7 Responses

  1. Nothing new here. Well worth the watching. People attending are very comfortable with he overthrow of the U.S. government. Liked the idea their savior comes from a WELL-in a ‘nowhere village in the middle east, of all places! No heaven this imam. Up from the belly of the earth to rule world. The theology is worth hearing more than once. This madi will teach Jesus to pray and Jesus will replace the Bible with the koran.

  2. This group should be charged with SEDITION!!! If they are calling for the overthrow of our government – that is sedition!!

  3. .AND so I contracted with a commercial kitchen appliance manufacturer to build me a Human fryer;one that could cook at least 20 Moslem terrorists at a time;complete with a bread pan………stainless steel of course;and of course I procured only the finest Halal cooking oil .I await the Mahdi….yummy………the target has been aquired…………I dont want a nuclear exchange with this monkey Allah.I dont want to see his face again on T.V. or hard copy.These monkeys have played a large role inour current economic and social crises which is destined to lead to totalitarian government,,,,,,,,,,the cup is full;the evidence table in the court of sane world opinion is also full of the hard evidence.The prosecution rest………..and so will THESE DISCUSTING RETARDED ROBOTS OF THE EVIL ONE.THEY ARE ALL FOSSILS…………WITH A FEW IN LARGE JARS FOR MUSEUMS AND CONVERATION PEICES;IF THE WICKED CAN PUT BABIES IN JARS I CAN PUT WICKED TERRORISTS IN JARS……….BUT I LIKE THE FRYER BETTER……………..NEVER MESS WITH THE GODS………THEY NEVER FORGIVE OH MOOSLEM

  4. I LIVE in Kansas City and did not know this event was even here…kept a very low profile

  5. […] Kansas City: Inside the Muslim Congress (video) […]

  6. Yes – Muslims do not want you to see this information so they had Youtube ban it

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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