion,before its revelation the people were poorely illaterate,they fought with other for revenge of their hundreds year old ancestors,they burried their daughters alive in graves,they used to eat short Islam as a whole is best and basic key of life and no economic , social , cultural system and religion can compete with islam in its perfectness.
    I once again want to mention that first be neutral and then study and discover and you will find your destination in this as well as in other world.

    • your hypocrisy and lies have no effect upon my opinions of Muslims- who are also hypocrites and liars, two faced which you accuse JEWS of being.
      some people are allergic to bees and can die from one sting-
      others will just destroy the hive- you will reap as you have sown-
      as no so called moderate Muslims have risen to dissent or stop the so called radical MUslims like the German people you will pay as a whole group- not all of them were nazi either and yet who reaped the whirlwind Hitler sowed
      ISLAM is worse than NAZI and certainly fascistic, also racist and apaRtheid by faith and gender- aggressive and violent with world domination plans

      I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are offended- what I said is all too true- easily proved by historical facts….
      I know Muslims are allergic to truth, but too freakin bad… with it
      you stinkin PAKI jewhater
      I KNOW MY BOOK – the one Mohammed tried to copy but instead perverted and distorted- I am NOT Christian and do not turn my cheek to you, nor pray for you- the only cheeks I turn to ISLAM is the ones I sit on- what you accuse the Jews of doing, you are doing to them and have done to all and any people’s on this planet who did not submit to PISSLAM. It is MUSLIMS who are blinded and misled so we willnot be taking any advice from you failures in Pakistan who are occupying HINDU lands and killing each other daily with bombs and honor killing.

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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